How To ’10X’ Your Pleasure With Your New Sex Doll

Sex dolls are life-sized sex toys that have soft, elastic skin over an internal skeleton that allows the owner to position it in virtually any sex position imaginable.

They are sold in a variety of shapes, sizes and skin colors to match the taste and needs of each customer’s desires.

The recent increase in demand for sex dolls is no surprise since they offer essentially the same experience as a human partner.

If you have purchased a love doll for the first time, here we offer a few tips so that you can get maximum pleasure on your very first sexual engagement and experience with your perfect sex doll!


This is a critical step to both prepare your sex doll and ensure you have the best experience possible from your very first time.

Place your doll in a blanket for 15 to 20 minutes. This will make the orifices warm before you penetrate.

You can also use heating pads on a low setting or even a ‘warming gel’ (water-based) to get your doll ready.


Even though considerable technology and artistic design have been incorporated in our products to ensure your sexual satisfaction, there are many sex positions that will result in breathtaking pleasure.

These are a ‘must try’ for super intense sexual rewards.

I. Bent over

This is a quite popular position practiced by couples for many years. In this position, you have your sex doll stand in front of you in a seductive way and penetrate her from behind.

Hold the doll from the hips, standing close to a table, bed or chair.

Bend your doll over to the flat surface of the bed and make sure her face makes light contact, bending her over at the waist. All these movements should be done while standing.

From this position you can penetrate easily either the vaginal or anal cavities.

To spice things up a bit, you can have your sex doll wear some high heels and press her flat on the surface.

This will elevate and make her butt stick out further to accept you. This is a great position for both indoor and outdoor encounters!

Be sure to use a little caution in this position and always protect your doll from damage due to rough or hard surfaces.

II. The cradle

This is an awesome position with electrifying results! While it is intimate, it does not require a lot of stamina and strength to execute. Start by sitting down and facing your doll.

Next, slowly slide your legs under her hips and pulling her towards you so that her legs are around you waist.

Gently slide her forward until she is in the right position for you to penetrate her. Begin a slight rocking so you both move together steadily.

This position will allow you to build orgasmic power and sensation slowly until climax.

It can also help you to control the build up so you can savor maximum pleasure and make it last longer!

III. Spooning

This has been called the most intimate position of all time!

This is best done while lying in bed.

Have the doll lay on her side with her arms slightly bent and reaching out in front of her.

Bend her legs about half way to help support her body on her side.

Lift her top leg slightly and penetrate either her vagina or anus.

This position is very hot and smooth and is ideal for taller or heavier dolls like the BBW style.

This position allows you to ‘spoon’ behind the doll the full length of her body and generate body heat between the both of you!

IV. Against the wall

This position is similar to spooning, but is done in the standing position.

It is perfect to enter your sex doll from behind. Start by standing her in a corner with her back to you.

The corner will help her to stand straight with little assistance. Spread her arms out against each wall to keep her stable.

Lift one of her legs up and open slightly so you can penetrate and thrust deep inside her.

This same position can be used in kinky places like the shower, balconies, elevators or any place else you dare!

V. Doggy style

Any list of potential positions would be incomplete without including ‘doggy-style’!

This position is super for several types of sexual stimulation at the same time.

First, Place your doll on all fours and raise her arms as you bend her forward, face down on the bed.

Open her legs slightly for better balance and to give you full access to her vagina and anus!

This style is ideal for fast paced, deep penetration as well as giving you options for other stimulations such as kneading or slapping her ass, playing with her breasts or kissing the nape of her neck!

This position is less intimate compared to the others and also great care must be taken to ensure no damage occurs to her knees.


Some sex doll owners tend to forget how important a quality lubrication is for achieving maximum pleasure.

This application will assist in making your doll feel real and orgasmic.

As always, only use water-based products that are designed to work well with human skin, while providing velvety-smooth penetration. A lack of that kind of lubrication could cause bruises and rash due to excessive friction with the TPE and silicon material.

Finally, remember that even if you follow these tips with a doll of inferior quality, you will not attain a maximum pleasure experience!


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