Roughly How Long Does It Take for Custom Sex Dolls to Get Shipped

This involves two factors: production lead times and shipping times. There are more than 30 sex doll brands on the Mailovedoll website, with each brand having a different production cycle and lead time. Shipping times differ depending on country. This article goes into detail on production lead times and shipping times.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of over 30 different factory production times. Below is that information categorized by brand.

BrandProduction Time(TPE)Production Time(SILICONE/


AXB Doll34
WM Doll79
ZELEX Doll/14
JY Doll3-57
XT Doll/7-15
MLW Doll7-107-10
SE Doll7-107-10
SHE Doll/3-5
Irontech Doll4-615-20
FU Doll5-610-15
Fanreal Doll/28
Fire Doll315
Qita Doll34-5
Sino Doll/10-20
Funwest Doll8-10/
Real Lady Doll7-810-15
Dolls Castle6-76-7
Starpery Doll2130
DOM Doll37
6YE Doll35
HR Doll3-47
XY Doll47
Irokebijin Doll7-1015-20
SM Doll3-715-21
Game Lady Doll/20
EX Doll/7-15/30
Mozu Doll3-77-14
Piper Doll7-1015-20
Elsa Babe Doll7-1020-30
Climax Doll77
Aotume Doll10-1530
IL Doll5-105-15
Jiu Sheng Doll7-107-10
XiSe Doll4/
XYCOLO Doll/20-25
Aibei Doll3-57-10
MRL Doll/2
Otaku Doll/2
Angelkiss Doll/10-15
JX Doll3-710-15
Galaxy Doll3-7/










*Dates mentioned in the table above are working days

*During the Chinese New Year and National Day holidays, the production time for orders may be extended by 3-7 working days.


We have listed the shipping times for frequently shipped countries/regions, please refer to the table below for details:

AddressFast Shipping
United States10-15
EU countries10-15
South Korea5-8
new Zealand5-8

The above mentioned is strictly the estimated shipping times, not the expect time of delivery. Generally, after your item has been shipped, it needs to clear customs before being transported to a freight forwarding warehouse and then delivered to the final address. Normally, products take 3-6 working days to clear customs and arrive at a freight forwarders warehouse. From there, one of the main couriers – UPS/FEDEX/DHL/DPD – will pick up and deliver to final address.

*If your country is not listed, please contact us before placing an order to confirm whether we can ship to your country.

If you have any questions about the logistics progress of your order, please contact us through the online chat or send us an email at [email protected]. We will promptly reach out to the shipping agent to inquire about the latest status of your order’s logistics