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Customized Anime Sex Doll


155cm C-cup Brown-Skinned Blonde Anime Sex Doll Pearle


155cm C-cup Anime Idol Sex Doll Ossie


155cm C-cup Anime SPY×FAMILY Sex Doll Fiona Frost


155cm F-cup Anime SPY×FAMILY Adult Doll Yor Forger


Japanese Anime Sex Doll Youmu 145cm


155cm C-cup Anime Sex Doll Sakuya


Japanese Sex Doll Hatsune Miku 145cm


155cm F-cup Mysterious Anime Big Boobs Sex Doll Yolande


155cm C-cup Anime Idol Singer Sex Doll Patrina


Big Boobs Japanese Anime Nun Sex Doll Maryanne 155cm


155cm H-cup Anime Big Breasts Sex Doll Yuuyu


Cute Big Boobs Anime Sex Doll Lakeisha 155cm


Blonde Big Tits Anime Sex Doll Alissa 155cm


Japanese Diablo Anime Female Doll Roseann 155cm


Japanese Sex Doll Shuten-douji 145cm


Anime Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Sex Doll Kamado Nezuko 145cm


155cm H-Cup Sexy Anime Big Breast Sex Doll Lilia


Best Anime Sex Doll Rivka 155cm


SPY×FAMILY Sex Doll Yor Forger 155cm


Big Boobs Anime Character Sex Doll Davina 155cm


Busty Hentai Sex Doll Frankie 155cm


Japanese Popular Anime Character Sex Doll Sakurajima Mai 155cm


Green Hair Cartoon Manga Sex Doll Zariyah 155cm


Anime Huge Tits Sex Doll Rene 155cm


Japanese Sexy Mature Anime Love Doll Boa Hancock 155cm


life Size Sexy Hentai Sex Doll Clarissa 155cm


Luxury Anime 2B Sex Doll YoRHa No. 2 Type B 155cm


Plump Adult Anime Sex Doll Zaria 155cm


Anime Redhead Big Tits Sex Doll Nella 155cm


Famous Japanese Cartoon Characters Sex Doll Penelope 155cm&Milagros 155cm


High Quality Anime Sex Doll Vicenta 155cm


Japanese Anime Character Sex Doll Tohru155cm


Japanese Anime Sex Doll Harriett 155cm&Loraine 155cm


Popular Anime Characters Sex Doll Ram 155cm&Rem 155cm


Popular Anime Sex Doll Tangela 155cm


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1. Sex Doll Bodies

2. Silicone Doll VS TPE Doll

3. Customized Facial Makeup

4. Long Lasting Waterproof Makeup

5. Most Comprehensive DIY Customization Options

6. Aotume Doll Skeleton & Joint Movements

7. Aotume Articulated Finger Joints

8. New Ball-joint M16 Screw

9. Custom Anime Sex Dolls

10. Aotume Doll Head 

Sex Doll Bodies

Body Type: 145cm B-cup, 145cm D-cup, 155cm C-cup, 155cm F-cup, and 155cm H-cup. All silicone bodies come by default with realistic body makeup and there is no body makeup option for TPE bodies. There is no anal tunnel for silicone bodies.

Silicone Doll VS TPE Doll

The TPE material provides a softer touch for sex dolls, while the all-silicone material offers more body makeup and a more realistic appearance. Watch the silicone doll and TPE doll comparison video below. All silicone bodies come by default with realistic body makeup and there is no body makeup option for TPE bodies. There is no anal tunnel for silicone bodies.

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Customized Facial Makeup

If you have a favorite anime character, you can send us a photo of the character and Aotume Doll will customize the facial makeup, eyes, wig, and even clothing based on the character’s photo. Aotume Doll transforms 2D characters into lifelike 3D dolls while fully preserving the appearance and style of 2D art. Customizing the makeup only costs $300, and we highly recommend customers to customize their favorite anime characters.

