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Life-size Charming Silicone Sex Doll Sandra 155cm(In Stock)

Only 1 left in stock!

Anime Douluo Continent Cosplay Sex Doll Carol 155cm


Realistic Busty Sex Doll Jason 165cm


Real Life Euro Model Sex Doll Tiffany 170cm


Game Dead or Alive Sex Doll Marie Rose 147cm


Beautiful Blonde Busty Sex Doll Stacy


155cm (5ft1) C Cup Silicone Sex Doll In Europe Stock

Only 5 left in stock!

Sexy Latina Model Sex Doll Roberta 170cm (Movable Jaw)


New Anime SPY×FAMILY Sex Doll Yor Forger 160cm


Real Life Beautiful Chinese Sex Doll Johanna 165cm


Realistic Lifelike European Sex Doll Lela 165cm


Best Beautiful Big Breasted Sex Doll Fawn 165cm


Chinese Pretty Sex Doll Mavis 166cm


High Quality Tall Mature Sex Doll Sidney 170cm


Real Life Female Sex Doll Lachelle 165cm


New Sexy Sex Doll Klara 165cm


Real Life Blonde Sex Doll Janeen 170cm


Real Life Blonde Skinny Model Sex Doll Suzann 170cm


Realistic Mature Skinny Sex Doll Neva 170cm


Sexy Skinny Tall Sex Doll Marylou 170cm


Tall Mature Big Tits Sex Doll Laureen 170cm


Beautiful Life Size European Sex Doll Faith 165cm


Tall Shapely Sex Doll Astrid 170cm


New Adult Open Mouth Sex Doll Silvia 170cm


Lifelike Tall Model Sex Doll Holly 170cm (Movable Jaw)


Doula Continent Anime Character Patti 155cm


Perfect Redhead Mid-Chested Sex Doll Milagros 170cm


Life Size Tall Mid-Chested Model Sex Doll Emilia 170cm


Game: Dead Or Alive Character Sex Doll Marie Rose 147cm


Real Life Perfect Middle Chest Model Sex Doll Hillary 170cm


Blonde Perfect Body Model Sex Doll Edna 170cm


Beautiful Asian Model Sex Doll Kate 172cm


Asian Tall Model Sex Doll Vivian 170cm (Movable Jaw)


172cm (5ft7) F Cup Silicone Sex Doll In Europe Stock

Only 5 left in stock!

Tall Model Sex Doll Ida 170cm (Movable Jaw)


Charming Brunette Mature Sex Doll Lala 170cm


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1.Zelex Inspiration Series

2. Body Type

3. Body Measurements

4. Body Details

5. Relicately Applied Makeup

6. Zelex Silicone Head

7. Implanted Hair

8. Hard Hand

9. Zelex Doll Skeleton

10. Auto Vagina Clamping and Sucking of Zelex Doll

11. ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

12. Zelex Doll Head Collections

13. Zelex Doll Factory

Zelex Inspiration Series

The Zelex Inspiration Series includes four aspects: Upgraded Color Sealing Process, Oral Structure with Movable Jaw, Softer Breasts and Buttocks, and Replaceable Labia.

1.Upgraded Color Sealing Process: Zelex has developed an upgraded color sealing technology which make dolls’ makeup last longer, plus look even more realistic.

2.Oral Structure with Movable Jaw: Zelex has launched a new oral cavity that replicates the structure of a real human mouth, including a silicone tongue, teeth, uvula, and a movable chin!

3.Softer Breasts and Buttocks: Create softer breasts and buttocks using 3D scanning and 3D printing technology.

4.Replaceable Labia: Inspiration Series offers 3 new replicable vaginas each with its distinct characteristics, such as shape, allowing customers to have more choices and an overall better sexual experience.

Inspiration Series – Gel Butt/Soft Butt is only available for 170cm & 165cm & X165cm Silicone bodies.

Inspiration Series – Movable Jaw is only available for GE97, GE94, GE95, GE45, GE53 & GE07 soft Silicone heads.

Body Type

We will display nine product shape pictures of Zelex for our customers: 145cm A-cup, 147cm A-cup, 151cm A-cup, 155cm C-cup, X165cm F-cup, 165cm F-cup, 167cm E-cup, 170cm C-cup, and 172cm F-cup.

Body Measurements

Below is a picture of the data sheet for all zelex products.

Body Details

The outer layer skin of zelex silicone products is designed to replicate real skin with uneven patterns. Zelex’s products feature realistic body details such as skin texture, pores, veins, and other lifelike features.

Relicately Applied Makeup

Zelex Silicone Head

By default, when purchasing Zelex products, customers will receive two heads – one soft silicone head and a hard silicone head. Please note that the hard silicone head is not suitable for oral sex but can be used for hair transplantation and eyebrow transplantation, while the soft silicone head is not suitable for hair and eyebrow transplantation but is designed for oral sex, with a depth of 8cm-10cm.

Implanted Hair

Hard Hand

All Zelex products on our website can be selected with the articulated fingers option. Choosing the hard hand function can prevent the articulated fingers from puncturing the doll’s skin.

Zelex Doll Skeleton

The metal skeleton is not only sturdy and durable, but also allows the doll to have a wider range of movement.

Auto Vagina Clamping and Sucking of Zelex Doll

In November 2022, Zelex launched a new silicone doll vagina which comes with both a clamping and sucking function. According to Zelex, there is a 700 milliampere (mAh) rechargeable lithium battery located within the suction device that is embedded inside the doll’s body. This device does not need an external power supply when being used, and when the battery is low, can be charged with the Type-C plug. Currently, only the body of the 170 and X165 can opt for this function while other bodies do not currently support this new feature.

ZELEX Launches New EXP Skeleton

To meet the demands of more customers, ZELEX has launched a brand new skeleton named EXP after extensive research and testing. The EXP (from the word “expression”) skeleton is an expanded version of the traditional EVO skeleton, enabling ZELEX GIRLS to perform more natural and lifelike movements, conveying richer emotions, which makes ZELEX GIRLS even more attractive.

The new EXP skeleton mainly features the following characteristics:

Extended Shoulder Movement: Increased joint mobility allows the shoulder to retract, coordinating with the movement of the arms, unlock more poses and greatly enhance the doll’s ability to showcase itself.

Ball-Jointed Neck: Increased ball-and-socket joint allows for free movement of the head, resulting in a more lifelike appearance.

Double-Jointed Elbow : The elbow joint is redesigned to a double-jointed structure and the wrist joint is enhanced with a ball-and-socket joint, enabling more diverse and natural movements of the elbow and hand.

Flexible Waist : Re-adjustment of the lumbar joint provides both stable support and ease of twisting movement.

When customers purchase ZELEX GIRLS, they could choose between the EVO skeleton or the EXP skeleton. From now until April 20th, customers can get a ZELEX GIRL with the new EXP skeleton at the same price as the one with the traditional EVO skeleton.

Zelex Doll Head Collections

Zelex Doll Factory