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European Tall Skinny Model Sex Doll Miranda 174cm


Mature Skinny Sex Doll Sylvie 174cm


European Blonde Skinny Sex Doll Samantha 171cm


Blonde Model Sex Doll Marquerite 166cm+Extra Head (USA Stock)

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Fashion Sex Doll Leslie 166cm


Tall Sex Doll Kamala 171cm


Small Breast Dance Sex Doll Kristen 150cm


Super Cheap Big Boobs TPE Sex Doll 156cm


Affordable Nude Mid-Chested Sex Doll Ivonne 166cm


Luxurious Asian Small Boobs Skinny Sex Doll Gimogi 157cm


Skinny Latina Small Tits Sex Doll Sola 157cm


Skinny Waist Big Boobs Sex Doll Miriam 164cm


Skinny Asian Sex Doll Sharie 171cm


White Hair Open Mouth Elf Sex Doll Deanna 156cm


Jet Black Hair Shapely Sex Doll Myrna 164cm


175cm B-cup Skinny Sex Doll Meaghan


Perfect Skinny Sex Doll Clarissa 166cm


Blonde Sex Doll Cindy 161cm


Ultra Realistic Famous Anime Characters Sex Doll 2B 170cm


175cm Big Boobs Skinny Sex Doll Scarlett


141cm C-cup Skinny Sex Doll Abbey


171cm A-cup Realistic Blonde Skinny Sex Doll Imogen


158cm D-Cup Mid-Chested Skinny Latina Sex Doll Doris.H


Skinny Tall Sex Doll Renata 174cm


141cm C-cup Sex Doll Abbey


141cm C-cup Blonde Skinny Sex Doll Kylie


African Black Tall Sex Doll Nam 175cm


Asian Wheat Skin Skinny Sex Doll Salena 165cm+Extra Head (EU Stock)

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Sinny Blonde Sex Doll Robin 166cm


Piper Doll Japanese Cute Sex Doll Marylin 150cm


Blonde Perfect Sex Doll Kamilah 169cm


Black skin sex doll Beatrice 166cm


Skinny Pretty Asian Sex Doll Sau 171cm


Brunette Small Breast Skinny Sex Doll Alysia 155cm


Brunette Small Tits Skinny Sex Doll 158cm


Full Size Realistic Small Breasted Sex Doll Kaycee 171cm


Features of Skinny Sex Doll:

Slender Figure: Slim love dolls typically boast a slender physique with thin waistlines, abdomens, arms, and legs. The breasts are generally smaller but there are also sizes ranging from D-cup to E-cup, and the overall body is light.

Realistic Appearance: Despite their petite stature, these sex dolls are typically designed to be highly realistic, featuring smooth and elastic skin, realistic skin texture, small/medium breasts, rounded buttocks, tight vagina, and clearly visible bone contours.

Lightweight: As expected, skinny dolls are lighter in weight. Typically, a slim full-size sex doll weighs around 30kg, making it easy to carry, move, and pose in various intimate positions. Additionally, due to their light weight, shipping costs for slim dolls are typically lower.

Buy Slim Sex Dolls at Mailovedoll:

At Mailovedoll, we offer a diverse selection of skinny love dolls in various colors and styles, including black skinny sex dolls, tall skinny sex dolls, elf skinny sex dolls, anime skinny sex dolls, and more. Customers can customize their dolls by choosing hair color, eye color, areola color, nail color, and other features according to their preferences. To enhance realism, optional features such as body painting, articulated fingers, fixed tongue, vagina sucking, and automatic oral sex functions are available.

Some of our most popular skinny doll products include the 166cm body from the WM Doll brand, the 153cm body from the Fanreal Doll brand, the 141cm body from the YL Doll brand, the 166cm body from the HR Doll brand, and others. All our dolls are made from medical-grade TPE/silicone materials and feature a sturdy yet flexible metal frame inside, allowing for a wide range of poses.