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Qita Dolls

Qita Doll, an experienced love doll manufacturer, was integrated by an advertising company and a design company in Shenyang, Liaoning, China.

Qita sex dolls are perfectly designed and lifelike, particularly for the torso sex dolls and hip models. The head sculpture, makeup, and body proportions of Qita Doll are perfect. Some Qita love dolls even have better facial details and cosmetics than China’s No.1-ranked WM dolls. The lifelike sex doll is made based on the real human body. With modifications to eliminate imperfect details, the love doll is very close to a real person. The Qita dolls are not exaggerated (like with oversized breasts) and are lifelike. They have nice product pictures.

You must know the news of a love doll in Korea Stadium as an audience member. Guess what? That life size sex doll was manufactured by Qita. Because the Qita doll is not exaggerated, lifelike, and can be very beautiful in pictures. You can find Qita Doll on the Dollforum.

Qita Doll also offers amazing products, such as ass-type masturbators and vaginal masturbators. Qita Doll’s products are real and perfect.

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