Sex Doll Accessories

For most people, the two main issues with buying sex dolls are sex doll storage and sex doll repair.

For storage: we have prepared Sex Doll Head Stand, Sex Doll Hooks, Sex Doll Storage Case. When you are not at home, you can use the hook to store the sex doll in a box or closet. Avoid crushing damage to your doll body and prolong its service life.

For the repair: we have prepared a tpe doll repair kit, the repair kit includes: TPE doll fading cream, TPE adhesive, TPE doll cleanser and cleansing oil. This repair kit is highly recommended by us, check the repair video below to know more.

For other accessories: we have prepared extra head, wig, eyes etc. If you have a doll then you can choose an extra head and wig from here to change the look of your doll so you have a new sex doll!

In order to ensure the availability of accessories, we have tested these accessories, please buy with confidence!