Long Lasting Waterproof Makeup

As the industry’s top brand for facial makeup, Autome Doll has achieved pioneering results in the field of aesthetics. In order to construct a love doll that “won’t age” – a.k.a faded makeup – Autome Doll’s makeup paints are made durable and last for a very long time. All facial makeup is hand-applied and guaranteed in quality, durability, and waterproofability.

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Most Comprehensive DIY Customization Options

Specializing solely in two-dimensions style allows Autome Doll to focus on one of its greatest advantages…product variation! Product variation also includes private product customization! All love dolls have hairstyles, eyeball designs, and custom options to choose from. With so many options, it is easy to transform your sex doll character into a “new” sex doll character by just changing hairstyle wigs or costumes. If, however, you don’t find the style that “gets you hot,” no worries! Just provide an original image of the two-dimensional character you want and Autome Doll will make it for you.

Aotume Doll Skeleton & Joint Movements

Whether you are taking sex pics or in the “middle of action,” posture is an indispensable part of the sexual intercourse. No one like sleeping with a “piece of wood.” One huge selling feature of two-dimensions characters are their ability to make numerous expressions, perform exaggerated movements, and hold exotic positions. The flexibility of these dolls has become their iconic feature!

The yoga-grade skeleton adopted by Autome Doll builds on this feature with added flexibility and exceptional exotic performance. Now your sex doll can perform just like the iconic amines’ you see in cartoons.

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Aotume Articulated Finger Joints

Articulated Finger Joints allow your doll’s hands to pose in more positions. Mailovedoll provides this option for free with all Aotume Doll purchases, which can only be enjoyed by buying Aotume Dolls on Mailovedoll.

New Ball-joint M16 Screw

Autume Doll has launched the ball-joint m16 screw, which allows for more natural movement of the doll’s head and enables it to pose in a wider range of positions.

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Custom Anime Sex Dolls

Make Customization Effortless! Create Your Own Anime Doll in Just 6 Step. Customized Link:

The customer can choose their preferred body type from five options: 145cm B-cup, 145cm D-cup, 155cm C-cup, 155cm F-cup, and 155cm H-cup. All silicone bodies come by default with realistic body makeup and there is no body makeup option for TPE bodies. There is no anal tunnel for silicone bodies.

Currently, Aotume Doll offers fully TPE sex dolls, silicone heads with TPE bodies sex dolls, and fully silicone sex dolls. Customers can check the customized prices for different heights and materials below, and choose a love doll that fits their budget.

Customer sends photos of an anime character’s face, Aotume Doll will choose a suitable head to match the character’s features.

Aotume Doll will first create a simulated makeup effect based on the anime character’s makeup. We will send this effect image to the customer. If the customer agrees, Aotume Doll will start to produce the love doll, and the production time will take around 30 days.

Aotume Doll’s custom anime characters have a restoration rate of over 80%. Due to copyright issues, all custom sex dolls will not be 100% identical to the original anime character. You can refer to the previous customer’s customized sex doll case pictures below. There is no extra cost for shipping the sex doll. The price displayed when you place your order is the final price.

If you want the same clothes and accessories as the ones in the anime character, you can select the option for the same clothes and accessories in the charging options. We will find the same clothes and accessories for you. When the doll is produced, the clothes and accessories will be sent to the customer together.

If the customer already has an Aotume Doll doll and only wants to customize a head, it is possible. The price for a single customized head is either $600 for a TPE head or $950 for a silicone head, which includes shipping. Customers can send us a photo of an anime character, and Aotume Doll will produce a head based on the makeup, eyes, and wig in the photo. After production is completed, we will send the photo to the customer for approval, and arrange for shipment upon their agreement. The production time for a single customized head is 10-15 days.

Aotume Doll Head Collections

Please note: Customers without an Aotume Doll cannot purchase only an Aotume Head!

For customers who already own an Aotume Doll: You must provide your order number for the doll and a full-body photo of the doll you own.

For customers who have not purchased an Aotume Doll: The Aotume Head must be purchased together with an Aotume Doll.

Only suitable for 135cm-145cm dolls:

Only suitable for 145cm-155cm dolls:

Only suitable for 155cm dolls: