Are Sex Dolls Better Than Women?

Quite a debatable topic and one which stirs up a lot of controversy on social media. Well in this article, we have decided to explore different perspectives around the topic, through which we can determine the role of female sex dolls in an individual’s life.

Interestingly now, if you have read the book by John Gray, Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.

The book quite successfully underlines the psychological differences between men and women. One of the examples that is quite a highlight is, men’s complaint that if they offer solutions to problems that women bring up in conversation, the women are not necessarily interested in solving those problems, but mainly want to talk about them.

The book asserts each sex can be understood in terms of distinct ways they respond to stress and stressful situations.

One of the prominent reasons why men mostly opt to establish a relationship with a sex doll/dolls is because they fail to cope up with stress that relationship causes.

Their struggle to understand their partners and vice versa, sex dolls are the non-reactive party that will makes them feel accepted and understood at all times.

Going a step further to understand the problems of relationships, sex can become a major hurdle for a man if he fails to perform in line with her woman’s expectation, this can shatter a man’s confidence completely and leave him absolutely stressed.

The internet is full of articles where in men have opened up about their failed relationships and sex lives and how they found solace in establishing companionship with sex dolls.

Once again as non-reactive parties, sex dolls become the figure of patience, beauty & attraction for a man to explore his sexuality without being judged.

Based on what we have shared so far, would you say that sex dolls are better than woman? On the onset it might appear to be so but there is a need to dive deeper, think better and understand well, what role a sex doll should play in your life:

  • Stress Buster

  • If you are someone in a relationship and also own a sex doll discreetly, the doll can work wonders for your relationship if you let it only release your sexual & emotional stress without disconnecting with your partner.
  • Talk to your doll and get better at sex, then lead what you have gained into the bed room with your partner, it will make an impact. The doll can boost your confidence to a whole new level and ultimately, in the bed room (using the word bed room as a metaphor for intimacy) it’s all about confidence. Your partner will look up to you or look down based on how confident you feel.
  • Soul Mate

  • That’s a heavy word, right? Yeah, but the doll can be a soul mate. Imagine the things you plan to do with your partner but she is not up for it, maybe she thinks it’s not her personality but you love her and want to be happy.
  • The sex doll can act up as your perfect soul mate, if you are practicing a relationship with your doll discreetly, then you can engage in all the fun activities with you doll and not feel that a lot is missing in your real relationship. You can be happy around your real partner by not feeling the lack of chemistry in the relationship.
  • Avoid Cheating

  • Most men suffer from the guilt of cheating on their partners. The reason in the first place why they cheated, is mostly because they felt that the spark was missing. Think about it? Can a relationship ever be perfect? Well, I think, if we are honest to ourselves, relationships can never be perfect, so let’s not dwell in ignorance.
  • Practicing a discreet relationship with a sex doll can save you from a guilt trip and be fruitful and happy in your real relationship. We can never expect our partners to change in accordance to our own liking, also it is stressful and unfruitful at many levels, resorting to cheating will eventually lead to a broken relationship.

  • Level Up

  • Also if your relationship is just about okay as you feel that your partner is happy, you should not stop there, if you always feel the need to make her feel ecstatic then level up your charm & skill.
  • Enter the bed room with a new skill that you can practice on your sex doll to keep your woman hooked & asking for more from you. This way your relationship will never get boring & two people can always experience evolving chemistry.

So, we think that we have been able to establish a little in terms of how a sex doll isn’t directly competing with a real woman but can support a real relationship.

Reasonable thinking will definitely get you to understand that its just not possible that a sex doll can completely replace a woman, they cannot be better than a real woman in terms of how a woman will emotionally respond to you.

Yes, you can choose to opt to shut yourself to any emotional demand or response from a woman and enjoy intimacy with a sex doll the way you want but that remains to be a personal choice, in the bigger sense we cannot conclude that a sex doll is better than a woman.

The reader’s real experience

Around the topic, we have an interesting instance to share with you from one of our readers who wrote into us.

We respect the persons privacy; hence we will not be using his real name but what he experienced, brings it out brilliantly the place of a sex doll & a real woman in a person’s life.

Jake is going through a rough patch in his relationship with Rile, it has been a year that the couple has been dating now but Jake is struggling to cope up with Rile’s mood swings and what he calls it as she ‘acting up.’

