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AXB Extra Head


Irontech Extra Head


Famous Movie Character Sex Doll Selina Kyle 168cm


Popular Movie Star Big Tits Sex Doll Carly 172cm


New Resident Evil Silicone Sex Doll Jill Valentine 168cm


New Tomb Raider Silicone Sex Doll Lara Croft 166cm


Famous Movie Character Sex Doll Mathilda 142cm

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Popular Game Cosplay Sex Doll Ahri 171cm


Final Fantasy VII Game Sex Doll Aerith 142cm


Best Wonder Woman Cosplay Sex Doll Maryland 164cm


Anime Character Sex Doll Battle Angel Alita 156cm

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Final Fantasy VII Sex Doll Tifa 142cm


Hot Cosplay Sex Doll Mikoto Misaka 158cm


Blonde Hair Milf Sex Doll Kati 168cm

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Life-size Mature Busty Sex Doll Ronni 165cm

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Popular Cosplay Sex Doll Rei Ayanami 148cm


New League of Legends Agony’s Embrace Evelynn Sex Doll 155cm


Famous Game Character Sex Doll Fanny 171cm


Famous Japanese Anime Characters Ram 148cm


Final Fantasy VII Game Sex Doll Aerith 167cm


New American Celebrity BBW Sex Doll Doretta 157cm

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Final Fantasy VII Sex Doll Tifa 167cm


Popular Game Anime Character Sex Doll Andre 159cm


Cosplay Harley Quinn Sex Doll 140cm(4ft6′)


Cosplay Alien Superherue Wonder Woman Sex Doll 165cm

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Classic Cartoon Anime Characters Sex Doll Jessica Rabbit 150cm


Mature Small Tits Love Doll Breenda 161cm

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Final Fantasy VII Mini Tifa Sex Doll 100cm


Anime Game Death Stranding Sex Doll Lockne 168cm


Final Fantasy VII Sex Doll Tifa 167cm


Anime Game Death Stranding Mama Sex Doll 168cm


Lifelike Korean Celebrity Sex Doll Jama 160cm

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Charming Anime Sex Doll Michelina 163cm


Lifelike Japanese Anime Character Sex Doll Nyotengu 165cm

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Famous Anime Character Sex Doll Magical Girl Sakura 135cm


Hyper Real Perfect Sex Doll Mallory 170cm

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Celebrity Sex Dolls

Do you often fantasize about having a celebrity you like to become your sexual partner? Now you can fulfill your dream by having your favorite and hottest celebrities in bed to satisfy your sexuality. We have many types of celebrity sex dolls, from stars, Hollywood stars, to porn stars…When you’re ready to play with a celeb sex doll or a pornstar sex doll, you can choose a variety of heights, hairstyles, skin colors, size of different ass and breast, or a celebrity real doll from a different country, such as Chinese, American, and Korean. When life-size celebrity sex dolls walk into your life, your intimate moments get even crazier because celebrity love dolls are waiting for your craziest sexuality.

Realistic celebrity sex dolls and pornstar love dolls are as sexy as the women you see in the video, with strong sex appeal. Having sex with a superstar is almost impossible to achieve, but now you can achieve your fantasies whenever you want. You can use any pose and movement to have sex with her. Our celeb love dolls are made with the most realistic material (TPE or silicone). When you touch her skin and insert her vagina, you will have the same feeling as having sex with a real person.

The plump, rounded, soft breasts, pink nipples and perfect curvaceous bodies of our life size celeb sex dolls are there waiting for you. Now you have the chance to achieve your dream. Their luxurious, princess-like private lifestyle is the sex life you always wanted. Therefore, don’t let your dick down. Just check out our lifelike celeb love dolls and you’ll find your perfect one. You certainly won’t regret your choice.