How to Order a Sex Doll on Mailovedoll

Purchasing on Mailovedoll is very simple.

  1. Find your doll
  2. Add to cart (Before adding to cart, make sure you customize your options such as hairstyles/skin tones/breasts)
  3. Enter your shipping details and pay by credit card


Search for your love doll by category!

2. Mobile website

You will see a symbol left of the MAILOVE logo. Click to switch to mobile viewing.

Now choose a category. Select your favorite love doll collection.

Whether you are on your mobile phone or computer, type keywords into the search box to find your favorite love dolls.

On Mailovedoll you can find your favorite doll from our massive collection. You can also contact us via email to request customization.

Found you doll Add to cart

Let’s take the WM product as an example.

(Before adding to cart, make sure you customize your options such as hairstyles/skin tones/breasts) Customization is very simple. The free and paid for options are listed below.

Customize Hairstyle (Free)

Customize Eye (Free)

Customize Skin Tone (Free)

Customize Breast Type

(Dolls by default use solid breast. Solid and hollow breasts can be swapped out free of charge, while the jelly breast is a paid for alternative.)

The solid breast is plump, the hollow breast is more elastic, the jelly breast has a more authentic appearance and real feel to it.

Customize Nipple Color (free)

Customize Labia Color (free)

Customize Pubic Hair Type (paid for)

Customize Nail Color (free)

Customize Toenail Color (free)

Paid For Options

Paid for options include EVO skeleton, vagina insert, stand-up feet, heating system, gear joint and intelligent voice.

Once you are done with your selection, click the Add to Cart button.

Once you click the Add to Cart button, you will enter the shopping cart page.

Click the Proceed TO Checkout button and you will jump to the checkout page.

If you have coupon, don’t forget to use it. When you are on the checkout page, click the red text to enter your code.

Enter the coupon code and click to apply


If you find customized options too many and overwhelming, you can order directly from our generic stock. Click the Add to Cart button. You will receive the love doll shown in the picture.

Enter the shipping address and pay by credit card.

Fill in your address information including name, address, phone, email, additional information, etc.

Choose to pay by credit card. Congratulations! You are all set.

The above explains how to order a love doll on Mailovedoll. If you have any problems regarding the order process, please contact us via email at [email protected] or access our online chat. Additionally, you can check out our FAQ section.