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This is the collection of Mailovedoll's hottest real sex dolls of 2021. These adult dolls have been purchased multiple times by many buyers. Their beautiful faces and sexy bodies are their highlights. If you like these realistic adult dolls, click on the pictures to see details and bring her into your world.

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Mailovedoll established a warehouse in the United States. The hot-selling dolls are transported to the US warehouse in advance by sea transportation, saving transportation costs and transportation time to the benefit of consumers. We have 20 cheap stock dolls for sale with huge discounts. Now, you’ll only pay a small amount of money to order your favorite real love doll. The doll will be shipped to your address within 3-7 days. What are you waiting for? Order your favorite cheap love doll now!

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Here is Mailovedoll's newest sex doll display area. These most dolls are the latest models, manufactured from different love doll manufacturers to have more lifelike appearances, more authentic skins, and more details than other dolls.
Check out our latest sex toy dolls now for more fine and realistic sex dolls.
Bob Graf

wish i could afford it 🙁

1 week ago

After forking out the money for Auburn, I was afraid of what I would get. There was absolutely no need to worry.
This doll is freaking amazing. The detail and realism are incredible! Even better than the pictures! I could not be happier and it is worth every single penny! Do yourself a favor and buy it now! You will not regret it!

3 months ago

Absolutely stunning doll. Weight is going to be a bit of a challenge as she is quite heavy. Still very comfortable to hug and cuddle with. Might consider buying the head with soft Silicon and implanted hair in the near future for even more realism.

4 months ago

Do she have oral and anal asking because it have n/a

5 months ago
Thomas Crothers

I asked for many customization and all of them were respected, as for others related object I bought from this store where perfect.

5 months ago
Charlie C.

I'm very satisfied. Good art than expected. We need the future of verification for durability , but the cost performance is also very good at the moment.

5 months ago
Anthony P. Anastasi

Perfect. Exactly like the picture. This is my first tpe doll and I am totally happy. For the price, the product is amazing.

5 months ago
S. Jones

"I must say that I am used to anywhere between a 50-100lbs+ female that can work with ya, but they all crazy bahahahaha.....this doll is dead weight so compensate for it! ​it does feel very real and looks like what I received. no damage and it was quick delivery. the customer service was very nice and had the skin tone, eyes, hair color selection by talking to the company.

5 months ago
B. Murphy

Very nice doll,Packing was good, product is fine. I am have very happy, sure buy again. Regards

5 months ago

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Why Choose Mailovedoll

Mailovedoll works with manufacturers of high-end brands in the industry and is an authorized agent of WM Doll, 6YE Doll, Irontech Doll and other famous brands. We guarantee that all sex dolls you buy from Mailovedoll are certified by the manufacturer. Unlike other franchisers who only focus on selling products from high-end brands, we focus on putting high-end into service while building a perfect sales channel for brands we work with, and we will provide you with the most thoughtful customer service all the time. We offer anti-counterfeiting codes and video certifications, repair tutorials and repair stations, free returns for quality problems and more. All in all, both you and your doll will experience the most thorough service while shopping which will give you maximum satisfaction. Through our accumulation of experiences in sales and service in all aspects along with continuous optimization and improvement, we have carried out the industry’s top sales and service system. So, the best companion that has only appeared in your fantasy will now be perfectly brought into the reality, and accompanied by your side!

Sex dolls are not only a commodity, but also an intimate partner who is always with you. We want you to enjoy high-end products, as well as exclusive premium services for you and your partner. Mailovedoll has always been working dedicatedly for you to have better quality sex dolls.

What are you waiting for? Start looking for your favorite sex doll now.

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Free worldwide shipping VAT and customs fees included UPS & DHL transportation fast delivery.


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For questions, our customer support service is available around the clock – even after your purchase.


Do Not

SSL Privacy protection. Safe for human skin. No oil, no deformation, no odor customizable.


No One
Will Know

Don’t worry – orders are shipped in a neutral cardboard box without any logo, so your privacy will be protected. No one will know that the package contains a sex doll or sex toy accessory.


High Quality

High quality TPE or silicone materials. Vagina,anus,mouth three holes available. Durable metal skeleton with flexible joints for many positions. Hand-made and thoroughly tested.


Yes, your order is safe. We use private packaging and handle with caution. The packaging outside does not contain any product-specific labels.

After each use, the love doll needs to be cleaned and maintained regularly. Make sure to store the love doll in a dry place without overheating and humidity.

More infomation click here!

How to Clean, Maintain, and Repair a Sex Doll

The doll will be produced right after we receive your payment. It takes 1 to 3 days for production, 5 to 7 days for transportation, and 8 to 12 days for delivery. Overall shipping time depends on your location.

At Mialovedoll, you will find many TPE sex dolls. Well, you also have the chance to assemble and order your real sex doll. Big boobs and tight butt are no problem! The following is some information about the options of buying sex dolls:

You can buy sex doll at Mailovedoll for less than $1.000. Large silicone sex dolls start at more than $1.000. These real love dolls are worth the money. We only sale sex dolls from the best manufacturers.

