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AXB Extra Head


Irontech Extra Head


Cute Petite Sex Doll Kenisha 100cm


Christmas Blonde BBW Sex Doll Marilee 135cm


New Mini BBW Busty Sex Doll Deeann 58cm


Perfect Miniature Big Tits Sex Doll Krystina 60cm


Super Cute Little Pregnant Sex Doll Kenia 54cm


Big Tits Big Booty Mature Mini Sex Doll Janene 72cm

Only 1 left in stock!

Affordable BBW Soccer Babe Sex Doll Maranda 135cm


2022 Pink Hair Anime Sex Doll Vella 55cm

$599.00 $579.00

Female Magician Sex Doll Nanci 60cm

$550.00 $479.00

Forest Queen Sex Doll Rona 60cm

$550.00 $479.00

2022 Hot Selling Sex Doll Torso


Cheap Cute Short Hair Sex Doll Emmy 60cm


Cheap Realistic Sex Doll Torso

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Cute Huge Breast Sex Doll Krysten 58cm


Young Big Breast Sex Doll Arleen 158cm

$1,728.00 $850.00

Adult Sex Doll Ai 170cm

Out of stock

Young Japanese Sex Doll Virgina 158cm

$1,507.00 $750.00

2021 New Blue Skin Sex Doll Avatar 158cm

$1,507.00 $800.00

Mini Huge Breast Sex Doll Natosha 100cm


Cheap Huge Breast Sex Doll Nakita 100cm


Blue Alien Sex Doll Sanjuanita 60cm

$550.00 $479.00

2022 New Japanese Sex Dolls Blanch 60cm

$550.00 $479.00

Miniature BBW Sex Doll Nieves 100cm


Mature Blonde Sex Doll Torso

$895.00 $830.00

Super Mini Anime Sex Doll Trang 55cm

$599.00 $579.00

Miniature Vampire Girl Sex Doll Towanda 60cm

$599.00 $579.00

Miniature Blue Loli Sex Doll Sherlyn 60cm

$599.00 $579.00

Tiny Maid Sex Doll Tesha 60cm

$599.00 $579.00

Big Boobs Sex Doll Ashlea 158cm

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Beautiful Short Hair Sex Doll Tillie 158cm

$1,507.00 $750.00

Chubby Sex Doll Kimberlee 72cm

Out of stock

Huge Breasts Sex Doll Rozanne 72cm

$599.00 $579.00

Huge Tits Sex Doll Agueda 159cm

Out of stock

Redhead BBW Sex Doll Latrice 72cm

$580.00 $469.00

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About Climax Doll Sex Doll

1.Unique Body Shapes

①S/X/L Mini Torso

②72cm BBW Sex Doll

③ XL Buttocks Torso

2.Realistic Details



③Belly Fat

④Facial makeup

3.Leading Production Technology

① TPE BBW Doll Shrinkage Control

②Light-weight Technology

Pictures of the Factory
Climax Doll Authorization Letter

Climax Doll: Your #1 Choice for Buying Innovative Sex Dolls

About Climax Doll Sex Doll

CLM(Climax Doll) was founded in 2014 in Zhongshan, China. Climax Doll sex dolls are known for their ultra-realistic designs and innovative technology. Climax Doll serves the needs of the most hardcore, fetish prone customer. Do you prefer younger looking dolls? or perhaps ladies on the plump side? Whatever “floats your boat,” CLM has got it 🙂 CLM sex dolls perfectly recreate a woman’s body and face. Some products on offer have nipples and vaginas so realistic by design they are dreamlike. Recently, Climax Doll has launched the new 72cm tall BBW doll. This doll is a true collectible item piece and should not be missed!

Go wild! Enjoy Climax Doll’s ultimate fantasy baby and experience an unprecedented sense of reality!

4 Highlights of the Climax Doll Brand

1.Unique Body Shapes                            2. Realistic Details

       3.Leading Production Technology           4. High-quality Service

4 Highlights in Detail

  1.Unique Body Shapes  

The Climax Doll team has designed three widely popular body types, each of which is loved by users and suitable for customers of different groups and desires. The first type: S/X/L Mini Torso, the second type: a 72cm BBW Sex Doll, and the third type: XL Butt Torso.

①S/X/L Mini Torso: This model caters to the novice, those who wish to experience “experimental fun,” but unfamiliar with a Caromal doll and concerned about handling a full-size doll. Novices can first familiar themselves with product design, product quality and brand services before exploring more wilder and bold variants. Below are pictures and videos illustrating the three body types.

