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Muscular Handsome Male Sex Doll Cody 154cm male


Charming Mature Male Sex Doll Arturo 170cm


Celebrity Male Actor Sex Doll Thomas 176cm


Asian Muscular Male Doll Han 177cm


Asian Mature Muscular Male Doll 177cm


Mature Male Boss Sex Doll M3 176cm


Cheap Male Torso


Male Celebrity Sex Doll James 176cm


Handsome Stylish Male Sex Doll Han 177cm


Asian Muscle Gay Sex Doll Qin 177cm


Asian Handsome Muscle Gay Sex Doll Tang 165cm


Premium Blonde Mature Male Sex Doll Joey 175cm


Real Life Realistic Celebrity Male Singer Sex Doll Armando 170cm


2022 Mature Muscular Male Sex Doll Carl 176cm


Real Life Mature Male Sex Doll Sammy 175cm


Tall Chinese Martial Arts Trainer Sex Doll Julian 176cm


Realistic Mature Male Sex Doll Johnnie 170cm


Real Life Lifelike Male Muscle Sex Doll Arturo 176cm


Popular Movie Character Male Sex Doll Sidney 170cm


Mature Muscle Male Sex Doll Byron 170cm


Full Size Muscular Mature Male Sex Doll Austin 175cm


Famous Male Rapper Sex Doll Gerard 170cm


Western Cowboy Sex Doll Homer 170cm


Realistic Attractive Male Sex Doll John 176cm


Mature Famous Actor Sex Doll Evan 176cm


New Male Sex Doll Jack 165cm


Mature Muscle Male Sex Doll Jack 175cm


Celebrity Male Sex Doll Rob 180cm


Full Size Male Sex Doll Axel 173cm


Handsome Strong Male Sex Doll Gene 173cm


Realistic Sexy Mature Male Sex Doll Lincoln 176cm


Real Life Mature Muscle Male Love Doll Lucas 176cm


Crazy American ‘Bone Ranger’ Sex Doll Austin 160cm


Mature Man Sex Doll Allan 162cm


Perfect sexy male sex doll Herman 180cm


Male Realistic Sex Doll Liam 170cm Hot Muscular Love Doll For Women


What Is a Male Sex Doll:

A male sex doll, also known as a gay sex doll, is a type of humanoid simulation toy designed and manufactured to meet the sexual needs of male or female users. These sex dolls typically mimic the appearance and physical characteristics of real men, including facial features, height, muscle tone, and more.

Features of Male Love Doll:

Realistic Appearance: Lifelike male love dolls closely resemble real men, featuring a healthy and attractive physique, captivating tanned skin, robust muscles, sexy stubble, and dense hair, with a tall stature.

Realistic Penis: Each male doll comes equipped with a lifelike penis, available in erect or flaccid types, with customizable length. They also have anal and oral openings, making them suitable for both female and male users.

Heavier Weight:  Life-size adult male sex dolls generally stand between 165cm to 180cm tall. TPE male sex dolls weigh between 50kg to 60kg, while silicone male sex dolls weigh even more, at over 60kg. This means their weight closely resembles that of human males of the same height and physique.

Why Buy Male Sex Dolls from Mailovedoll:

Variety of Types: We offer a wide range of full-size male sex dolls, where you can find sexy muscular male dolls, mature male sex dolls, celebrity male sex dolls, black male sex dolls, asian male sex dolls, and even male torsos.

Multiple Brands: We provide well-known and popular brands of male sex dolls, such as Irontech Doll, Qita Doll, Realing Doll. Their products are made from medical-grade TPE/silicone materials, ensuring no harmful effects. With a sturdy metal skeleton inside, they have strong and flexible joints, allowing for various sexual positions and movements.

Customization: To meet the diverse needs of our customers, we offer several free customization options such as eye color, hair color, nail color, areola color, penis type and length, male body type, and more. Additionally, there are some chargeable options available, such as extra penis, transplanted pubic hair/chest hair/leg hair/beard, articulated fingers, extra clothing, etc. This allows you to unleash your imagination and dress up your own male sex doll.

Various Accessories: If you want to extend the service life of men’s sex dolls, regular maintenance and cleaning are very necessary. We provide multiple exclusive sex doll accessories, such as Sex Doll Storage Case, sex doll storage bag, Hanging Hook Kits, etc. suitable for storage The doll will not be discovered by others. Sex doll repair glue and color remover are suitable for later repair work.