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140cm L-cup Mature BBW Sex Doll Tonja


156cm C-cup Silicone Sex Doll Roxann


156cm C-cup Stylish Silicone Sex Doll Nikita


156cm C-cup Sex Doll Alethea


156cm C-cup Real Life Silicone Sex Doll Mei


157cm G-cup Animal Sex Doll Rabbit


157cm G-cup Mature Silicone Sex Doll Marlys


140cm L-cup Big Breasts Big Ass Sex Doll Misti


156cm C-cup Redhead Sex Doll Chastity


156cm C-cup Silicone Sex Doll Micaela


157cm G-cup Big Ass Sex Doll Velda


157cm G-cup Busty Mature Sex Doll Aura


157cm G-cup Plump Silicone Sex Doll Johnna


Life Size Perfect Skinny Small Breasted Sex Doll Mattie 156cm


140cm D-cup Sex Doll Joe


158cm G-cup Big Ass ELF Sex Doll Lavern


160cm D-cup Life Size Sex Doll Yadira


160cm D-cup Real Life Sex Doll Perla


160cm D-cup Sex Doll Gregoria


168cm C-cup Chinese Sex Doll Majorie


168cm C-cup Mature Sex Doll Hayley


168cm C-cup Mature Sex Doll Hayley


168cm C-cup Mature Sex Doll Hayley


168cm C-cup Mature Sex Doll Hayley


168cm C-cup Mature Sex Doll Herlinda


168cm C-cup Mature Sex Doll Herlinda


168cm C-cup Sex Doll Ivonne


140cm L-cup BBW Sex Doll Gaye


Elf Silicone Sex Doll 140cm Jacquelin


Realistic Super Lightweight Silicone Sex Doll Terry 156cm


Real Life Skinny Small Breasted Sex Doll Vickie 156cm


Skinny Small Tits Adult Female Sex Doll Maxine 156cm


Life Size European Blonde Big Boobs Sex Doll Brianna 160cm


Real Life European Blonde Sex Doll Valarie 160cm


Lifelike Black Hair Full Silicone Big Tits Sex Doll Estela 160cm


Realistic Full Silicone Big Boobs Sex Doll Hilary 160cm


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1. About SMdoll

2. The Advantages of Silicone Products:

3. The Advantages of TPE Products:
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    About SMdoll

    A Humble Beginning

    SMDOLL, previously known as “Shangmei Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.,” originally operated as an OEM for well-known sex doll brands. Following 9 years of successful OEM operations, in 2015 SMDOLL formally established its own high-end sex doll brand “SMDOLL.” Since then, SMDOLL has become one of the largest sex doll manufacturers in China and a certified supplier to the world’s largest sex doll forum “TDF.”

    SMDOLL specializes in the production of high-end realistic love dolls. The head and body of these sex dolls are designed, modeled, and built by top sculptors and artists using high-quality silicone, low-permeability platinum TPE material, and EVO skeletons creating the most realistic, life-like sex dolls known to man 😉

    What Makes SMDolls So Real?

    Answer: SMDOLL’s detail-orientated doll design, customer knowledge, and use of premium-grade materials. The significant features of the SMDOLL include a soft head, soft buttocks, upgraded hands and feet, and light-weight technology.

    Furthermore, SMDOLL incorporates an added degree of “realism” by innovating on body makeup and body color, thus not only offering you an experience so real it is second to known, but also gives you more design options to experiment with!

    Mailovedoll has always been committed to high-end doll brands. In 2021, we signed a formal agency contract with SMDOLL obtaining sale rights.

  • 7 Valued Features


    After conducting on-site inspections of SMDOLL and gathering and summarizing customer feedback, Mailovedoll has summarized 7 valued features of SMDOLL’s silicone and TPE products.

    Learn More Now!

    Among the Best:

    SMDOLL is one of the very few sex doll manufacturers that operates two complete product lines, silicone and TPE.

    Yes, while there are others out there that also have the ability of running two production lines, the majority tend to share and compete for factory workspace with designers and workers which ultimately leads to an unprofessional working environment and product design flaws. In contrast, SMDOLL’s silicone and TPE sex dolls are developed and designed in two separate professional and fully equipped factories each specializing in their craft. The segregation of production guarantees a more sustainable workflow and a more superior final product that can meet your expectations and give you constant sexual satisfaction 🙂

    > The Advantages of Silicone Products:

    Advantage #1: Soft Head & Soft Buttocks (Simply Irresistible to Touch)

    As we all know, TPE material is very soft! It is the most pleasure-pleasing material used in dolls for oral and anal sex. In comparison, silicone is usually much harder. For many silicone dolls, soft buttocks and heads are difficult to achieve.

    Design Breakthrough! Improving your Experience

    But! As a result of SMDOLL’s continued emphasis on high-end product innovation, and after countless long-term experiments and unremitting efforts they have successfully developed a breakthrough in design! This breakthrough allows for a super silicone head and silicone hip to be produced in a way which parallels the softness and pleasure-pleasing qualities found in TPE. The result: The best of both worlds! An improved sex doll ready for full body action!

