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Features of Furry Sex Dolls:

Lighter and softer: Furry plush sex dolls, entirely made of fur, are constructed using fur and soft sponge filling, giving them a plush toy-like feel, with a weight ranging from 10kg to 20kg. Anthropomorphic furry sex dolls, on the other hand, are made of TPE or silicone material, weighing approximately 30kg, making them very lightweight.

More adorable: Compared to lifelike adult sex dolls, furry dolls are cuter, with pointed ears, fluffy tails, animal-like faces, etc., making it hard to believe they are sex dolls.

Realize your sexual fantasies with anime characters: Have you ever fantasized about having sexual relations with a catgirl, bunny girl, or any other anime character? Now, furry sex toys can completely fulfill your dreams. They closely resemble cartoon characters, turning your sexual fantasies into reality.

Why Buy Furry Sex Dolls from Mailovedoll:

We offer high-quality plush dolls from various brands, where you can find renowned Elsa Babe Doll brand’s catgirl, bunny girl plush dolls, and more. Each plush doll features rich facial expressions, made from medical-grade TPE or silicone materials, with a sturdy and flexible internal metal skeleton. They are all customizable, and when engaging with them sexually, witnessing their wagging tails and ears will drive you wild. You can pour all your love into them