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Real Life Holiday Sex Doll Onita 156cm


Small Breast Beauty Female Sex Doll Alysha 171cm


171cm C-Cup Realistic Chinese Beauty Sex Doll Faustine


171cm D-Cup Game: Final Fantasy Vii Cosplay Sex Doll Aerith


Popular Game Cosplay Sex Doll Ahri 171cm


167cm E-Cup Perfect Realistic Sex Doll Eugenia


Blonde Perfect Beauty Sex Doll Kate 172cm


Full Size Big Boobs Busty European Sex Doll Christi 172cm


Lifelike Adult Big Breasted Sex Doll Robbi 167cm


Popular Movie Star Big Tits Sex Doll Carly 172cm


Sexy Redhead Wife Sex Doll Logan 169cm


165cm G-Cup Lifelike European Busty Bbw Sex Doll Wayne


169cm C-Cup Redhead Cosplay Sex Doll Leviathan


171cm C-Cup Full Size Small Breast Tall Sex Doll Flore


172cm F-Cup Real Life European Blonde Sex Doll Imogen


Realistic Silicone Torso Sex Doll Rozanne


165cm G-Cup Realistic Busty Bbw Sex Doll Wayne


169cm C-Cup Real Life American Sex Doll Elvire


171cm D-Cup Real Life Asian Football Player Sex Doll Jane


Asian Fashion Sex Doll Quyen 171cm


172cm F-Cup Realistic Sexy Mature Sex Doll Eugenia


High Quality Sex Doll Milf Niesha 165cm


Perfect Big Ass Sex Doll Pearly 165cm


165cm G-Cup Life Size Asian BBW Sex Doll Jameela


172cm F-Cup Life Size European Blonde Sex Doll Imogen


Busty Sexy European Bbw Sex Doll Jimmie 165cm


Ultra Realistic Busty Slut Sex Doll Palmira 165cm


Realistic Full Size European BBW Sex Doll Justine 165cm


Realistic Busty Mature Sex Doll Cythia 165cm


Real Life Busty European BBW Sex Doll Elma 165cm


Beautiful Big Tits Small Ass Asian Sex Doll Kylee 167cm


Real Life Big Tits European Sex Doll Leandra 167cm


Perfect Big Boobs Blonde Sex Doll Sibyl 167cm


Milf Adult BBW Sex Doll June 165cm


Lifelike Redhead Big Breast Maid Sex Doll Mechelle 171cm


Life Size Big Boobs Latina Sex Doll Lue 174cm


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1. Skin Color

2. Body Measurements

3. Starpery Sex Doll Bodies

4. Facial Makeup

5. Body Makeup

6. Upgraded Gear Skeleton Of Starpery Sex Doll

7. Starpery New Articulated Finger Joints

8. Starpery Doll Gel-filled Butt

9. Body Matt Finish

10. Weight Reduction on Starpery TPE /Silicone Sex Doll

11. Starpery Heating System 3.0

12. Starpery Hard Head/Soft Head

13. Starpery Doll Head Collections

14. Starpery Doll Passed the Strictest Reach Including 211 Test Items

Skin Color

Body Measurements

Starpery Sex Doll Bodies

Facial Makeup

All of Starpery Doll’s heads come with exquisite facial makeup that perfectly replicates the doll’s promotional images. In the photos of the doll’s facial makeup, you can see clearly visible freckles, eyeshadow, implanted eyebrows and eyelashes, lipstick, and more. The beauty of the doll’s facial features is even more pronounced in sunlight.

Body Makeup

In addition to the default skin texture, customers can also customize the doll’s body makeup by adding bikini lines, moles, veins, tattoos, and other features to make their doll’s appearance more vivid and realistic.

Upgraded Gear Skeleton Of Starpery Sex Doll

Comparing to the last-gen skeleton, what are the adavantages of this new skeleton?

1. MORE FLEXIBLE: The joints of the shoulder, elbow, waist , knee area are neatly built with flexible gears, which means the doll-posing will be easier and less stiffness

2. GET RID OF LOOSE : With this new skeleton, the hip/shoulder joints will be more durable and avoid joints loose after long-time use

3. NO CREAKS: Part of old skeletons are too tight that may bring about creaks when posing her, this flexible gear skeleton will make the process smooth and quiet.

4. FURTHER MODIFICATION: in case of the overstretch of arms, a small change will be made on the shoulder area of the new skeleton, which can avoid the tearing below armpits.

Starpery New Articulated Finger Joints

The New Articulated Finger Joints allow the doll’s hands to pose in more positions without damaging the doll’s skin, unlike the previous finger bones which were prone to puncturing the skin.

Starpery Doll Gel-filled Butt

For Starpery Doll silicone products, you can choose the option of a gel-filled butt, which is softer and more elastic, making you can’t resist the temptation to slap her butt. When selecting this option, avoid placing heavy objects directly on the gel-filled butt, as this may cause deformation.

Body Matt Finish

Weight Reduction on Starpery TPE /Silicone Sex Doll

Now, the weight of Starpery TPE/Silicone Sex Dolls can be reduced by 7-13kg, making the dolls more convenient to move and transport. We have defaulted a weight reduction when received customers’ orders, and this option is totally free.

Starpery Heating System 3.0

In 2022, Starpery Doll discontinued the old heating function and developed a new heating technology. They now use graphene sheets as the transmission device for heating power and have redefined the human body into 11 areas. Different power is used to heat different body parts, especially the chest, buttocks, and thighs. They have also embedded a CPU with 10 temperature sensors inside the body, which can detect the heating temperature and transmit temperature data to the CPU, which then decides to turn on or off the heating system independently. They have also added a Bluetooth wireless module to the circuit, which connects to a dedicated app, allowing customers to observe the heating process and check the temperature of each part.

Starpery Hard Head/Soft Head

All Starpery heads are made of silicone material, and no matter the hard head or soft head, they are both with detailed face realism: face texture, eyeshadow, eyeliners, freckles, lipstick and implanted eyebrows/eyelashes. Hard head can do implanted hair, while soft head only supports wigs. Soft head has oral function, and the oral hole is about 2cm width, and 13cm length, while hard head doesn’t support. Meanwhile, because of the softer material, soft head will release more oil than hard head.

If you want your doll with implanted hair, please choose hard head, which makes the doll looks really like a human being.

If you want to use oral function, please choose the soft head, taking some good wigs also can make her look well.

Starpery Doll Head Collections

Starpery Doll Passed the Strictest Reach Including 211 Test Items

In order to provide safe and high-quality dolls for everyone, Starpery Doll has passed the strictest REACH testing, which includes 211 items. If you are interested, you can obtain the complete test report by contacting us. Great addition to the already beautiful dolls. Not only beauty, but also certified quality.