How to customize sex doll

With online shopping becoming more and more common, buying love  dolls in online stores comes true. In addition to the love dolls displayed on the website, many people want to have their own unique customized sex doll. If you have such a dream, then Mailovedoll can help you easily make it.

Building your own doll in our online store can be divided into two categories:

comprehensive customization and basic customization.

First. Comprehensive Customization

Comprehensive customization means that we customize a love doll based on pictures or videos provided by the customer. Our comprehensive customization service can realize all your fantasies about a doll by following steps:

  1. Customers contact us by email or phone with a request for a comprehensive customized love doll.
  2. Send reference pictures or videos to [email protected]with specific customization requirements (including detailed information such as doll size, height, cup sizes, features, and material).
  3. Upon receipt of your email, we will confirm the feasibility of your request and the costs.
  4. Upon receipt of the payment, we will contact the manufacture immediately to start customizing your doll. We will send you pictures of the mud-molded doll’s head and body once they are ready at the manufacture’s factory.
  5. After your confirmation, the manufacture will start making the mold for the doll and filling it with the silicone or TPE materials and a high-quality metal skeleton.

Note: During step 5, if you find the pictures of the muddy sex doll does not meet your expectations, please contact us immediately with the details you would like to modify. Then repeat step 5.

  1. After filling the body, our head carving artist will modify the details of the doll, including sculpting body lines and face makeups.
  2. Once all the details have been processed, the love doll is ready. Then we will email you pictures or videos of the love doll and pack it per your request.
  3. The final step is to deliver the packed sex doll to one of our international shipping partners, who will be responsible for the shipping process All you have to do is to wait for the doorbell rings at home for your customized love doll.

Note: Because a comprehensive customized doll involves making new molds to produce the doll you want, the price will be much higher than a regular doll. And once the doll is in production, you may not be able to cancel the order for any reason.

Second. Basic Customization (Customizing your sex doll in the product detail page of Mailovedoll)

In addition to comprehensive customization, you can also choose to custom make sex doll on the Mailovedoll product detail page. Please follow the following steps:

  1. Select your favorite doll in the Mailovedoll, then go to a specific product detail page.
  2. Once you are on the product page, you will find customization options on the right side of the product image. The options from top to bottom:

Hairstyle (Choose your favorite hairstyle among a total of 19 hairstyles. If you like the hairstyle shown in the picture, then choose the default option. The default option is free.)

Eye color (Four free eye colors are available in blue, green, brown and grey.)

Skin color(Five free skin colors are available in white, fair, medium, tan, and black.)

Areola color(Four free areola colors are available in skin color, pink, light brown, and dark brown.)

Nail color(Six fingernail colors are available; this option is free. )

Options for extra fees:We offer our customers a wide range of paid options, from body organs, heating system, cleaning tools to storage cases. Those options will help you use your love doll better. It is important to note that these options are subject to additional costs, including:

Sex doll hook($29)

Mouth with tongue($49)

EVO Skeleton ($69)

Hollow breast($49)

Implantable vagina($10)

Vagina hair($49)

Shemake kit ($79)

Heating system($149)

Standing foot($39)

Storage case($449)

Vaginal cleaner($8.9)


Sexy lingerie (Choose some amazing sexy lingerie for your sex doll and dress her up. With sexy lingerie, your sex doll can switch between different roles)

  1. Once the above options have been selected, it’s time to add your unique love doll to the shopping cart and make payment.


Comprehensive customization and basic customization are two different ways to customize sex dolls. You can choose the right way you want to customize your favorite doll.

Regardless of your final choice, Mailovedoll will create a unique doll for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

The Mailovedoll team ready to service you.