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160cm E-cup Lifelike Blonde Sex Doll Lily


168cm C-cup Skinny European Sex Doll Catalina


160cm D-cup Japanese Skinny Sex Doll Betty


145cm B-cup Asian Brown Sex Doll Tsuki


150cm D-cup Cosplay Hentai Sex Doll Xiao Wu


168cm C-cup Redhead Silicone Sex Doll Lisa


160cm E-cup Sexy Korean Sex Doll Aki


160cm E-cup Cosplay Secretary Big Boobs Sex Doll Yuka


148cm B-cup Skinny White Sex Doll Arisa


168cm C-cup Small Breasts Sex Doll Isabell


160cm E-cup Realistic Japanese Sex Doll Betty


160cm E-cup Exquisite European Sex Doll Lisa


168cm C-cup Chinese Qipao Beauty Sex Doll Miho


145cm B-cup European Small Breast Sex Doll Yoyo


168cm C-cup Silicone Mature Sex Doll Gina


168cm C-cup Silicone Small Breast Sex Doll Yukiko


168cm C-Cup Real Skinny Sex Doll Yuffie


168cm C-cup Perfect Full Silicone Sex Doll Arisa


155cm F-Cup Real Life Perfect Asian Sex Doll Aki


155cm F-cup Perfect Blonde Sex Doll Elizabeth


160cm E-cup Korean Sex Doll Lily


148cm B-cup Asian SM Sex Doll Mia


Lifelike Chinese Sex Doll Genoveva 168cm


168cm C-cup Real Life American Small Breasted Sex Doll Lisa


Korean Idol Sex Doll Coreen 160cm


New Perfect Silicone Female Sex Doll Elayne 160cm


Charming Blonde Busty Sex Doll Darnell 160cm


Asian Pretty Sex Doll Anissa 150cm


Sexy Asian Busty Sex Doll Conchita 158cm


Japanese Sex Doll Amber 148cm


Asian Big Boobs Sex Doll Carrol 150cm


Pretty Korean Slut Busty Sex Doll Roxie 160cm


Beautiful Blonde Busty Sex Doll Delinda 160cm


Japanese Small Tits Sex Doll Twyla 150cm


High Quality Asia Sex Doll Jannette 150cm


Realistic Small Breasted Sex Doll Viviana 150cm


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1. Jiusheng Doll Body Shapes

2. Doll Skin Tone

3. Movable Jaw And Oral Option

4. Built-in tongue

5. Auto Sucking Vagina

6. Hair Implants

7. Jiusheng Sex Doll Heads

8. Jiusheng Doll Factory Photos

Jiusheng Doll Body Shapes

Jiusheng Tpe Doll Body Shapes

Jiusheng Silicone Doll Body Shapes

Doll Skin Tone

Movable Jaw And Oral Option

All silicone heads from Jiusheng can be made with a soft head option that includes an oral cavity. Currently, only the #2 Coco, #3 Lisa, #28 Gabriela, and #63 Bianca heads offer the Movable Jaw feature.

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[advanced_iframe src=”″ id=”advanced_iframe” name=”advanced_iframe” width=”350px” height=”618px” title=”Jiusheng movable jaw”]

Built-in tongue

The Built-in tongue enhances the doll’s facial expressions, and the oral cavity with the Built-in tongue is also suitable for oral sex. The Built-in tongue is available for all TPE heads and soft silicone heads.

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Silicone and TPE Doll Auto Sucking Vagina

Silicone and TPE Doll Auto Sucking Vagina

This option is only available for bodies above 145cm. It is available on fixed vagina only. Selecting this option anal is not available. Silicone and TPE Doll Auto Sucking Vagina function includes sucking, vibrating, and moaning.

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Hair Implants

By default, the hard silicone head comes with implanted eyebrows and eyelashes. However, if you want your love doll to look even more realistic, you can choose the hair implanted option. This will make the doll’s appearance resemble that of a real woman.

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[advanced_iframe src=”″ id=”advanced_iframe” name=”advanced_iframe” width=”350″ height=”618″ title=”手工植眉”]

Jiusheng Sex Doll Heads

Jiusheng Doll Factory Photos

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[advanced_iframe src=”″ id=”advanced_iframe” name=”advanced_iframe” width=”550″ height=”311″ title=”create head”]