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AXB Extra Head


Irontech Extra Head


Pretty Chinese Girl Sex Doll Johana 145cm


Teen Small Tits Sex Doll Sex Doll Becki 147cm


Beautiful Chinese Flat Chest Sex Doll Blossom 110cm


Pretty Chinese Little Girl Sex Doll Ebonie 110cm


Chinese Cute Flat Chested Girl Sex Doll Desiree 110cm

$899.00 $699.00

Beautiful Chinese Teen Sex Doll Ara 140cm


Chinese Young Maid Sex Doll Mireille 150cm


Teen Cosplay Nurse Sex Doll Oneida 145cm


Perfect Chinese Flat Breasted Sex Doll Emmie 145cm


Pretty Chinese Teen Sex Doll Tera 145cm


Realistic Chinese Young Girl Sex Doll Lorie 166cm


Cute Little Girl Sex Doll 100cm


High-end Real Asian Busty Sex Doll Lashawnda 165cm

$2,000.00 $1,800.00

Asian Teen Cute Flat Chested Sex Doll Regina 142cm

$980.00 $930.00

Best Chinese Teen Sex Doll Yesenia 138cm


Pretty Chinese Teen Sex Doll Lurline 145cm


Chinese Pink Hair Teen Sex Doll Merilyn 150cm


Most Realistic Young Sex Doll Rosy 159cm


Beautiful Chinese Model Sex Doll Bronwyn 148cm


High Quality Asia Sex Doll Jannette 150cm


Beautiful Redhead Sex Doll Onita 171cm


Chinese Pretty Young Sex Doll Mavis 166cm


Chinese Brunette Pretty Mature Sex Doll Arletta 159cm


Asian Teen Girl Sex Doll Gia 160cm


Sexy Chinese Wife Sex Doll Shelley 165cm

$2,000.00 $1,800.00

Beautiful Asian Female Sex Doll Zoraida 149cm

$1,799.00 $1,399.00

Chinese Pretty Teen Sex Doll Agatha 138cm


Asian Flat Chest Sex Doll Chery 110cm


Chinese Cute Loli Sex Doll Jeanmarie 88cm


Chinese Big Boobs Teen Sex Doll Antonia 130cm


Chinese Big Boobs Teen Sex Doll Christie 148cm


Real Life Asian Girl Sex Doll Ivette 138cm


Teen Male Doll Sex Doll Fredrick 138cm


Full Size Realistic Brunette Double Ponytail Sex Doll Faith 110cm

$729.00 $699.00

Chinese Sex Dolls

If you’ve always dreamed of spending time in bed with an oriental lady, our Chinese sex doll will make your dreams come true.

Chinese love dolls inherit many characteristics of Chinese girls: beautiful, gentle, submissive, and obeying to their husbands. They have white skin, red lips, and cute pussies. They will offer you unparalleled sexual pleasure. No matter what type of Chinese you want, you can find your favorite Chinese love dolls in our collection.

Put down your masturbation toy and choose a Chinese sex doll instead. The girl who is wearing a Chinese cheongsam is waiting for you to take off her clothes. Besides this, the shy girl with Han clothing wants you to kiss her cheek and touch her pussy.

If you want to try orient matured love dolls with a little wildness, you can’t imagine how they will exhaust you and let you cum every drop of your liquid. You cannot reject going into the bedroom with orient sex dolls all night long.