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Collection of the Best-selling Sex Dolls

This is the collection of Mailovedoll's best-selling sex dolls of 2020. These dolls have been purchased multiple times by many buyers. Their beautiful faces and sexy bodies are their highlights. If you like these natural and lifelike dolls, click on the pictures to see details and bring her into your world.
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Collection of the Latest Sex Dolls

Here is Mailovedoll's latest doll display page. These dolls are the latest models, manufactured from different doll manufacturers to have more lifelike appearances, more authentic skins, and more details than other dolls.
Check out our latest dolls now for more delicate and lifelike sex dolls.

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High-end sex doll online store: Mailovedoll

Mailovedoll is a brand specializing in selling high-end sex dolls. We have sex doll factories, and are the authorized agent of many of the most favorite sex doll manufacturers (WM Doll, 6YE Doll, SY Doll). Therefore, we guarantee that any doll you buy from Mailovedoll is manufacturer certified. We are committed to offering every customer high-end and real sex dolls.

We have sex doll collections from many brands. Currently, we have more than 600 dolls in total, and the number is still increasing. With all that being said, you can find most of the world’s sex dolls at Mailovedoll. Our goal is to help every customer buy his favorite sex doll at Mailovedoll.

To meet the needs of our customers, we provide different types of dolls, such as mature women sex dolls, BBW sex dolls, big boobs sex dolls, big ass sex dolls, and small & mini sex dolls. You can also find dolls made of different materials, such as TPE sex dolls or silicone sex dolls. We also provide detailed specifications for each sex doll, such as height, BWH measurements, and shoulder width. You can easily find your favorite doll based on the specifications. In addition, we offer doll customization services. You can choose basic customization, such as customizing your doll’s eye color and skin color, or choose comprehensive customization. Our ultimate goal is to offer our customers the most exclusive dolls at Mailovedoll. If you purchase from us, we will include giveaways, such as accessories, wigs, combs, sexy clothes, and more. To save your money, we offer free shipping worldwide, and we will pay the customs fees.

Are you looking for a lifelike sex doll now? Mailovedoll is your best choice. We have affordable sex dolls. You will receive a high-quality, super-lifelike sex doll. What are you waiting for? Start looking for your perfect sex doll.

A sex doll (also known as a love doll or real doll) is an anthropomorphic sex toy. (A sex doll is not an anatomical doll, which has primary and secondary sexual characteristics for educational purposes). A sex doll usually consists of a head and a body. It looks the same as a real person, except that the doll can’t speak or act autonomously. The sex doll’s torso can have hips, or it can be a model without legs, or a body below the waist only. You can also add vibration, sound, and other functions to your selected sex doll. Some sex doll parts are removable and interchangeable, such as the vagina insert. Sex dolls are different from sex robots, which are anthropomorphic products capable of more complex interactions, such as intelligent conversations.

The main sex doll categories are inflatable sex dolls (blow up sex dolls) and solid sex dolls. Inflatable sex dolls are human-shaped balloons. The solid sex doll is made of TPE/silicone material with an alloy skeleton, very close to the real woman’s body shape. The size and appearance of a sex doll are very similar to a real human. She has realistic skin, a soft body, and the same vagina, anus, and breast structure as a real woman. Sex dolls are mainly used to meet people’s sexual needs, but can also be used as models or decorations.

The height of a sex doll is the same as a real woman, normally ranging from 60 to 176 cm. Because sex dolls are the same size as real people, it is sometimes difficult to store them in a room. Generally, the head and body of a sex doll can be stored separately. You can buy different doll heads, installing them onto the body to make different girls. A sex doll’s weight is about half of a real woman, usually between 20 and 40 kilograms. Some fat sex dolls may weigh up to 50 kg. You can easily position the doll any way you want to satisfy your needs.

Nowadays, sex dolls have many new functions, such as vibration systems, heating systems, moan systems, the ability to stand, and vagina inserts.

