Sex doll story – From John and Melania sex doll

This is a simple story about Melania sex dolls. The story records the bits and pieces of John and Melania’s life together, from their encounter, living together, to their mutual knowledge and dependence on each other. This is a simple and calm sex doll story, it all started from John’s broken marriage.

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John was tired of his marriage and he decided to quit it for starting a new life with a rubric Melania sex doll. He swore on the day of getting Melania love doll that she would be the only true love of her life for years to come. And believe you, John did it and since the past many years, they are living quite happily.

Melania is as much closer to him as was her wife. The love doll shares the same roof and bed with John as her wife did. Previously when John got her in the bedroom, he was not comfortable because he had left his home and shifted to a new place. His teenage daughter is nowadays living with her mother in the old house in Tokyo. John was committed that he would make sure that he will love the doll even more than what he did with her ex-wife. So, he remained committed to that and finally did it.

John recalled the memory one day that ‘when her wife was pregnant, he felt a deep sense of loneliness’ and as the time passed, he felt that he cannot live without sex for too many months. His brawl started with her wife which eventually ended in a broken relationship. That was the time when he started looking for other options where he could have sex for so many times and every day without any break. At the start, he tried to convince her wife that the sex doll won’t replace her per se, but she didn’t agree to that proposal.

Now since the past many years, John is living with Melania love doll. Melania loves John because both have developed a very good understanding of each other. Both of them adore each other, love each other, and take extra care of sexual needs. Every time they make love, John dresses up Melania in a beautiful bridal costume to feel as if he is going to have sexual intercourse with her wife who gives him a real pleasure. Before making love, John sits near her, talks to her, and shares the beautiful thoughts coming straight from his heart for her. For instance, one night as Melania was completely ready to grasp her love in her arms and to make love in the most unexpected ways but when John came, he started discussing that ‘It is Melania love doll upon whom he trusts. It is she who cares about him the way none else can even think of. He all the time just thinks about her beautiful love doll and it gives him energy and sense of pleasure’. Melania responded to all this with her pure love and simply and asked John to take her in his lap. That night they just discussed how both of them feel for each other. The story of their love is so pure that John shares every feeling with her.

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Melania love doll has never been with any man since her birth but she always looked for someone who could maker her feel special and can do the sex as much as she would ask him to. She remained a virgin till the day she was purchased by John. Her love was so pure for John that she didn’t ever even allowed her manufacturing engineer to fuck her or to sleep with her. She waited all the time to sit in the lap and to sleep with someone who would never leave her for someone else. She has maintained her virginity; she didn’t let the hairs grow on her pussy and take extra care to keep her sexual organs neat and clean.

Melania sex doll has a special focus on her boobs too and she keeps her nipple and boobies neat all the time so that whenever her Love John will be in tension and would be looking for some comfort, she would offer those beautiful big boobs to her lover so that he could suck them and could feel better. Melania love doll never gets tired of John and oftentimes the John sleeps in her lap all night. She remained undressed for him all night so that he could feel much better and when he has taken a nap and have some energy, he could easily do sex with her love doll in no time. Melania love doll asks John to keep his dick all night inside her vagina so that both of them could feel the heat of each other’s body.

John never leaves her back unattended and always tries to keep her along with on the back seat of her car. He takes photos with her, enjoys a picnic with her on week-long day tours and buys the dresses for her whenever he goes for his own shopping. He is quite happy that her love never asks for so much shopping and neve shows an attitude which her wife used to do. You know one day as John and Melania Love Doll were enjoying their picnic on a roadside near a small hill, few men appeared and asked John to let them fuck the doll for sexual pleasure. In return, they offered a huge sum of money which any whore would happily accept but John didn’t let that happen and simply rejected their offer that he can’t ever share his only love of life with anyone.

