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  1. I received her today, and I must say this doll is absolutely amazing! She is incredibly flexible, easy to move, sturdy, and everything about her feels absolutely stunning. She’s perfect to handle, and I can’t be thankful enough. She comes with fun and helpful accessories for fun AND cleaning, which is very important. Package was secure and arrived within a WEEK! This is the best BANG for your buck. I can’t stop recommending her, especially for beginners who don’t want to spend a huge amount of money on their first purchase. This is my third doll, and this is the one I’ve been satisfied with the most. Mailovedoll is an amazing site with amazing people who are always happy to help in a timely fashion. And this doll makes everything worth it. 10/10.

    Image #1 from Ryan Elle
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  2. I absolutely love this Huge Ass. When the title says huge, you better believe it. At first the video and pictures of this huge ass on the website, i thought it was a tiny chinaman which made it look big but when i seen it in the TPE flesh, i could not believe how huge this ass is and i was not sure if i thought for a split second if i could actually give her a good seeing to.
    It was way bigger than what i expected. If she was a whole life size doll, she’d be a giant beside anyone below 8ft tall. (It would be a challenge though.) However, the feel of it is amazing and silky smooth after dusting with baby powder and it feels a tiny bit clammy without powder but it feels like real slightly damp freshly washed skin. The density is spot on when giving it a slap and grab.
    I’m not sure if i’m actually addicted to ass or just this huge one because i can’t help giving it a slap everytime i pass the bedroom. My only gripe is that at 38kg she’s not exactly portable and is not easy moving it around. My method is one ass cheek at a time (lol.)
    It is not advisable to try and use an ironing board to gain height as it will crumple under the weight. (Gotta fix mine or buy a new ironing board, lol.) Although the weight of it gives you a good workout. The feel of the internals is very pleasant indeed as is the feel of the ass cheeks on your thighs during doggy. Added bonus is that she actually queefs which was a pleasant surprise and farts too if you’re a bit energetic pulling them ass cheeks open everytime you push in. Eventhough it has no tits, it sure makes up for it in a very generous amount of ass.
    This will inevitably give hours of fun anytime you hook up.
    I thank you very much and she queefs her best regards.

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  3. I gave her some clothes and she got dressed immediately hahaha … chilly weather circumstances …

    Thank you very much for never stopping the communication until the arrival of my new friend.

    Image #1 from akkk
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  4. 10/10 Would give a jollie good rogering again later

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  5. Doll looks great. Her tits are just as magnificent as in the picture. Her face also looks just like in the pictures, and she’s nice and plump in all the right places. I’m satisfied with my purchase, and will probably buy from this brand again.

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