About Us

Mailovedoll is a franchiser of high-end sex dolls. Mailovedoll was established in 2019 and now has a stable customer base after 2 years of rapid development. Mailovedoll only partners with well-known and established sex doll brands, such as WM, 6YE, SANHUI. Unlike other franchisers who only focus on selling products from high-end brands, we focus on putting high-end into service while building a perfect sales channel for brands we work with, and we will provide you with the most thoughtful and thorough customer service all the time. Through our accumulation of experiences in sales and service in all aspects along with continuous optimization and improvement, we have carried out the industry’s top sales and service system. So, the best companion that has only appeared in your fantasy will now be perfectly brought into the reality, and accompanied by your side!

Maillovedoll pursues the ultimate sex doll by focusing on three qualities

  • Quality

Maillovedoll partnering brands, such as WM, 6YE, SANHUI, are all distinguished and celebrated top sex doll brands that produce love dolls in unparalleled quality.

  • Innovation

Partnering brands, such as Ironech and Climax, have a bold and impressive innovative spirit and lead the industry in setting future trends.

  • Service

Maillovedollstrives to offer 1st class customer service, both in pre-sale service and after-sale service.

Customer Service That Matches the Quality Product

Unlike other franchisers who only focus on selling, Maillovedoll focuses on high-end customer service for customers who purchase high-end sex products. Maillovedoll also offers anti-counterfeiting codes and video certifications, repair tutorials, free returns for defected items, and more.

All in all, both you and your doll will experience the most thorough service and enjoy maximum satisfaction. Maillovedoll has years of experiences in sales and service and continuously tries to optimization and improve. Such company culture has led to industry recognition in best sales and service.

Sex dolls are not just a commodity, they are also an intimate partner who stands by your side. We want you to enjoy outstanding products as well as exclusive first-rate service for you and your partner. Mailovedoll has always been dedicated in providing the best quality sex dolls.

What are you waiting for? Start looking for your favorite sex doll now!

Why Mailovedoll?

  • The most authoritative way of anti-counterfeiting authentication.

Nowadays, there are more brand imitations on the market, and their degree of authenticity is often difficult to distinguish, which can greatly affect your trust in your purchase. Thus, Mailovedoll is providing you with two ways of verifying our products’ authenticity in order to guarantee that your rights will not be compromised. The first is that all our products can be authenticated through the manufacturer’s exclusive anti-counterfeiting code we provide on the official website, and the anti-counterfeiting code and the doll you receive will be a match. The other way is through video verification – by showing you every step of our sex doll production. So that you can be more assured when purchasing and using the doll, which also reflects more of our professionalism and thoughtful services.

  • Local repair services.

You can contact us online, call us, or email us at [email protected] if you encounter problems such as damage or destruction when using your doll. If the damage is minor and you are willing as well as able to fix it yourself, we will provide you with fixing videos and mail you a full set of fixing tools to ensure that your beloved sex doll is restored to its original condition. We also offer local repair. You can send your doll to a local repair spot and we will be the “guardian” of your doll for a while. In addition, because of the high cost of materials, we will charge a reasonable fee.

  • Services before and after the purchase.

In the spirit of a thorough service, we will provide you with physical pictures of your order before shipment as well as a production confirmation chart after production to ensure that you receive a doll that will satisfy you 100%. If the doll is damaged anyhow due to shipping, we will replace the doll for you for free. If you have any concerns when it comes to buying or using the doll, we can be reached via email, phone, or the live chat service on our website, and we look forward to answering any questions you may have at any time. Every customer’s comments and questions are a stepping stone for our team to move up the ladder.

  • Abundant customization services tailored to you.

As the founder of a high-end product alliance, product diversification and personalization is necessary to us. Therefore, we provide the most comprehensive customization service in the industry. A personalized customization service will bring out unique sex dolls, we can also help customize clothes, help customize makeup (make completely different makeup changes according to your needs on the same head). Just as creating a video game character, more customization options mean getting infinitely closer to that perfect doll in your fan When you tell us your needs, we will choose the right factory for you. For details of the customization service, please click: How to Customize Sex Doll?