The add-on options make the sex doll very close to a real person. The extra options enhance the user’s experience because the doll becomes more like the most attractive man or woman you were picturing. The purpose of a sex doll is to capture and enact all the deepest sexual fantasies you have. Try to mess with your mind, and your imagination will go crazy! A sex doll enables you to re-establish a sexual relationship with the man or woman of your dreams.

Many people think that buying a sex doll is solely for the purpose of sex. In fact, sex is only one of many reasons. According to a poll conducted in the “Doll forum“, 50% of dolls are purchased for non-sexual purposes. 7% of the sex dolls are used for hugging and sleeping, and 11% of doll owners admitted that they like to use the dolls in lieu of a real person.

With the above data, you may have questions about who buys a sex doll and why.

Most buyers are “people who are fascinated about the human body”

Many people are very interested in sex dolls. They want to buy one and explore the doll’s world, so they look for the best sex doll. They want their ideal and perfect sex doll.

Husband and wife

Human beings are sexual animals, and sex is the instinct in human souls. Couples will find that buying a sex doll is a safe way to have another partner, because there is no affection between human beings and dolls, it is just sexual exploration without cheating on each other. When a partner can’t make love due to health reasons, sex dolls are the best substitute to avoid affairs.

Single person

  1. Sexual needs

Some buyers have sexual needs, but don’t like to have sexual relations with real women, especially during chilly nights, or when they are alone in the apartment. Buying a sex doll will solve all their problems.

  1. Emotional needs after losing a partner

Many sex doll buyers will not start a new love journey after losing their partner. With their hearts closed off, they may feel silly and careless. They need a sex doll to emotionally help them. These buyers are not ready for a date, but they don’t want to stay at home either. Therefore, they buy a sex doll as a “bridge” until they become confident again.

  1. People with poor mental capacities

This includes people who have never had sex with a real person because of anxiety, depression, or other confidential reasons. Because of their mental problems, it is very difficult for them to have sex with a woman. Having a sex doll would be the best solution. They will listen to their minds and relax their souls during sex.

  1. Lonely people who need the company

Lonely people always want to be accompanied by someone. Just like a husband has a wife and child waiting for him to come home every day, a sex doll will let them know that there is someone at home waiting for them. You and your doll can play together, hug each other on the sofa, and watch movies together. There are also many people who like to chat with their dolls at home, enjoy the companionship, and admit that they have emotional connections with the dolls. Having a sex doll is like having a real person accompany you silently, doing anything together.

Transgender people

A sex doll can meet the needs of transgender people who are looking for a woman with a wearable dildo. In the transgender group, gender flow is very high. You can’t classify many transgender people as male or female, heterosexual or homosexual, since the intensity of human sexuality is unpredictable. The sex doll can switch sexual orientation at any time, so many transgender people are using sex dolls as their best masturbation toys.

Teenagers (under the age of 18)

Teenagers may want to buy a sex doll out of interest, body growth, or other reasons. But it is prohibited by law for teenagers to buy a sex doll.

Fetish people

Many buyers have fetishes. For example, fetish people like a woman’s feet, and want to see and touch her feet during sex. They want to have a woman with perfect feet, but this is very difficult in reality. Sex doll customization can meet their special interests.

There are also many buyers who want to make imaginary things come true. For example, some people want “vaginal teeth” hidden in the doll’s vagina like a mouth.

All these fantasies can be realized. Sex dolls have solved many buyers’ problems.

No matter what reasons you have, Mailovedoll will serve you wholeheartedly, and help you find your favorite sex doll.

The answer is yes.

Let me briefly explain to you why women also need realistic sex dolls for the following reasons.

Emotional needs

Usually, women’s emotions are more sophisticated and sensitive. They may connect their emotions to sex, and sometimes they need more sex to enrich themselves. For a single woman, a sex doll offers a comfortable feeling, like a real person, so that the room will never be empty. A doll can reduce loneliness in some ways and provide a substitute for human relationships. It’s not just about crazy sex. Kissing and hugging also matter.

