How to order a sex doll at Mailovedoll

The purchase process at Mailovedoll stores is very simple.

  1. Find your favorite doll.
  2. Add to cart. (If you want, prior to adding your choice to the cart, you can click on the customization option to choose different hairstyles/skin tones/breasts for your love doll, etc.)
  3. Enter your shipping address and pay by credit card or PayPal.

Find your favorite doll.

1. Computer website

Click ALL SEX DOLLS from the navigation and click All Categories. Then choose your favorite love doll category.

2. Mobile website

You will see a symbol on the left of our MAILOVE logo. Click on it and site navigation will open.

Now choose a category. Select your favorite love doll collection.

Whether you use a mobile phone or computer, type keywords into the search box to find your favorite love dolls.

In the Mailovedoll store, you can search for your favorite doll from our massive collection. You can even email us and request comprehensive customization.

After you find your favorite love doll, move to the second step.

Add to cart

(If you want, prior to adding to the cart, you can click on the customization option and choose different hairstyles/skin tones/breasts for your love doll, etc. If you do not choose to customize, the doll you receive will be the same as the one in the picture.)

Customization is very simple. The free and extra charge options are listed below.

Customize hairstyle (free)

Customize eye color (free)

Customize skin tone (free)

Customize breast type

(Default solid breast. Solid and hollow breasts are free of charge, while the jelly breast has an extra charge.)

The solid breast is plump, while the hollow breast is more elastic. The jelly breast has a more authentic appearance and real feeling.

Customize nipple color (free)

Customize labia color (free)

Customize pubic hair type (extra charge)

Customize nail color (free)

Extra charge options

Including hook set, mouth with tongue, EVO skeleton, vagina insert, shemale kit, heating system, stand-up feet, storage case, glue, and intelligent voice.

Select sexy lingerie (extra charge)

Once you are done with your selection, click the Add to Cart button.

Once you click the Add to Cart button, you will notice that the mini cart pops up on the right.

Click the CHECKOUT button and you will jump to the checkout page.


If you feel these options are too complicated, you can order our stock dolls. Click the Add to Cart button directly. You will receive the love doll shown in the picture.

Enter the shipping address and pay by credit card or PayPal

Fill in your address information including name, address, phone, email, additional information, etc.

Then you can choose to pay by either PayPal or credit card. Either way helps you complete the payment.

Please note:

  1. If you select “PayPal”, you will be redirected to the PayPal website for further processing. On the PayPal website, you can choose to use your PayPal account or use a credit or debit card.
  2. To ensure payment security, we strongly recommend that you set up and pay with a regular PayPal account, as PayPal will refund you if the product does not meet your expectations.

Congratulations! You are all set.

The above is how to order a love doll at Mailovedoll. If you have any problems regarding the order process, please contact us via email at [email protected], call 1-289-637-3663, or access our online chat. Additionally, you can check out our FAQ section.