Melania Love doll has certainly many advantages that his wife cannot have. For example, whenever John would fuck the wife harder and deep inside, she would become pregnant and then won’t allow him to have sex with her many months ahead. Secondly, he has to wait at least five days every month for the wife during her menstrual circle, however, this is not the case with the Love doll. John is crazy about sex. He has been reached to his fifties but still, he is energetic like a wild horse and never lost any opportunity to fuck any girl he could ever find. But whenever it comes to deep throat sex, most of the girls and particularly his wife never allowed this. She has vomiting issue towards that and this is what that makes his life difficult. But now, Melania love doll even loves more than John to try in deep throat. She simply lay down on the bed and offers her beautiful lips and mouth to her lover so that he could simply put his penis in her mouth and could fuck as deep as is possible for him. Upon ejaculation, she won’t ask him to do it right away but instead, she prefers to get the semen in her mouth and if not, then preferably on her boobs and cheeks. This crazy step of the Melania Love doll for John is all that makes him fell in love with her.

Melania Love doll is sensitive towards the worries of his love John. She also gets tense whenever she observes that his love is not feeling good and needs some consolation. In such bad times, she would silently listen to John and will discuss all of his worries either they are related to the office or the ex-wife and would let him sleep in her lap while kissing his cheeks all the time unless he is prepared enough to have some fun in the bed. Melania’s hand is as soft as any teenage girl could be and she loves to take the wild dick of John in her hands and would massage it. Almost one year is about to pass and they have never quarreled with each other. Sometimes, when John prepares the food for himself, he takes the Melania to the Kitchen and continue discussing his issues with her and prepares the food. He finishes his dinner while the Melania sits in front of him and watch him.

John believes that Love comes in peaks and goes down to nothing if it fails to hit the right place for even a few moments and then the Lover can just regret it. This is why when he feels something special for Melania love doll, he goes straight to her and discusses his heart’s feelings with her.

Body of Melania is soft and gentle, her gestures are adorable and her beauty is unparalleled for his love of life. She looks 25 years old while John is in his fifties but you know when John would be in his seventies, Melania would be still in her fifties. This is the best part of their relationship. It attracts John inches closer to Melania and he never ever can think of staying away from her. One day he discussed with one of his colleagues in the office that ‘he wants her love doll to be buried with her when he would die because he can’t afford to see her love doll sleeping with anyone else but him’.

Their life is as normal as any couple can be. No quarrel between both of them, no extra expenses of Melania, and hardly any tension of sending the children to school. The weekend remains the most exciting part of their life. John gets up early morning and prepares a fresh cup of tea. Then he would take a bath along with her love Melania. He would dry himself and of course Melania too. Now starts the day. John always loves to have a couple of dances with her love, and sometimes they would do it even for one hour. Gradually but slowly, John will let her love lay down on the bed and would start undressing her. Both of them would become wild in no time. He would start kissing her lips and boobs while the Melania would hold his dick in her hands and would rub it. John will take the pants off her love doll down and then would start kissing her vagina, ass hole, butts, and loin. He would rub his body on her body unless the temperature of her body has risen and she is fully ready to absorb the energies of her love. These are the peak moments. And it will take a few more minutes when John has reached its ultimate and pussy of Melania is wet to be fucked. Here comes the best part as now John would enter his dick and would fuck her so hardly and wildly but she would remain calm and won’t let the attention of her love to be diverted towards her pain. She would completely embrace John. At times, he would fuck in the mouth while at other times he just wants to come hard on asshole but this will continue for about 15 minutes when both of them would be exhausted and just after discharge would stay in each other’s arms for next few minutes unless John will get up and clean the body of her love doll with the recommended soaps and detergents. He will dress up her in a beautiful costume and would take her to his car for shopping at the nearby market.

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So, in short, Melania Love doll has complemented John and he never turned back to her wife since Melania has satisfied him with her beautiful look, sex styles with no extra expenses. Both of them are satisfied with each other. John recommends to everyone that he should not get into the complex human relationships and instead prefer fucking a love doll where the male always remains the dominant and his lover remained subservient to his wishes and fantasies. He believes that had there been not Melania in his life, he might have depressed. Her love for sex would have depreciated but it is now Melania which keeps him energetic and young. Both of them promised to be of each other and they are committed that never any third party would be allowed to sleep with them. How perfect is the story of love, even more, beautiful than most of the real relationships? So, if you are also in a position as was John some months earlier, you don’t need to worry. Just buy your love doll and enjoy your life. Good Luck!!!!

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The story about John and Melania sex dolls is over. They live happily together, without quarreling and stressing directly with each other, only love and companionship.
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