    Attention to Detail:

    Soft head: SMDOLL’s soft heads not only retain the exquisite feel of silicone, but also has the softness of TPE. If you like “good head,” soft hair and skin, SMDOLL’s heads are for you. The attention to detail in arousing!

    Spank That Ass!

    Soft buttocks: Designed softer and with more elasticity, ideal for a good “spanking!” After a nice tapping, the buttocks will move and shake in a natural fashion. Suitable for a true sex doll lover, it is strongly recommended you experience a good healthy spanking. It is an ass to die for 🙂

    Advantage 2: Upgraded Hands and Feet. SMDOLL Stand Without Nails and Have Become “The Doll of Choice” For Feet Worshipers

    Doll fans have become used to the fact that their playmates don’t stand. It is only after opting for a screw-like structure added to the bottom of feet can a doll perform such as task. This seriously affects the authenticity and beauty of your doll, as shown in the following figure:

    Proudly Announcing! Not No More!

    Problem solved! SMDOLL in collaboration with other silicone factories have jointly developed a nail-free standing technology.

    Previously, all parts of the doll’s body were produced with the same silicone material. Now, after production-line upgrades, the doll’s body and feet are separately produced. The silicone material used in the feet is harder, and hard enough to support the weight of the entire body! Now when you want the doll to stand, you don’t need install nails.

    As shown below:

    Good Girl, Your Standing Without Nails

    Perfect Feet

    Improvements All-around:

    During the production process of the new nail-less standing silicone doll, hands are now made with the same material as the feet. With the use of harder material, SMDOLL’s artists and designers are able to craft in more detail! (harder materials make it easier to design and engrave)

    Also, the harder material avoids the problem of finger bones piercing the skin, a common issue for older models.

    Of course, nothing is 100% perfect. Although this new design method and technology improves your experience and satisfaction, it does have a small downside. Because the materials used in the hands and feet are inconsistent with the body itself, it causes a slight difference in color configuration and a relatively shallow U-shaped mark on the joint. However, customer feedback shows the positives far out way any negatives.

    (Note: Currently, only dolls larger than 156cm can receive upgrades of hands and feet)

    Advantage 3: Weight Reduction Technology. 15% Lighter Than the Ordinary Doll.

    More Versatile, More Flexible, More Obedient, More Pleasure:

    The weight of love dolls has always been one of the problems plaguing manufacturers and users. An individual doll can weigh too much, making them difficult to handle and use.

    SMDOLL has developed a weight-reduction technology in response to this problem! Now the weight of a new sex doll is 15% lighter than an ordinary doll of the same height. Each doll’s weight is reduced by as much as 5-10 kg

    SMDOLL’s Silicone Sex Doll Unpacking Video:

    A Comprehensive Tutorial of Your Playmate, from unpacking, to accessories, to body details and Posture Demonstrations


    > TPE Sex Doll Advantage

    Advantage# 1: Realistic Body Painting of Veins and Skin Imperfections

    Realistic body painting is the latest trend in 2021. Silicone sex dolls, by default, come with body makeup however the TPE sex dolls do not. The reason for this is due to the oily characteristics of TPE which makes body makeup difficult as it easily smears off. Most suppliers, by consequence, has given up on the idea, but not SMDOLL!

    SMDOLL EXCELLENCE: Giving You what You want!

    SMDOLL incorporates exclusive low-permeable platinumTPE technology into its doll creation. This material does not give off an oily texture and solves the problem of body makeup. With SMDOLL, you have the options to add realistic body painting on your TPE sex dolls. Unlike with other manufactures, you have the power to choose 🙂

    Realistic body painting can be applied to breasts, hands, feet, neck, inner thighs, and back of calves. It is done by spray. The makeup looks natural and does not easy fall off.

    SMDOLL supports body makeup customization!

    If you wish to apply makeup to other body parts, please contact online customer service for details.

    Advantage 2: Diversity, More Skin Tone Options

    Do you have a little fetish with the exotic?

    SMDOLL offers more skin tone options than any other supplier out there. In addition to offering complementary skin color options, at an extra cost, SMDOLL can also offer more exotic colors such as blue, green, gray, red, etc.

    The following are real shots of exotic skin tones customized by customers

    Advantage 3: EVO Upgraded Skeleton

    Most of SMDOLL products use an upgraded EVO framework. The upgraded EVO framework has the following three characteristics:

        1. Flexibility: The waist can move back and forth, left and right
        2. W-Sitting is made possible
        3. Can shrug/relax the shoulders

    In addition, all EVO upgraded skeletons are equipped with a plug-in neck connector allowing for a faster and a more convenient way to piece together.

    Feature 4: Low Osmosis Platinum TPE

    R&D: Investing in the Customer’s Sexual Experience

    SMDOLL has 16 years of manufacturing TPE under its belt, and is a leading company engaged in research of TPE softness, stretching, anti-oil and anti-odor features. After extensive research and development, SMDOLL invented a unique ” low-permeable platinum TPE.” Low-permeable platinum TPE is a highly stabile material. It has no odour, even after months of use, it is non-oil based and has excellent stretching and wear and tear resistance characteristics.

    Unboxing Video

    Giveaway Items

    Image of factory

    Final Makeup Photo