Why do you need to buy a sex doll?

The market for sex toys is developing very fast. Nowadays you can bring all your sexual fantasies to life. There are millions of different sex devices and accessories. Only several years ago all you might find were artificial penises, vaginas, and sex dolls that looked more like an inflatable mattress than a sex toy. Nowadays they become extremely realistic. You can buy penises, vaginas, and other sex accessories that vibrate, warm-up, and give you an absolute feeling of having sex with a real person when you use them. But sex dolls have always been a separate topic. Modern sex dolls are as realistic as they may be.

There are many options to customize a sex doll according to your preferences. You may even make a portrait sex doll that looks exactly like a real person you might fantasize about. But still, many people have mixed feelings about buying and using sex dolls. They say that one thing is masturbating with artificial genitals and another is having an artificial person. Let’s try to understand what is so special about sex dolls that make them such a hot topic nowadays.

This is not masturbation. You actually have sex with a sex doll

Most people think that people who buy and use sex dolls are lonely losers. This is not true at all. Lonely losers simply masturbate into their fist in front of a computer or TV screen. Sex doll enthusiasts claim that using a sex doll is not masturbation. It is actual sex. While using a sex doll you hold in your hands a perfect body that is obedient and ready to follow your every desire.

So in case you are sexually aroused, you may always jerk-off in a fist. But when you have a sex doll, you have an opportunity to fulfill your fantasy including spanking, choking, anal and whatever may come to your mind. Nobody will judge you and nobody will call you a pervert or a freak. Eventually, we all have our hidden sexual fantasies that we are too scared to reveal. Sex doll allows you to fulfill those fantasies and go beyond.

As a result, those who are too uptight or scared to realize their desires usually turn into a passive-aggressive asshole or, sometimes, even sexual predators. Using a sex doll is not just a way to release sexual tension. It is a way to discover a whole new world of unlimited sexual pleasures.

Everybody can use sex dolls to improve their lives

So who are those people who use sex dolls? The most obvious image of a sex doll enthusiast is of course a single man. Most of them are workaholics and simply don’t have time to go out there and look for a life partner. Sometimes men get seriously traumatized by obnoxious women and simply don’t want to deal with them anymore. For those men sex with a sex doll is a total self-care. You can do whatever you do with this body with no judgment, nagging, or mood swings that inevitably accompany all real-life relationships. And this is sex. You don’t need to watch any porn to get aroused. You have this perfect body next to you that is absolutely obedient. One more undeniable advantage of a sex doll is that it does not demand any commitment. A sex doll will not get pregnant or require to get married and meet her parents. While having sex with a sex doll you bring your wildest fantasies to life without any consequences. So if you want to continue having wild sex with no obligations and hypocrisy of real-life relationships, a sex doll will be a perfect solution for you.

Another type of people who actively use and appreciate sex dolls are married couples. Yes, married people buy sex dolls almost as often as singles. The reason is the same – using a sex doll is not masturbation it is sex. Actual sex with a perfect body. This might be the only possibility to have sex with no emotional aspect or consequences. That is why thousands of married couples claim that sex dolls have saved their sex life and marriages in general. There are lots of reasons for a married couple to get a sex doll.

First of all, it is a perfect solution for a safe threesome. Nothing can be more arousing than finally realizing the most popular fantasy among married couples without any possible consequences and complications. You can watch your wife or a girlfriend to passionately play with another woman’s body and then have sex with both of them. Many women also claim that using sex dolls has finally allowed them to have their first lesbian experience without any embarrassment and fear. And most men would be happy to see their wives fooling around with another woman. So having sex with a sex doll is for men and women both. Also, there are many other issues in marriage that a sex doll can easily solve. It is simply an opportunity for a man to have sex whenever he wants. No matter how your wife might feel or what time of the month it is. The sex doll will help you out anyway. And of course, this is not cheating. So basically you can spice up your sex life in marriage with no consequences. This kind of freedom and relief can open you new horizons of sexual pleasure.

Sex with a sex doll puts you in charge

Do you know how many people are unhappy because they have to seal their sexual desires? Even if you are lucky to find a perfect woman, there is always a risk that sex may ruin everything. We all are different and have different sexual desires, tempers, and fantasies. Even the most attractive and smart person that you may meet can appear to be unsatisfactory in bed.

But no matter how you look at it, sex is one of the most important things in or lives. Having sex with a sex doll allows you to have the exact sexual experience that you want. Sometimes you feel shy to explain your fantasies to your partner. Sometimes it may seem to you that she might consider them inappropriate. In case of having sex with a sex doll, you don`t have to think about anything like this. You just do whatever you have to do ad whenever you want to do it. You don’t have to ask for permission to slap or choke her. You will never have to deal with any talks, therapies, and hysteria that may follow if your sexual desires don’t meet those of your partner. You just have this perfect body that you may use for your sexual pleasure in any possible way. And because of a wide range of possibilities to customize your sex doll, you can make this body absolutely perfect.

Using a sex doll you may fulfill your fantasies with any celebrity. Or maybe you are thinking about some person and desperately want to nail her, but it might be considered inappropriate. A sex doll will allow you to release this tension and have magical sex the way that you want. You can practice any kind of sex with a doll – from oral to anal. You can try all possible poses. And a wide range of lubricants and heaters will make your experience unforgettable. Having sex with a sex doll is not just another masturbation with a sex toy. Using a sex doll means to have sex in the craziest and wildest manner. She will not complain or nag you. When you get sick of her you can simply put her aside with no headaches. At the same time, you may discover your wildest and darkest sexual fantasies without harming anybody. No manipulations, threats, or pregnancies.

A sex doll is always available for you. She looks exactly the way that turns you on and is always ready to give you any kind of pleasure you may think about. A sense of absolute domination and control combined with total safety and freedom. This is what sex with a sex doll is.


You might still be hesitating whether to try to buy a sex doll or not. You should simply ask yourself if you are absolutely happy with your sex life. Are all your wildest wishes and desires fulfilled? If not, there are several mos obvious reasons for it. You might consider them inappropriate. It might be hard to find a partner for it. After all, it may simply bee too costly. A sex doll will easily provide you a solution for all those possible issues. Getting a sex doll will definitely change your life for the better. You will finally getaway to release sexual tension, fulfill all your fantasies. Having sex with a sex doll is a new step in evolution when everyone can be happy without overthinking. A sex doll is your way to sexual freedom.

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