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Gray Hair Hentai Big Boobs Sex Doll Sakurai Koharu 150cm


Fantasy Sex Doll Mila Bell 160cm


Hentai Sex Doll Yao Xiangling 165cm


Anime Zombie Sex Doll Kami 148cm


Korean Hentai Female Doll Doris Connor 160cm


Lifelike Game Character Sex Doll Haruka 148cm


Cute Anime Sex Doll Nanako 148cm


Japanese Hentai Sex Doll Sakura Tsubasa 148cm


Huge Boobs Cosplay Sex Doll Kouno Ria 165cm


Hentai Big Boobs Sex Doll Yoshizawa Anri 165cm


Japanese Cute Anime Sex Doll 148cm Mogami Nozomi


Japanese Hentai Sex Doll Ishihara Minako 165cm


Cute Anime Vampire Sex Doll Maki 148cm


Full Silicone Hentai Sex Doll Hirano Rin 165cm


Cute Hentai Big Boobs Sex Doll Candice 160cm


Anime Cat Face Queen Sex Doll Marsha 165cm


Hentai Three Boobs Sex Doll Heather 160cm


Japanese Cute Anime Sex Doll Nozomi 148cm


New Redhead Anime Sex Doll Larissa 150cm


Animal Face Big Breasts Silicone Sex Doll Florence 150cm


Life-size Smiling Animal Face Silicone Sex Doll Lsabel150cm


Famous Japanese Anime Characters Ram 148cm


Pretty Sexy Hentai Sex Doll Socorro 165cm


Japanese New Anime Sex Doll Elsa 148cm


Perfect Hentai Sex Doll Benita 165cm


Anime Dragon Ball Character Sex Doll Android 18 148cm


Sexy Anime Maid Sex Doll Jeanette 148cm


Hentai Female Sex Doll Merry 150cm


Popular Anime Sex Doll Laurie 148cm


Anime One Piece Sex Doll Nami 148cm


Anime Re:Zero -Death Characters Sex Doll Rem 148cm


2022 New Shapely Sex Doll Lakia 165cm


Sexy Fantasy Sex Doll Yessenia 165cm


Asian Big Tits Sex Doll Leoma 165cm


Cute Anime Characters Sex Doll Marion 148cm


Japanese Hentai Female Sex Doll Cecelia 165cm


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1. The Convergence of Anime and Reality

2. Elsa Babe Doll Skin Tone

3. Elsa Babe Doll Body Measurements

4. Multiple Breast Size Options

5. Elsa Babe Doll Joints Movements

6. Display of Breast and Body Softness

7. Elsa Babe Doll Articulated Finger Joints

8. Elsa Babe Doll Movable Jaw

9. Elsa Babe Five Vaginal Textures

10. A Neck Connector Built for Easy Assembly and Disassembly

11. Elsa Babe Dolls Utilize Safe and Harmless Platinum Silicone Material

12. Elsa Babe Dolls Factory Photos

The Convergence of Anime and Reality

The reason why Elsa Babe has gained immense popularity in the sex doll industry is due to their unique approach of combining fantasy anime with reality to create one-of-a-kind anime dolls. Physical doll to restore and build two-dimension characters with a precision ratio of 1:1. These animated characters have hair that rests on shoulders, white skin that responds to outside conditions just like human skin, big watery eyes that glance at stars, cheeks that are fleshy, refined small noses, and little cute mouths.

Elsa Babe, as the pioneering silicone doll brand, ventured into the realm of anthropomorphic animal dolls. They boldly designed a cat-faced love doll, which features facial characteristics of a cat, including two cat ears, giving it a natural and adorable appearance. Additionally, there are two red marks on the forehead, adding to its charm.

Elsa Babe Doll Skin Tone

All Elsa Babe dolls have two skin color options: pink and white. They also offer custom skin color choices such as black, green, and purple. Custom skin colors are available as a paid option.

Elsa Babe Doll Body Measurements

The Elsa Babe products currently available for sale on our website primarily come in three different heights: 148cm, 150cm, 160cm, 165cm.

Multiple Breast Size Options

The 148cm and 160cm Elsa Babe dolls offer three breast size options: S, M, L. The 150cm and 165cm dolls have five breast size choices: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Elsa Babe Doll Joints Movements

Display of Breast and Body Softness

From the video below, it can be observed that although Elsa Babe dolls are made of silicone material, their bodies and breasts are very soft. If you desire an even softer touch, you can choose between two options: Softer body with weight reduction or Softer body without weight reduction. It’s worth noting that while the doll’s body is soft, it can be susceptible to damage during transportation and use.

(Soft Body)

Elsa Babe Doll Articulated Finger Joints

The dolls with this feature have hands that can pose in a wider range of positions and perform gripping and other movements.

Elsa Babe Doll Movable Jaw

Dolls of 148cm and above can choose this function.

Elsa Babe Doll Five Vaginal Textures

Elsa Babe has developed five kinds of vaginas with different textures allowing you to experience a variety extreme pleasures. The following is a real shot photo of the vagina.

①The Sound of Truth (Default style)

Feel real friction brought by the winding folds and bulges and depressions of a real like vagina.

② Titty Sex Heaven

The ultimate titty fuck experience! Experience the gentle thrill of soft breasts! It is  like cleavages surrounding your penis with the nipples creating just enough friction to finish you off.

③ Sucking Wonderland

Feel different air pressure adsorptions and different sucking intensities created by different size pockets that suck you dry.

④ Tongue Fantasy

Best BJ Ever! Feel the mysterious oral sex experience brought by the licking and friction of multi-angle soft tongue tips.

⑤Tentacle Hell

In-depth exploration of the superb experience of slight teasing and multi-point friction brought by the numerous ciliated tentacles.

A Neck Connector Built for Easy Assembly and Disassembly

Gone are the days when you had to remove your doll’s wig to unscrew her head. The upgraded head connector only needs to align the neck cylinder with the hole on the neck and press down to install. No more twisting heads, no more tangled hair, no more messing around.

Elsa Babe Dolls Utilize Safe and Harmless Platinum Silicone Material

Elsa Babe’s silicone dolls are made from food-grade platinum silicone material, ensuring safety and harmlessness, with accompanying test reports.

Platinum Silicone VS Ordinary Silicone

Ordinary silica gel:

1. Ordinary silica gel products are non-toxic, odorless, and have excellent performance in all aspects, but their fatal weakness is that with time. If the product is not maintained well, it will turn yellow and darken, and will only have a service life of 1~2 years

Platinum silica gel:

1. Odorless, long service life, plus long-term use will not cause yellowing and deformation. Safety and performance is outstanding. It is safer and more durable than ordinary silica gel with a service life as long as 8 to 12 years.

2. Platinum silica gel is widely used in fields that require high safety and environmental protection standards, such as the medical and health sector as well as used in many daily necessity products.

Elsa Babe Dolls Factory Photos