Releasing pressure

Today’s fast-paced society makes women’s work and life more and more stressful, especially for single women. Women need a channel to release the negative energy that has accumulated in their minds for a long time. Human beings are complicated animals, and real relationships are hard to establish, plus, they can be troublesome. As your perfect partner, a real sex doll will always serve you and simply provide you with comfort. The doll will always like your favorite things, never get tired, always be ready, and listen to you.


Not only men need to practice sex. You can try out any imagined sexual pleasure or posture, or even something that you cannot discuss with your partner. You can experience any fantasy you want without feeling shame. Long-term practice will make you and your partner feel at ease during sex, and you will experience the ultimate sexual pleasure with your partner. Ultimately, it will enhance your relationship with your partner.

Sexual demand

Because of the influence of hormones and habits, many single women need sex, but safety is really the most important thing. There are many risks to having unprotected sex, such as sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy. In real life, sometimes all we want is to have fun, not to have a relationship with every sexual partner. There is nothing to be afraid of, but the reality is that sometimes it does not work that way. Sex dolls, however, can easily solve this problem. You can make love whenever you want, without worrying about safety. A sex doll serves as a “bridge” for those women who have recently lost their relatives or who have broken up with their long-term partners. It may take a while for a person to fall in love again, and a sex doll can fill the gap as a bridge.

Having fun with your sex doll

For example, it is impossible to get together with your favorite male star, celebrity, or even your ex-partner. But with a love doll, your fantasy will come true. He can accompany you, listen to you, and bring you sexual pleasure. You can do anything you want with your sex doll. Your new partner will never say no, even you have some unreasonable requests.

The appearance and feel of today’s sex dolls are very realistic. The details of the skin, eyes, hair, and genitals will leave you an amazing sensory impression.

Nowadays, sex dolls do not only belong to men. Women, too, can choose their favorite ones.

As predicted in a report by the Pew Research Center, robot sexual partners will become “real people” within the next 10 years. Don’t worry about whether you are different from other people. We may soon face such a situation, and a sex doll is already a common source of joy in people’s bedrooms.

Choosing your favorite sex doll is very simple. There are two situations below:

Buyers who know what they need.

Buyers and beginners who have some idea, but not very much, and buyers who have no idea about what they want to buy. A new sex doll buyer who has no idea what to buy.

Now, I will provide appropriate suggestions to these two types of buyers.

  1. Buyers who know their specific needs.

Buyers who know their specific needs only need to find a doll they like, and then check if the doll meets their specific needs. The only important thing is to find a reliable sex doll shop or online store. A sex doll is expensive, and it will be unacceptable to any buyer if the doll is fake.

You can refer to this article on how to choose the best online sex doll store. With the article, you will be able to find a trustworthy sex doll shop.

  1. Buyers and beginners who have some ideas, but not very much, and buyers who have no idea about what they want to buy.

If you are in this category, you can refer to the following aspects:


Budget is critical in buying a sex doll. The dolls on the market now range from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, depending on the materials used. Generally, a TPE sex doll costs between $1,000 and $2,000, while a silicone doll costs over $2,000, and a top-class doll costs over $6,000.

For example, TPE dolls between $1,000 and $2,000 are beginner-friendly. The price is relatively low, but the quality of the material is high. A TPE doll has many advantages that a silicone doll does not have. A silicone doll of more than $2,000 is realistic, and you can clearly see the capillaries and skin hair. Again, a silicone doll has many advantages that a TPE doll does not have.

Please don’t buy a doll below $1,000, because you are very likely to receive a fake doll.

Click here to see the advantages and disadvantages of TPE and silicone materials


When you set your budget, you can think about what your ideal doll looks like. You can imagine their characteristics or appearance to help you make the decision.

You can click here to see if Mailovedoll has your favorite doll type.

No matter what type of doll you like (for example, BBW sex doll, Milf sex doll, or teen sex doll), you can choose your favorite.

