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AXB Extra Head


Irontech Extra Head


New Premium Anime Character Sex Doll Stephanie 145cm


New Lifelike Mature Sex Doll Sarai 170cm


Lifelike Japanese Anime Character Sex Doll Nyotengu 165cm


High-end Real Asian Busty Sex Doll Lashawnda 165cm


Fashion American Girl Sex Doll Jolene 170cm


2022 Forest Queen Sex Doll Colette 170cm


Perfect Vacation Girl Sex Doll Marlee 170cm


Pink Hair Anime Girl Sex Doll Yae Miko 172cm


2022 New Reality Cute Girl Sex Doll Annabelle 147cm


Hyper Real Perfect Sex Doll Mallory 170cm


Japanese Slutty Girl Sex Doll Louisa 165cm


Cute Japanese JK Girl Sex Doll Misty 142cm


Realistic Cute Girl Sex Doll Glinda 110cm

$2,380.00 $2,120.00

Smart Charming Cute Silicone Sex Doll Philomena142cm

$4,159.00 $2,728.00

Cute Asian Teen Sex Doll Macie 130cm

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Real Sexy Woman Sex Doll Earlene 130cm


Big Breasted Cosplay Sex Doll Mae 145cm


Nightclub Girl Sex Doll Sherri 167cm


Real Adult Silicone Sex Doll Klara 167cm


Dark Queen Sex Doll Toni 170cm


Mature Charming Tan Silicone Sex Doll Susy 170cm

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Beautiful Realistic Silicone Sex Doll Rita 172cm

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Lively Life-size Silicone Sex Doll Marie Rose 147cm

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Beautiful Silicone Sex Doll Johna 170cm


Young Reality Silicone Sex Doll Quentina170cm

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Realistic Chinese Sex Doll Maleah 160cm

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Amine Big Breasts Sex Doll Tamamo No Mae 140cm

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Young Cute Silicone Sex Doll Sharon 148cm

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Sexy Chinese Wife Sex Doll Shelley 165cm


New Silicone Sex Doll Kandis 165cm


Cool Big Breasts Life-size Sex Doll Soul 165cm

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Big Boobs Charming Sex Doll Pauline 147cm

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Asian Cute Young Sex Doll Pearl 147cm

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SSBBW Huge Breasts Sex Doll Laura 160cm

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1. High-level R&D team
2.Integration of Traditional Wax Carving & 3D Digital Technology
3. Medical Grade Platinum Silicone & High Quality TPE
4. Human Body Design
Factory Pictures


Founded in 2017, ZELEX is a doll manufacturer that integrates design, production, and sales into a one-stop doll shop. The company has a marketing center, R&D center, and a 2,000 square meters factory in Suzhou, Zhongshan. Such size and scale are behemoth within the industry, and outside the reach of all other competitors.

Creating Your Playtime Toy with a Wealth of Experience & Advanced Tech

The company has a fully operational and independent design team including 3D designers, sculpturers, mold casting and makeup designers, and hair and styling designers. The team utilize ultra-advanced research and development equipment such as 3D scanning and 3D printing equipment. They have a wealth of experience in wax figure development and design and have the skill sets to cater to all customer sexual needs by customizing ultra-realistic dolls.

ZELEX, as a manufacturer of high-quality sex dolls, is committed to the production of safe, high-quality love dolls. Mailovedoll, the authorized sales distributor of the ZELEX DOLL adheres to a “high-end” business philosophy providing you with 100% authentic premium quality sex dolls.

Technical advantages of ZELEX

  1. High-level R&D Team
  2. Integration of Traditional Wax Carving & 3D Digital Technology
  3. Medical Grade Platinum Silicone & High Quality TPE
  4. Human BodyDesign
 1. High-level R&D team

A Group of Trained and Seasoned Professionals:

Zelex’s team, formerly a waxwork team, is composed of a group of professionals who have undergone years of training at art schools. They have completed numerous high profile projects with celebrities and have several wax pieces showcased at exhibits in Madame Tussauds. In short, they are very qualified and confident they can create a doll which will

make you “CUM HARD!”

