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161cm F-cup Sexy Big Breasted Redhead Sex Doll Harper.C


167cm E-cup Lifelike Muscle Sex Doll Jenny.J


161cm E-cup Big Breasts Silicone Sex Doll Bridget.B


161cm F-cup Slim Waist Big Breasts Sex Doll Hannah.C


153cm F-cup Punk Sex Doll Avery.B


161cm F-cup Big Breasted Role Play Student Sex Doll Queena.A


157cm H-cup Big Breasts European Sex Doll Queena.E


161cm E-cup Lifelike Big Breast Silicone Sex Doll Annika.G


161cm F-cup Big Breasts TPE Sex Doll Skyler.B


163cm E-cup Blonde Moonlight Goddess Sex Doll Vicky.B


165cm C-cup Full Silicone European Adult Sex Doll Regina.I


157cm H-cup Big Breasted Asian Sex Doll Jenny.D


153cm F-cup Japanese Full Size Sex Doll Skyler.B


161cm F-cup Big Breasts and Slim Waist TPE Sex Doll Luna.B


153cm F-cup Stylish Female Sex Doll Mika.D


165cm C-cup Lifelike Asian Silicone Sex Doll Queena.A


161cm F-cup Sexy Busty Female Racing Driver Sex Doll Hazel.B


161cm F-cup Big Breasted Sex Doll Alba.A


161cm F-cup Big Breasted Christmas Sex Doll Melody.D


167cm E-cup Boxing Muscle Sex Doll Jenny.K


168cm F-cup Big Boobs Female Chef Sex Doll Harper.B


166cm C-cup Thin Blue-haired Sex Doll Hannah.A


165cm C-cup Silicone Sex Doll Annika.F


161cm E-cup Slim Waist Sex Doll Yuuka.G


165cm C-cup European Sex Doll Regina.G


161cm E-cup Big Breasts Asian Sex Doll Nana.C


161cm E-cup Full Silicone Life Size Sex Doll Queena.G


161cm E-cup Silicone Tanned Sex Doll Yuuka.A


165cm C-cup Sex Doll Regina.F


160cm C-cup Silicone Sex Doll Yuuki.G


165cm C-cup Pink Hair Sex Doll Yuuka.H


161cm E-cup Blonde Sex Doll Annika.A


155cm E-cup Big Breast Silicone Sex Doll Yuuki.I


155cm E-cup Cute Silicone Sex Doll Kiko.E


160cm C-cup Mature European Sex Doll Annika.A


166cm C-cup Japanese High-Quality Sex Doll Aurora.A


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1. Skin Tone

2. Customized Makeup

3. Articulated Finger Skeleton

4. Upgraded Skeleton

5. Realistic Body Painting

6. Fixed Tongue

7. Lubricant Vagina

8. Moaning & Heating Function

9. About Silicone Doll Hard Hands&Feet

10. Robot Options

11. SEDOLL Factory

Skin Tone

SEDOLL tpe products only have 4 skin tones: Dark tan, light tan, natural, and white.

SEDOLL silicone products only have fair color.

If a personalized skin tone is desired, you may forward an email to us containing an image of the requested customized skin tone, and SEDOLL will create an exclusive doll skin tone for you. It should be noted that custom skin tones require an additional fee of $300.

(4 Skin Tones)

(Customized Skin Tone)

Customized Makeup

SEDOLL accepts various customized makeup options such as freckles, bikini makeup, navel piercings, and more.

Articulated Finger Skeleton

The articulated finger bones (available For SEDOLL 150cm+) made of stainless steel and are riveted to the three joints of each finger, from the root of the finger to the palm. The advantages of the Articulated Finger Skeleton are as follows: not easy to deform, easy to pose, vivid and lifelike appearance.

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Upgraded Skeleton

The Upgraded Skeleton demonstrated in the video is highly flexible and easy to manipulate, enabling the love doll to assume a greater variety of poses, while also being durable and resistant to damage over time.

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Realistic Body Painting

If you choose the realistic body painting option, you will notice that SEDOLL’s doll skin features simulated human skin texture, meridian blood vessels, and other makeup that enhances the realism of your doll.

Fixed Tongue

Having a tongue enhances reality and does not interfere with oral sex.

Lubricant Vagina

After injecting water into the doll’s vagina, the customer can use their fingers to manually rub inside the doll’s vagina, which will make the inside of the doll’s vagina lubricated.

Moaning & Heating Function

Moaning Function: The sound device of SEDOLL is installed in the doll’s head. The customer manually controls the switch button to enable the moaning function. When the customer touches specific parts of the doll’s body, she will make moaning sounds.

Heating Function: Wrap the whole doll body skeleton with a heating wire, after plugging in, the heating wire starts to work, wait 30-40 minutes until the temperature reaches the skin. Do not heat for more than 1 hour.

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About Silicone Doll Hard Hands&Feet

No foot studs are required to stand! The hard feet of the silicone doll can stand up without using nails, which avoids the wear and tear of the doll’s shoes and the floor caused by standing for a long time.

Due to the harder material of silicone dolls compared to TPE dolls, SEDOLL has done a super soft treatment on the chest and hips of silicone dolls. According to the SEDOLL representative, touching the chest and hips of a silicone doll feels like water or jelly, which subverts your imagination.

Silicone dolls do not support tongue, replaceable vigina and heating options. The replaceable vigina has to be shoved in hard, and it is very easy to tear the lower body. And does not support heating because the silicone material itself does not conduct heat, and is prone to damage.

Robot Options

Want to experience autonomous oral sex, vaginal sex, or anal sex? If so, the SE Robot will fulfill your wish! How the robot works: the launching device of the robot doll is located in the abdomen, and the force of the abdomen drives the whole body to swing, Sex doll twists and moves like a real person. Robot Options is only available for 148cm, 150cm, 158cm, 163cm and 168cm SE sex dolls. Robot Options is only available for 148cm, 150cm, 158cm, 163cm and 168cm SE sex dolls. The robot function is being upgraded, and selection is not currently supported. Click to view all to see more introduction.

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SEDOLL Factory