If you have high expectations for your sex doll, you have to confirm details such as hairstyle, eye color, breast type (currently there are solid, hollow, and jelly breast on the market), skin tone, pubic hair option, pubic hair type, and labial color.

When you know what you want and select the doll details, you will find your favorite sex doll easily.

The most important thing is to choose what you like. Don’t let other factors affect your choice.

Size and weight

After you have imagined the appearance of the doll, you should think about the following two factors:

Size and Weight

Generally, the size of dolls is directly proportional to the weight, except for some BBW sex dolls. A BBW doll may not be tall, but she is heavier than many dolls of the same height.

There are more full-size (5 feet and above) dolls than small/mini sex dolls. Most full-size dolls exceed 90 pounds. You should consider whether you can easily handle a 5-foot woman, even though the doll may weigh slightly less than the real woman.

Are you willing to use your closet for hanging your doll, which is an appropriate way to store the doll?  If you are not sure, I suggest you buy a small/mini love doll.

Mailovedoll offers dolls with heights varying from 60 to 176 cm. There are various sizes of breasts and hips for you to choose from. You can easily find the doll’s specifications on the doll’s details page to see if it meets your expectations.


You should also pay attention while choosing the material of the doll.

There are mainly four types of doll materials

Rubber: Short service life and cheap. Most dolls are inflatable dolls.

Cloth: No realistic feeling, but comfortable.

TPE: Durable, soft, and lifelike.

Silicone: The silicone doll has perfect details, such as hands, feet, eyelashes, and much more. Easy to clean and safe to use.

Among the above four materials, TPE and silicone are the most common. There are more TPE sex dolls than silicone sex dolls on the market, and most beginners will buy TPE love dolls. For the difference between TPE and silicone material, please check this article.

You can find your favorite doll regardless of the type of material, but it is highly recommended to buy a TPE or silicone sex doll, because these love dolls are of high quality, safe to use, and realistic.


Do you need to add some options to your doll to meet your various needs, such as standing, vagina insert, moaning system, heating system, etc?

Currently, the function of the basic sex doll on the market is three-hole sex. The optional functions are tongue in the mouth, shrugging, vagina insert, movable dildo, heating system, moaning system, shaking breast, etc.

You can decide the extra functions to be added based on your sexual needs.

A trustworthy seller

Looking for a trustworthy seller is painful. If you are a beginner, it is very difficult to tell which store is trustworthy. If you choose Mailovedoll, which offers high-quality and affordable sex dolls, you can find your favorite doll among our more than 600 sex doll collections. Alternatively, you can customize your doll by sending us some photos via email.

You can also check the article “9 tips to find the best online sex doll shop” to find a reliable online website to buy your sex doll.

Selecting a doll can be both simple and complicated. The above suggestions are only for your reference. I wish you the best in buying your favorite doll soon.

Sex doll installation is very simple, with only two steps.

  1. Open the package, and take out the doll
  2. Install the doll’s head on the body

Once you complete these two simple steps, you can enjoy playing with your sex doll. Whether you like talking, hugging, or kissing, she will satisfy you.

Please refer to how to maintain, clean, and repair a sex doll. With proper care, your doll will always be perfect.

Compared to Onahoru, a sex doll can bring you more than just masturbation. Onahoru only meets your sexual needs. When your sexual needs are gone, it will be useless. A sex doll, however, will bring you so much more. You can have foreplay with your doll, slowly taking off her clothes and enjoying her naked body. She will spark your desire and satisfy your spiritual and physical needs. She will accompany you when you feel lonely, warming you when you feel cold. That’s something Onahoru can’t offer.

Everyone has different feelings when having sex with a sex doll. You can’t give up buying a doll based on the feelings expressed by a few people. Have your own sex doll, and experience the feelings that the doll brings to you.

Now let me share my feelings.

1. A sex doll is a kind of sex toy, which can’t be compared to a real woman. There will be some odd feelings when having sex with a sex doll, which can be summarized as follows:

Everything about a sex doll is perfect, such as its perfect curvy figure and beautiful face. Everything looks wonderful. But the doll can’t bring you the complexity of feeling like a real woman.