They had a terrible fight over a petty issue, Jake forgot to bring a packet of chips from the store that she had specifically asked for. He managed to get everything right from the list, expect this one.

So, after the fight he took off, leaving her upset and grumbling about how insensitive he was to her needs. Rile, had a huge list of things she pulled out to tell Jake about all the instances where he was insensitive.

Jake could not argue as she was too loud, he did not want to lose it too, so he took off for good he felt. He got into a bar for a drink and as he was conversing with the bartender, after a few drinks he opened up to the bar tender about what he was going through.

Allen, who was the bar tender, owned a sex doll named, Lisa, who had Latina features.

Allen felt quite moved when he heard Jake, he could relate a lot to his situation, hence steeping out a little further, he took the liberty to tell Jake,

“listen man, there is no way a woman will ever be satisfied with what you do. Just don’t let your heart be troubled, let your emotions be cared for in a better way.”

Jake was curious to know, Allen had spoken what he wanted to hear exactly,

“tell me, tell me how this is possible. I feel so troubled with how she has been acting up lately.”

Allen smiled & said,

“get yourself a sex doll.”



he wasn’t expecting to hear this at all.


“yeah dude, you hear me right. If you want, I can take you home to meet my doll. She is a beautiful Latina; her name is Lisa.

Jake was too drunk to even think much, he agreed and later when they were at Allen’s place, he was stunned to see Lisa.

She looked nothing less than a stunning gorgeous, A list model. Jake was instantly attracted and then Allen told him all about how engaging and satisfying his relationship with Lisa was.

They had few more drinks and then finally Jake headed back home, he was not even aware of the fact that Rile had called him 16 times, so when he showed up home drunk, he met her furious.

That night their argument was nasty and Jake could not leave or hold back, so it turned into an ugly verbal spat between the two.

Next morning when he woke up, he apologized to her and it took a while for her to even consider his apology. By evening things were just about okay and Jake thought to himself, would it be possible for him to give up on Rile? Would he be happy without her?

He would not, is what he felt and then the only option he found which would help him save his relationship was to own a sex doll discreetly.

All that Allen spoke to him last night was making sense, so he met him again.

He took Allen’s help to find a perfect sex doll for himself, he was always attracted to curvy women, so they selected 5 feet 10-inch busty standing doll for Jake.

Of course, Jake wanted his relationship with his doll to be discreet, he decided to keep the doll at Allen’s place and he would pay him rent for it.

Days passed quickly, Jake spent a lot of his time with his doll, he was in love with how he felt around her. The sex great, nothing less than what he felt with any of his real companions and beyond sex, he could talk to her about anything, share with her everything.

Jake was healing quite well emotionally; he was a happy man now and gradually this transpired in his relationship with Rile.

He learnt to let go of petty issues, he used to mostly smile and be loving around her which brought change in Rile too.

When we received this story in the mail, we felt joy to hear that someone’s relationship had healed by becoming a sex doll owner.

Well, it sheds a great deal of light on the topic that we are discussing, it is all about what we seek and what we want to draw from our relationships.

Everyone has a different personality, some men are highly driven by their drive for sex, some seek emotional satisfaction but, in all cases, a sex doll we personally feel will only be able to fill in gaps and never replace women or be better than them.

With AI and technology around sex dolls evolving at a fast pace, these dolls are becoming more and more human like but they will not be completely human right? So, its not reasonable to think that sex dolls are better than women. We would rather like to leave you with a better thought here,

how can sex dolls help?

To conclude this blog, we would like to bring up the fact that your sex doll with all the advantages will lack the capacity to respond to your emotions precisely the way a woman can, hence we cannot pitch a sex doll v/s woman there cannot be a definitive win in this and most importantly, we are speaking of women as people, individuals, humans and under no circumstances woman can be objectified or be considered as means to satisfy emotional and physical needs, remember, in a relationship one needs to invest to draw a level of return.

Your sex doll on the other hand is an impression of what you think is missing in your experience of relationship, weather you are in one or not.

Understand the importance of everything and drive what’s good in your life to become better. This is the only way you will be doing any justice to yourself first and the people who matter to you.

We must know the advantages and disadvantages of what exists in our life and act accordingly in balance.

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