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169cm American big boobs and booty sex doll Cloris


Big boobs sex doll Lisa with 153cm


Blonde hair sexy sex doll Genevieve with 148cm


Big Boobs And Blonde To The Bone Sex Doll Hedy 153cm


Mature big boobs love doll Camille with 165cm


Blonde big ass sex doll Marlene with 162cm


Cosplay small young angel sex doll Angelica with 148cm


Sexiest blonde sex doll Flora with 148cm


Small boobs sex doll Winifred with 148cm


Short hair student sex doll Leila with 148cm


A Beautiful Blonde Package, Sex Doll Gift Wrapped Eudora 148cm


Milf sex doll Mathilda with 158cm


Realistic pregnant sex doll Cherise 160cm


Beautiful pregnant sex doll Carly 160cm

$2,249.00 $2,024.00

Tenacious Little Girl with Huge Tits, Sex Doll Agatha 140cm


Crazy American ‘Bone Ranger’ Sex Doll Austin 160cm


African 148cm black hair black skin sex doll Katie


Big Tits Bubble Butt Sex Doll Adelaide 160cm


Chubby Wife BBW Pawg Massive Sex Doll Viola 170cm


Huge Tits Chubby BBW Sex Doll Kanna 162cm


Sexy Body Mature Big Booty Sex Doll Dolores 158cm


JY Dolls

The Chinese name for JY is “Junying,” which means a beautiful girl. The factory is based in Dongguan, Guangdong, China.

JY offers high-quality sex dolls, and follows modern aesthetic trends. JY Doll always focuses on the design and production of all kinds of best sex  dolls with a sense of unparalleled freshness. The silicone-head, TPE-body sex doll is one of the early products that JY Doll developed. JY DOLL takes the advantage of the new imported eco-friendly polymer materials and the built-in metal skeleton, which can be very stable over long periods of time, and can move into a variety of positions.

Mailovedoll is one of the JY DOLL authorized distributors, offering official JY dolls at all times. If you want to experience the most newest sex doll, please give it a try.