The doll is cold, and it can’t replicate human temperatures before heating. You can add a heating system or use a heater to warm her up, but it takes time.

When you have sex with a love doll, you may not receive feedback from your doll. When you have sex with a real woman, you can smell her sweat, hear her shortness of breath, and feel skin-to-skin contact, reactions to respond to your movements, communicating her needs. Unfortunately, a doll can’t do this at all. The doll won’t provide any emotional communication when having sex with people who have a strong sexual desire. A doll doesn’t respond to your movements (such as pushing you or reacting to your climax, though, of course, a moaning system may solve this problem, but only in terms of sound). You must make all the actions. For example, if you want her arms, legs, and head to move in some directions, you must help her. Even the most flexible sex doll cannot be compared to a real person. If you want to try doggie style, you need to lift a heavy doll to make sure her legs and arms are in the right position. By the time you complete all the steps, your enthusiasm will decrease.

Occasionally, having sex with a love doll can be boring. Every time, you must add some lubricant so you can continue your movements. When you push into the doll for 5 minutes, you need to add lubricant again to keep her vagina moist, which is worse than having sex with a real woman.

The weight of the doll can be a big problem. The silicone body and alloy skeleton are quite heavy. The weight makes it difficult to move around. Generally, the weight of a 165cm sex doll is 80-to-100 pounds, and you must move her by yourself. A real woman doesn’t need you to move her, because she can communicate with you in many ways.

Cleaning, maintaining, and storing a sex doll is also not easy. Although there are many tutorials and methods, it is still very difficult for some lazy people.

2. The sex doll is not perfect, but she has many advantages that I like. There may be some advantages beyond your imagination.

Sex is a human instinct, and everyone likes to make love. Many BBWs wants to have sex with a handsome man. They don’t like overweight men. Many people with physical problems also need sexual support. A sex doll is a good choice to help them get through the difficulties.

A sex doll can help people with premature ejaculation increase confidence in the bedroom, without adding any psychological pressure. You can also take advantage of oral sex if you especially like oral sex. When having oral sex with a real woman, you must stop periodically during oral sex to let your partner breathe. The sex doll can do oral sex endlessly. What’s more, you can have oral sex with a doll at any time, while a real woman may refuse your request.

Anal sex is also something I’d like to talk about. Many women don’t like anal sex. It is very difficult to find such a woman. The doll’s three holes will provide you with a great experience. When having anal sex with a doll, you will feel amazing firmness and realism.

During real lovemaking, you may have the same feeling as I have, that having sex with someone is several levels higher than masturbation, which is completely different. And you get the same feeling of masturbation from Onahoru or other simulated vaginal products. A doll can give you a strong feeling (as far as your dick goes). You don’t have to consider your partner’s condition at all; you can just focus on your fun. You don’t have to worry about whether the doll is having fun or not, while you control all the movements and interactions, making you feel more concentrated. All in all, you can enjoy a sexual experience without worrying about your partner. If you understand, you will certainly see why a doll is superior to a woman.

You can try various love dolls and postures. Sometimes, it feels like you are having sex with a real woman, and you can touch her like a lover. It also feels like you have an obedient girlfriend, which also satisfies many people’s desire for control.

For many safety reasons, having sex with a prostitute is unsafe, even if you wear a condom. Having sex with a doll has no worries because she belongs only to you.

Sex dolls are not perfect, and they still have a long way to go. As time goes by, I believe the sex doll will bring us even more surprises.

If you are interested in sex dolls and want to experience the feeling instead of just imagining it from my description, I recommend you buy one and experience the amazing feeling yourself.