② 72cm BBW Sex Doll: This model caters to customers that love the thrill of a more full-bodied sex doll and are looking for a more realistic experience but not willing to handle a super heavy love toy nor willing to pay a fortune to acquire one. The 72cm BBW doll is designed with a perfect curve ratio, weighs only 8kg, and is only 1/5 the price of the full-size BBW sex doll. It comes with a small size internal skeleton structure capable of performing basically all the sexual acts of the larger dolls. If you are looking for naughty anal sex or just fancy some good ole’ missionary sex, the 72cm BBW Sex Doll is for you. This series is a pioneering classic within the industry, and its popularity among customers is expected to trend well into the future! Find out what all the buzz is about! Experience one for yourself! Blow your load! and get satisfied 🙂 Below are product pictures, videos, and pictures of the internal skeleton structure.

③ XL Buttocks Torso: A doll you have never seen before! To our customers with a big ass fetish, this one is your ultimate “tap!” Made of medical TPE material, this extra-large buttock doll has two tight, independent sex channels (vagina & anus), and designed so that the torso can position the butt upright. Specially designed for those who love more “junk in the trunk.” Spanking of ass allowed! Below is a picture of big butt masterpieces

     2.Realistic Details

Life-like Titties, Convincible Imperfections, Perfect Vagina – aka. The Real Experience
Customers love the exquisite detail placed on the doll’s nipples, vagina, belly fat, and facial makeup. It feels like a real f%&K! In fact, it feels so real that many users on dollforum are referring to them as real women. If you doubt the experience, try if for yourself and leave us a reply!

①Vagina: The color of the doll’s vagina matches that of a real person and the added ribbing around the vagina area greatly enhances the sense of realism in terms of appearance and use. The following is a picture of the doll’s vagina.

②Nipple: The areola and nipple of the Climax Doll doll is first-class. You will find the nipple has a clear texture with the color of the areola similar to that of a real woman. Love a good “motorboating?” or maybe desire a good titty f##K? XL nipple dolls offers you this very service! The following is a high-definition picture of the doll’s nipples.

③Belly Fat: Real body imperfections added for increased authenticity and improved touch. The belly of the ordinary BBW love doll is smooth and flat, but the belly of the Climax Doll’s love dolls replicates the true physic of a real women. This feature is loved by many users. The following is a detailed picture of the baby’s fat.

④Facial makeup: All TPE love dolls, by default, are equipped with eyes that have eye blood vessels. The silicone dolls are equipped with implanted eyebrows and non-fading facial makeup. All dolls are handmade and are crafted with embedded beauty and glamor. Below are the pictures and videos of sex doll facial makeup.

3.Leading Production Technology

The Carloman team is committed to continuously innovating on production technology. Two technological innovations have earned huge acclaim within the industry and amongst customers like you.

The first: TPE BBW Doll Shrinkage Control. The second: Reduced Light-weight Technology. Both breakthroughs have rapidly earned Climax Doll brand reputation and recognition.

TPE BBW Doll Shrinkage Control: TPE is a thermoforming material. It follows the normal principles of thermal expansion and contraction. During the molding process, the doll’s chest and buttocks shrink. The Carloman team, through an improved cooling system, has reduced the rate of shrinkage by 2%. This is great news for you! as it improves size and physic ratios. Below is a picture of the doll’s chest and buttocks.

 Want’em BIG not HEAVY!

Light-weight Technology: This technology is mainly applied to the large buttock region. It allows for the development of “a big ass” without the weight. A butt that once weighed 60kg is now only 38kg! Furthermore, the region is softer, more realistic, and more natural with a good “rippling effect” after a moment of playful spanking. Below are pictures and a “tap that ass” video.

(Reduced Light-weight Technology: on the left shows the weight of the original product and on the right shows the weight of product after applying light-weight technology)

4.High Quality Service

A Service Based Around You

All full-size Climax Doll love dolls are equipped with an EVO skeleton free of charge. Other manufacturers charge you for this option. Not Climax Doll!

Out of the Box and On to The Bed

Climax Doll’s product packaging utilizes the appropriate packaging supplies and materials designed to greatly reduce damage during transportation.

Bedroom Dynamics Made Possible with EVO Skeleton!

①Complimentary EVO skeleton: All full-size dolls are equipped with EVO skeleton free of charge. This skeleton allows your love doll to perform a wide range of activities and pose in “complex” positions. You will have to pay other manufactures an additional $150-200 for this added feature. Below is a picture of the internal skeleton.

②Sturdy Packaging: Wrapped using 7-layer reinforced cardboard, installed wooden boards, and placed within boxing. Such care in package and handling prevents damaged caused by hard object piercing. The body of the sex doll is wrapped with a thick blanket, protecting the skin from dryness and wear and tear. The doll’s hand is bubble wrapped preventing split fingers and abrasions on elbows. Although Climax Doll packaging may not look appealing, it gets the job done! Below is the packing picture.

Pictures of the Factory

Climax Doll Authorization Letter

Since 2021, Mailovedoll has been scouring the doll industry in search of high-quality manufacturers to build relationships with. Mailoveodoll’s focus is on becoming a sex doll agent to high-end doll brands.

It is with pride and honor that Mailovedoll has become the official agent of the Climax Doll brand. See below the official Certificate of Authorization.