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LIFE SIZE SEX DOLLS (148cm – 168cm)

Well those times are over but still you should be wild like a horse with our 148 cm sex doll. She doesn’t want you to stop and relax when established a sexual relationship. She is a full-length male masturbator and you can’t afford to let her alone. Her boobs are round, her pussy is soft, her anal is a tight hole, her lips are cherishing, her eyes are catchy and her hairs are fucking so hot that you would grab her from the hairs and would fuck in the breasts.

156 cm sex doll is so sexy and hot that she cannot be left to wait for your cock. You would certainly drool her boobs. As you would stand her alongside the wall, she would take your dick by raising her one leg.
As you would lay down straight on the bed, she would suddenly take your dick in the pussy and would start up-down motion. She never ever wants to be at rest. Her craze for love is such and such that she wants one cock in pussy, other in anal, two in boobs, and one in throat for deep ejaculation. Find me one spouse who could afford this? Certainly, there is none.

Your girlfriend might ask you for some favor or money before you try her in the bedroom but the 152 cm sex doll never looks back once she is fell in love with your dick. Shannon 155 cm sex doll is specially made for you. No matter if you are a lesbo, she would still lick your pussy and would hug you so tightly that you won’t be able to resist her. Then when she is looking for hot men and those who could be like a bad dog in the bedroom, why to let her pussy wet without having your dick inside. Don’t be late on that and order her now. Our 168 cm sex doll is desperately looking for your dick.

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Beautiful Elf Sex Doll Nelida 156cm


Best Celebrity Sex Doll Keli 168cm


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Best Anime Sex Doll Rivka 155cm


Big Boobs Anime Character Sex Doll Davina 155cm


Big Boobs Silver Hair Sex Doll Alisia 145cm


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life Size Cute Anime Sex Doll Harriet 145cm


life Size Sexy Hentai Sex Doll Clarissa 155cm


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Luxury Anime 2B Sex Doll YoRHa No. 2 Type B 155cm


Mature Wife Sex Doll Jillian 148cm


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Chinese Anime Sex Doll Yolando 145cm


Cosplay Harley Quinn Sex Doll 140cm(4ft6′)


Cute Japanese Schoolgirl Sex Doll Paris 156cm

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Cute Young Blonde Sex Doll Kaci 168cm


Life Size BBW Sex Doll Edelmira164cm


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Life Size Sex Dolls (148cm – 168cm)

There are a lot of 140 to 169cm sex dolls in different categories in the market. A large proportion of love dolls within the height range are sold in Mailovedoll, so you can find your favorite sex doll here. For example, if you like simple and sweet love dolls, you can choose Japanese, Korean and Chinese love dolls. There are also western love dolls with big boobs and Latin sex dolls with round and plump hips. If you have hairstyle or hair color requirements, you can also check it out in the 140-169cm section, such as short hair, cute & croissant hair, blonde hair, and even red hair sex  dolls.

So, if you have no specific idea about what to buy, please check our 140-169cm love dolls. I believe you can find your favorite sex doll there. Don’t worry about the quality and price of our products. Love dolls between 140 cm and 169 cm are either from famous sex doll manufacturers or Mailovedoll’s factories. All love dolls are made of the best silicone/TPE materials with light-alloy skeletons. Regarding the prices, except for some BBW sex dolls, most love dolls are affordable, which is very budget-friendly to the first-time buyers.

Now, what are you hesitating about? Grab your mobile phone or mouse and order your first sex doll at Mailovedoll!