There are many differences between a solid sex doll and a blow up doll, including the following:


A solid sex doll is a doll made of TPE/silicone material coupled with an alloy skeleton; the doll’s materials are environmentally friendly and safe to use. The solid sex doll always has features like high elasticity, high strength, excellent coloring, soft feeling, weather resistance, fatigue resistance, and temperature resistance. Because of the non-porous material, the doll can be sterilized by boiling. The solid sex doll has a feeling very close to a real person, and will not react with many chemicals.

Most inflatable dolls are made of plastic. Some manufacturers inflatable dolls only consist of a piece of leather. The inflatable doll needs to be inflated with a gas cylinder to achieve a realistic effect.


The price of solid sex dolls is usually between $1,000 and $3,000. The TPE/silicone sex doll uses high-grade TPE/silicone material and a whole alloy skeleton. The mold design and development, head sculpture, factory and equipment investment, makeup artists, and sculptors are all factors that affect the price of a solid sex doll. A solid doll with a $1,000 sale price is not high, and its overall profit margin is even lower than an inflatable doll.

The price of inflatable dolls is usually between $70 and $300. The inflatable doll is basically made of plastic. The manufacturing process is simple, so it can be produced in batches. The inflatable doll is cheap because its overall cost is low.


The body of a solid sex doll is made of TPE/silicone with an alloy skeleton, which makes it solid and lifelike. The solid sex doll’s weight is a little lighter than a real person, usually between 12 and 40 kg. The weight of a 165cm solid sex doll is about 40 kg, which is basically the weight of a normal adult. Some fat sex dolls weigh more than 50 kg.

The weight of an inflatable doll is obviously very light. Because inflatable dolls inflated, the weight is generally between 2 and 2.5 kg.


The solid love doll is lifelike. With a carefully sculptured face and make-up, the doll is more beautiful than an actress. The solid sex doll’s skin is soft and elastic, close to a real person. Many human-sized sex dolls have three holes for insertion (mouth, anus, and vagina).

The solid love doll’s material is very close to real muscle’s softness and formation. The joint movements are perfect, and the face is very close to a real human. The real solid sex doll has a standing feature; you can place her in different positions with her arms and legs bent. She can be your lover with all the best characteristics, such as sexiness, charm, and beauty. Her body can satisfy your sexual desires.

You can heat the solid love doll’s skin, which makes her warm and lifelike. TPE/silicone sex dolls are the most authentic in terms of sex organs. They have the same depths, textures, and other characteristics as real human beings.

Their hair, hands, feet, nails, body temperature, and even moaning sounds are the same as real girls. They are so detailed that even some capillaries or pores are vivid and clear.

The details of an inflatable doll are relatively rough. Plastic may have a strong odor and unrealistic, hard texture. Because the doll is inflatable, some positions are hard to achieve. The feeling is not as good as the solid doll. They are cold and cannot be warmed. What’s more, the quality is also very rough. You may feel a little scared at first glance.

Carrying and storing

The TPE/silicone sex doll is solid, so you can use it immediately when you receive it, without inflation. Therefore, it is the best option for home use. Because of the weight and size, the solid doll is not portable. The solid doll is heavy, which can be a problem when it comes to storage.

The inflatable doll can be folded, which is convenient for storing and carrying. It can be deflated after each use for easy cleaning and storage. The inflatable doll is light in weight and easy to handle.

Nowadays, many merchants use pictures of TPE/silicone dolls to sell inflatable dolls, which deceives a lot of consumers. With the above comparisons, I hope every consumer will check the doll carefully before purchasing. We can tell the difference between price, weight, and sex doll details. Do not judge the authenticity of a sex doll from pictures alone.

We suggest you order your favorite sex doll at Mailovedoll because all our sex dolls come from brand manufacturers. Every doll is made of high-grade TPE or silicone material. You can check our factory photos, brand agent authorization certificates, and product videos.

If there is a huge price difference for the same doll in different places, you can analyze it from the following aspects.

False photos

Many dishonest sellers steal pictures from the brand manufacturers and sell their own products. In many cases, the doll you received is quite different from the doll in the pictures. Please don’t consider TPE dolls priced at $500, because it’s just a money scam.