We have over 1000 sex dolls for sale. They can satisfy all your preferences and budgets, from affordable sex dolls to advanced models. We offer real dolls of all body shapes, skin colors, and hairstyles to meet your needs.

If you are not sure what to buy, please do not worry. Our online customer service is always at your service, just click the icon at the lower right corner, and we will help you out. Do not forget that we also offer customized dolls, which allow you to customize your doll in different appearances.

Do you want to trade in your love doll? You will have the opportunities to upgrade it at our store. Your doll can be traded in for store coupons depends on its condition, which allows you to buy a new sex doll at a cheaper price. That is how to utilize your old sex doll.

There are two major types of materials used for dolls.

Our silicone sex dolls are high-end love dolls with perfect details, beautiful eyes, and incredible firm feeling.

TPE sex dolls are softer, more comfortable, more affordable, and incredibly lifelike. The skin of our sex dolls is majority made of the hypoallergenic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Every sexy doll is handmade.

The inner “yoga” skeleton is very flexible, which can provide lifelike movements and imaginable sexual postures.

Could the sex doll be damaged? Do not worry! Thanks to our “mix and match” option, you can choose an exquisite silicone head and a soft TPE body. The combined sex doll will make you experience the features of both materials.

Our hyper realistic sex dolls are for everyone, however, many of our general customers may fall into the following categories:

Customers who suffer from social phobia, lack of sexual experience, physical disability, commitment problems, and disloyalty.

Singles or couples seeking the following: fantasy characters, transgender people, threesome, anal or dual sex.

We can help you or your partner stay faithful and happy. Regardless of the relationship you are in, you can enjoy complete inner peace without worrying about being cheated.

Tired of expensive dating, refusing, or just not having enough sex? Want a threesome, but fear of taking responsibility? Dare not tell your partner to participate in the sexual behavior or abnormal fantasy you desire?

Now you do not have to worry about being judged or restricted.

The process from placing an order to receive your real love doll from Mailovedoll is as follows:

Place an order and make payment at Mailovedoll. Please check how to order for details.

Once our receive your order, Mailovedoll will prepare the order for production. Your love doll will be made in 3-to-5 days.

If you order an inventory sex doll, we will ship it directly. You will receive a fine sex doll like the one shown in the pictures.

Inspection, packaging, and shipping. The love doll will be delivered to you by FedEx, DHL, or USPS.

We will send you the tracking number via email after shipping, and you can check the shipping status at the FedEx, DHL, or USPS official websites.

Delivering. The package will be delivered to your home by a local courier. You can pick up your love doll at the courier’s office or send it to other addresses you’ve specified.

Some of you may or may not have had sex with adult love dolls. The era of inflatable dolls is over! Welcome to the modern world of solid sex dolls.

The dolls need lubricant before use. The doll is fragile so please do not be too rude. Please try your best to take care of her.

There is no question about the quality of the skeleton, however, it is wise not to use violence to avoid unnecessary damage and trouble.

Thermoplastic elastomer, or TPE, is a type of plastic that feels like real skin. Over time, real life sex dolls made by TPE have become the buyers’ choices. If you are not sure, you can order a TPE sample from the Mailovedoll store and feel it. Love dolls made of TPE materials have very high heat capacity. TPE love dolls can quickly absorb the surrounding heat and provide a more realistic sensory experience.

Mailovedoll offers different types of lifelike sex dolls for sale, including silicone love dolls. They are made of silicone material with stable skeletons. The silicone love dolls have amazing body details and a real skin texture. You will be impressed by the details and realistic feeling of silicone sex dolls. Silicone sex dolls have three realistic channels (anus, mouth, and vagina) for your unlimited imagination.

TPE Sex Doll

1. Low cost, cheap, more affordable sex dolls
2. High softness, close to the feel of real skin, good elasticity;
3. Anti-pull, damage can be repaired;
4. Lighter weight and easy to move.
5. The price of fucking a sex doll is cheaper

Silicone Sex Doll

1. High material density, cold forming, long-term storage will not be deformed, not easy to break, durable, accompanied by permanent;
2. Stable material, not easy to oxidize, not easy to aging, heating will not be deformed or damaged;
3. The skin texture of the hands and feet is clearly visible, the body lines are as perfect as real people, and the fidelity is higher.
4. The price is higher.

More infomation cilck here

What Is the Difference Between Silicone Sex Doll and TPE Sex Doll?

We use medical-grade TPE and silicone for our very soft love dolls. Thanks to the latest alloy skeleton, the life size doll’s body, limbs, and joints are very flexible. You can try any sexual posture like a real person.

Yes, you can customize your adult doll the way you want. For most real love dolls, we offer a lot of customizing options (eye color, skin color, hairstyle, vagina type). Therefore, you can customize your doll at Mailovedoll.

Our fine love doll is equipped with a 100% hinged metal skeleton to imitate the real joints, which are very strong and firm. At the same time, it makes the love doll’s limbs flexible, which allows the love doll to make many postures.

Thanks to the characteristics of the skeleton, your sex doll is very flexible. She can kneel, lie down, and sit down. With the standing feature, she can even stand on her own. Having sex with a sex doll will amaze you. The real sex doll is guaranteed to make both men and women happy.