Team members place great effort on doll facial construction as well as body proportions and makeup detail. They excel at designing ultra-realistic love dolls and are praised within the industry for their unparalleled artistic craftsmanship.

(Promotional video)

2.Integration of Traditional Wax Carving & 3D Digital Technology

Science and computer graphics are quickly replacing traditional wax carvings. Computer software can draw and spray with greater speed and accuracy. But, some highly detailed and complicated patterns can be difficult for the computer to recreate. This is where the skill set of traditional hand-carved wax sculptors step in! They wax plates more vivid and beautiful. The following are production pictures and videos of wax carving, 3D printing, and 3D scanning.

3. Medical Grade Platinum Silicone & High Quality TPE

Platinum Silicone vs Ordinary Silicone

Ordinary Silicone: Ordinary silicone products are non-toxic, odorless and offer an all-round good performance. But, its weakness is time. Over time, if not properly maintenance the material’s color will start to yellow and darken.

Platinum Silicone: 1) Odorless with a long service life. After long-term use, yellowing and darkening of material does not occur. Platinum silicon is safe and offers outstanding performance plus is more secure and durable than ordinary silicone. Platinum silicone is widely used in health care and daily necessity items that need to meet high requirements with safety standards and environmental protection. ZELEX TPE products are imported from top TPE raw material suppliers from the United States. Compared to most competitor products, ZELEX sex dolls have a superior feel, quality, and safety.

4. Human Body Design

ZELEX’s high-quality products completely replicate the structure of the human body and are engineered so that the joints move and operate consistent with that of the human body. ZELEX’s Boutique Series is based on the 3D scanning data of real people! and successfully restores human body proportions so to meet the needs of customers in pursuit of real experience!

The following is a picture of joint activities.

Realistic Product Details

  1. Realistic Skin Texture  2. Soft/Hard Silicone Head

3.Soft Gel Filling                4.Delicately Applied Makeup

1. Realistic Skin Texture

The skin of the product is made from a softer formula than ordinary silicone to simulate the sensation of real human skin. The outer layer skin of ZELEX silicone products is designed to replicate real skin with uneven patterns. Below are skin texture details and videos.

2. Soft/Hard Silicone Head

The soft silicone head is made with silicon that has a lower degree of hardness allowing for some great “oral action!” However, the softer head does not allow for the planting of hair. Eyebrows and eyelashes are hand drawn.

The hard silicone head is made of high-hardness silicone. This allows for eyebrow and eyelash implants. The downside is that this head does not give the greatest “head.” Pun intended 🙂

3. Soft Gel Filling

More Cushion for the Pushing:)

ZELEX products are filled with top grade soft gel which is applied to the chest, buttocks, and thighs. Your penis will love it! The following is a softness comparison video.

4. Delicately Applied Makeup

1) TPE Artificial Makeup

TPE material makes it challenging to apply makeup. Therefore, traditional applications of TPE makeup look rudimentary and fake. ZELEX’s artificial makeup adopts a new TPE coloring process to achieve clear skin texture that does not fade over time, and takes on the appearance of silicone skin. The following is a video depicting the color comparison of the head and body with normal makeup vs the new TPE Artificial Makeup.

(Body Coloring Video)

(Head Coloring Video)

2) Freckle and Bikini Lines Makeup

Freckle and bikini line makeup make sex dolls look more real in appearance. The following are real shot pictures of body makeup.

3. Packaging

The ZELEX DOLL box has a new padding that fits to the doll’s body shape keeping the doll securely positioned for storage. Below is a picture of the doll’s packaging.

4. Factory Pictures

Mailovedoll’s team visited the ZELEX factory. Below are the pictures and videos of inside the factory.