A doll may look the same but be made of different materials, so the prices are the different. For example, for the same doll, using silicone material will be twice as expensive as using TPE material. (Please refer to the differences between silicone dolls and TPE dolls.)

The grades of materials can also cause different prices. For example, the prices are quite different between medical-grade TPE and industrial-grade TPE.

High-quality sex doll materials are usually strictly inspected and selected, which will consume time and money. Therefore, the final products are expensive.

Brand premium

Trademark is the guarantee of product quality. There is no doubt about the quality of good brands dolls. Many big brands have extensive experience in manufacturing dolls to ensure product quality. Moreover, they need to research and develop their products. Therefore, brand dolls are usually more expensive than market dolls.

Size of the doll

A doll head can be installed on different doll bodies, and the height and weight of doll bodies dictate the price of the sex doll. Usually, a shorter and thinner doll has a lower price. In the opposite case, the price will be high.

Product quality

Different manufacturers produce the same doll differently. Well-known brands use the best materials and hire top-level detail artists. Small factories are not as good as well-known brands. They may modify the product pictures so that you cannot discern the details from their pictures. Once you receive the doll, you may able to see the details and why the prices are different.

Moreover, TPE materials can be recycled and reused. Many small manufacturers recycle damaged dolls or TPE materials for reproducing. Reused TPE materials will volatilize harmful chemicals, which may cause allergic problems. Therefore, dolls made of the recycled TPE will be very cheap.

Below is the basic process of making a sex doll

1. Secure an alloy skeleton in the mold.  The skeleton will dictate the height and posture of the doll (such as the EVO skeleton). Most manufacturers use alloy skeletons, others use PVC skeletons. Different molds will make the doll look different, with differences such as the size of the breast, the waist thickness, and the hip size.

2. The quality of dolls depends on the mix proportions of TPE, silicone, and other mixing materials. Each manufacturer has its own material mixing proportions. Well-known brand manufacturers have extensive production experience, and their dolls are almost the same as a real person.

3. At a very high temperature, the mixtures become a viscous liquid and are poured into a mold with a skeleton.

4. Cooling is next. The temperature of the liquid in the mold is very high, generally about 300 degrees Celsius. Staff uses a special method to cool it down for 24-to-48 hours until the liquid mixture in the mold becomes solid.

5. Demold and process the model, which involves cutting off excess material with scissors and smoothing the skin of the solid model.

6. At this point, the doll’s body part is almost complete.

7. Install the head onto the body, form and print nails and nipples, and then add hair. A makeup artist will decorate the doll’s face according to the customer’s requirements. Finally, dress up the doll and pack it for shipment. It takes about 80 hours to create a doll from start to finish.

Now you have a basic understanding of the production process of a sex doll. In order to satisfy customers, Mailovedoll is committed to using the best materials, hiring experienced workers, and carefully making every doll. Customer satisfaction is the happiest outcome for Mailovedoll.

If you have any other questions, please contact us via email([email protected]), telephone(1-289-637-3663), or online chat.

Mailovedoll’s online store has more than 600 dolls with detailed categories. In the following paragraphs, we will introduce our dolls to you.

Classified by physical characteristics

BBW sex doll, big booty sex doll, big boobs sex doll, flat chested sex doll, small & mini sex doll, skinny sex doll, and muscular sex doll torso

Classified by appearance

Milf sex doll, teen sex doll, anime sex doll, celebrity sex doll, elf sex doll, and pregnant sex doll

Classified by material

Silicone sex doll, TPE sex doll, and silicone head with TPE body sex doll

Classified by gender

Sex doll for man, sex doll for woman, and transgender sex doll

Classified by hair color

Red hair sex doll, blonde hair sex doll, and black hair sex doll

Classified by skin tone

Brown sex doll and dark sex doll

Classified by region

Japanese sex doll, Chinese sex doll, Korean sex doll, Latin and American sex doll

Classified by height

60 cm to 100 cm sex doll, 118 cm to 140 cm sex doll, 148 cm to 168 cm sex doll, and 170 cm to 181 cm sex doll

You can find your favorite doll in any of the above categories. If you want to have your own customized doll, please contact us via email([email protected]). Mailovedoll will always be ready to serve you.

