Certificates of Authorization By Brands/Manufacturers

All sex dolls sold by Mailovedoll are 100% genuine and sourced directly from the original manufacturers. We have established partnerships with over 20 sex doll manufacturers, including Zelex Doll, SE Doll, EX Doll, Irontech Doll, Piper Doll, 6ye Doll, and Aotume Doll. This year, Mailovedoll will also be collaborating with 3-5 additional sex doll makers. If you have any doubts or questions regarding our products or after-sales service, please do not hesitate to contact us. We strive to provide all our customers with a pleasant shopping experience at Mailovedoll.

Mailovedoll's 4 Guarantees

All products offered by Mailovedoll are guaranteed to be authentic. We have obtained certification from the sex doll manufacturer to provide our customers with peace of mind. Should any doubts persist, we encourage you to reach out to the sex doll manufacturer via email to verify whether or not Mailovedoll is an authorized distributor.

At Mailovedoll, all of our products are now shipped via air freight. Our air freight prices are the lowest compared to other websites offering similar services, making it challenging for customers to find lower air freight rates than ours. With a shipping time of just 7-15 days, you can receive your doll quickly and efficiently.

We will send the factory pictures of the Love Dolls to all Love Doll order customers for review. We will only notify the Love Doll factory to proceed with shipment after the customer confirms that there are no issues. All Love Doll customers can view the actual appearance of the sex doll before receiving it. Note: Piper Doll, Irokebijin Doll, and XiSe Doll brands do not provide factory pictures of the dolls. The factory will immediately transport the doll once production is complete. Overseas warehouse orders do not provide factory photos of dolls.

Once the Love Doll is shipped, the shipping company will provide us with a tracking number. We will fill in the tracking number in the order and notify the customer via email. Customers can check the logistics status of the doll by themselves or ask our customer service to help with the inquiry. All customers do not need to worry about not receiving the Love Doll. If the doll is not received, we will provide a satisfactory compensation plan to the customer.

Please find below the authorization certificates from 29 sex doll manufacturers. Some manufacturers may not provide authorization certificates, but you can contact them by email to verify that the products sold by Mailovedoll are authentic. If you want to buy sex dolls at a discounted price, Mailovedoll is your best choice, as there are no counterfeit products here!

Here are the authorization certificates from 29 sex doll manufacturers: 1.Zelex Doll  2.SE Doll  3.lrontech Doll  4.Starpery Doll  5.Aotume Doll 6.XYCOLO Doll  7.Piper Doll  8.lrokebijin Doll  9.Funwest Doll  10.SM Doll 11.Qita Doll  12.Bezlya Doll  13.Jiu Sheng Doll  14.AXB Doll  15.GUAVA Doll  16.MLW Doll  17.FANREAL Doll  18.6YE Doll  19.JY Doll  20.HR Doll  21.Climax Doll  22.IL Doll  23.Dolls Castle  24.SHE Doll  25.XY Doll  26.FU Doll  27.Mouz Doll  28.Fire Doll 29.EX Doll

Zelex Sex Doll Authorization


SE Sex Doll Authorization


lrontech Sex Doll Authorization


Starpery Sex Doll Authorization


AOTUME Sex Doll Authorization


XYCOLO Sex Doll Authorization


Piper Sex Doll Authorization


lrokebijin Sex Doll Authorization


Funwest Sex Doll Authorization


SM Sex Doll Authorization


Qita Sex Doll Authorization


Bezlya Sex Doll Authorization


Jiu Sheng Sex Doll Authorization


AXB Sex Doll Authorization


GUAVA Sex Doll Authorization


MLW Sex Doll Authorization


FANREAL Sex Doll Authorization

fanreal doll

6YE Sex Doll Authorization


JY Sex Doll Authorization


HR Sex Doll Authorization


Climax Authorization Letter


IL Sex Doll Authorization


Dolls Castle Sex Doll Authorization


SHE Sex Doll Authorization


XY Sex Doll Authorization


FU Sex Doll Authorization


Mouz Sex Doll Authorization


Fire Sex Doll Authorization


EX Sex Doll Authorization