Welcome to Mialovedoll’s sex doll video page!

Here, you will find a collection of carefully filmed videos by the FUNWEST brand, showcasing various aspects of sex dolls, including unboxing, joint demonstrations, cleaning and maintenance, and feature introductions.

These videos will teach you how to unbox the doll, showcase the doll’s flexible joints, as well as provide instructions on properly cleaning and maintaining the sex doll, while also introducing various features.

We hope you find these videos on this page to be entertaining and informative, allowing you to gain a better understanding of sex dolls. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to view factory photos of sex dolls from multiple brands, please click on this link: We showcase factory photos of sex dolls from various brands.

Unboxing and Joint Demonstration Videos of Sex Dolls

Unboxing Video

Skeleton Pose Guide

Cleaning and Maintenance Videos for Sex Dolls

Wig Guide

Repair Cracked Skin

Eyeball Installation Guide

Clean up Stains

Body Cleansing Guide

Video Demonstration of Sex Doll Features

Removable Vagina Installation

Moaning Guide

Hollow, Solid, Gel Chest Comparison

Heating Guide