Brand characteristics

Each high-end doll brand has its own distinctive features and unique advantages. To make it easier for doll lovers to decide which brand is more suitable to meet their needs, Mailovedoll has completed detailed and exclusive research on each brand and has written exclusive informative reports.

What are you waiting for? Start looking for your favorite sex doll now!


WM Dolls is the industry’s number one brand for high-quality TPE sex dolls. With over ten years of industry experience, WM Dolls has accumulated numerous safety certificates and patents. WM Dolls has become a well-known brand in the European, American, and Japanese market.

6YE Doll is one of the pioneers of high-quality sex dolls in the international marketplace and have become a trusted brand for consumers in recent years. 6YE Doll offers a wide range of options aimed at meeting your various needs and focus heavily on R&D. They have developed more than 200 head shapes and 30 body types.

Irontechdoll is one of China’s leading manufacturers specializing in original European and American style sex dolls. Irontechdoll is a young, energetic manufacturer, one of its more popular dolls comes in a heavy metal style, has a life-like vaginal lining and texture, and is designed with advanced LHP technology (Love Hole Placement)

Climax Doll was founded in 2014 in Zhongshan, China and are known for their ultra-realistic designs and innovative technology. Climax Doll serves the needs of the most hardcore, fetish prone customer.

Founded in 2017, ZELEX is a doll manufacturer that integrates design, production, and sales into a one-stop doll shop. The company has a marketing center, R&D center, and a 2,000 square meters factory in Suzhou, Zhongshan. Such size and scale are behemoth within the industry, and outside the reach of all other competitors.

JY Doll is a high-end sex doll manufacturer based in Dongguan, China and founded in 2012. JY DOLL focuses on the Asian fetish niche market exclusively designing Asian love dolls between the sizes of 140cm and 170cm in height. Most dolls are designed with white skin, large chest and hips, and are known for sophisticated facial features and beautifully applied makeup.

The Qita brand was established in 2016 in Shenyang, China. It is a leading, first-class love doll manufacturer in China. Prior crafting dolls, Qita’s team specialized in making sculptures and wax figures. Their works are displayed in numerous large-scale exhibition halls in China. Within the space of just one year, Qita has managed to streamline numerous explosively popular doll designs and has positioned itself as China’s number one doll manufacturer whose products continue to withstand the test of the market.

XY DOLL is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. XY DOLL is a young sex doll factory established in November 2018, it was formerly a wax figure manufacturer. Therefore, XY DOLL, with its production capabilities and artistic talent, entered the sex doll industry extremely well positioned. Within the short period of two some years, XY DOLL has created a reputation for itself in terms of love doll quality and life-like characteristics doll heads and bodies.

Transsion Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2018 in Guangzhou, China. It is a manufacturer specializing in the production of silicone and TPE dolls. ILDoll is a boutique branch of Transsion Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. By upgrading to cutting-edge production technologies such as silicone materials, ultra-real painting technology, and 3D modeling, ILDoll now produces the most advanced and trendy love doll designs available on the market.

Autome DOLL is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Autome DOLL produces the most authentic two-dimension style dolls in the whole sex doll industry. Autome DOLL 100% maintains the appearance and personality of their associated two-dimension animation character and applies the “The Mona Lisa Effect” – a highly advanced technique that creates the visual allusion of doll eye contact, regardless of your position to the doll.

SMDOLL: Previously known as “Shangmei Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.,” originally operated as an OEM for well-known sex doll brands. Following 9 years of successful OEM operations, in 2015 SMDOLL formally established its own high-end sex doll brand and has since become one of the largest sex doll manufacturers in China and a certified supplier to the world’s largest sex doll forum “TDF.”

Sanhui was established in 2010 and is located in Nanning, China. Sanhui is a high-quality sex doll manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in sex doll manufacturing. It mainly produces high-end silicone sex dolls. All silicone dolls of Sanhui are made of high-quality medical grade.

Each Brand Authorization

Zelex Authorization Letter

zelex doll

Aotume Authorization Letter

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XY Authorization Letter


HR Authorization Letter


JY Authorization Letter

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Climax Authorization Letter

climax doll

IL Authorization Letter

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AXB Authorization Letter


SM Authorization Letter

sm power of attorney

Irontech Authorization Letter

Irontech power of attorney

6YE Authorization Letter

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