The process from placing an order to receive your love doll from Mailovedoll is as follows:

Place an order and make payment at Mailovedoll. Please check how to order for details.

Once you receive your order, Mailovedoll will prepare the order for production. Your doll will be made in 3-to-5 days. If you order an inventory doll, we will ship it directly. You will receive a sex doll like the one shown in the pictures. Click here for the detailed production process.

Inspection, packaging, and shipping. The doll will be delivered to you by FedEx, DHL, or USPS. We will send you the tracking number via email after shipping, and you can check the shipping status at the FedEx, DHL, or USPS official websites.

Delivering. The package will be delivered to your home by a local courier. You can pick up your love doll at the courier’s office or send it to other addresses you’ve specified.

There are many reasons to select Mailovedoll, but the following aspects are the most important.


Mailovedoll offers affordable and realistic sex dolls. As a sex doll manufacturer who cooperates with many famous brand manufacturers, we sell dolls directly to our customers. We eliminate middlemen and unnecessary costs.

We only offer our customers affordable prices, however, not extremely low prices.

Wow! This online store sells the same doll for $500!

Do you believe this is true? For an $800 fake doll, why not just make the price $1200? We can earn more money legally. Please remember, if a car salesman lies directly to you to earn your business, how many lies can come from a love doll salesman hiding behind a screen?

At Mailovedoll, you are not only buying a real sex doll, but also peace of mind!

Please note that these sex dolls are not inflatable dolls or cheap blow up dolls. We are proud to make realistic sex dolls with bodies perfectly matching real women. Please remember that scammers will sell TPE/silicone dolls to you at a lower price. Please be careful.


No matter what you buy, quality is always the most important thing.

Mailovedoll only sells high-quality sex dolls. Every lifelike sex doll is like a real person. She has the same body, vagina, ass, and boobs as a real woman. An alloy skeleton is built inside of each doll. What you see is what you will receive.

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China, with a building footprint of 1,400 square meters and 40 technicians. We produce 1,500 dolls per month. To ensure doll quality, every employee has received professional training. The most important factor is that we use the highest quality materials (TPE/silicone).

Please check our factory photos and the certificates of authorization of well-known doll manufacturers. These are the best proof of quality.

Caution! From Alibaba, Amazon and many other websites, a lot of sellers offer fake sex dolls. These sex dolls are often made of cheap or even recycled materials. These dolls usually have low prices or large discounts, which indicates that the dolls are made from bad materials. These sellers simply want your money in their pockets. For your health and money, please don’t buy fake love dolls.


Customer inquiry

Mailovedoll provides our customers with sincere after-sales service. We have a well-trained customer service staff, and you can contact our customer service via mail, telephone, or online chat. To solve your problems quickly, Mailovedoll has also hired customer service personnel in Canada and other countries.


We offer complimentary and confidential shipping worldwide. You only need to pay for the sex doll, and all other expenses and responsibilities are on us (freight, import duties, etc.). Your package will only have the label of “mannequin” to go through customs inspection. The package will be delivered to your home by a local courier. You can pick up your doll at the courier’s office or another address you specified.


The refund amount depends on the time when the order was placed and whether the doll has been produced already.

If you cancel the order within 24 hours, we will refund 80% of your purchase amount. If the order is placed for over 24 hours or if the package has shipped, there will be no refund.

If there is a refund, we will send it back via your original payment method.

If you paid with a credit card, the amount will be returned directly to the same card. This applies to all other payment methods.

For a refund of 100% of your money, the refund should be requested within one hour of the order being placed. There may be a small transaction fee when using PayPal or some credit cards. You need to contact PayPal or your credit card company to get a refund of the transaction fee. For a return or refund, please contact us by email ([email protected]).

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