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AXB Extra Head


Irontech Extra Head


Best Anime Sex Doll Rivka 155cm

$1,740.00 $1,099.00

Big Boobs Anime Character Sex Doll Davina 155cm

$1,740.00 $1,099.00

Busty Hentai Sex Doll Frankie 155cm

$1,700.00 $1,085.00

Chinese Anime Cosplay Sex Doll Megan 135cm


Nekopara Cute Anime Sex Doll Chocola 135cm


Cute Blonde Loli Sex Doll Salem 145cm

$1,618.00 $1,079.00

Fantasy Small Boobs Loli Hentai Sex Doll Hannah 145cm

$1,618.00 $1,079.00

Full Size Blue Hair Comic Sex Doll Rem 145cm

$1,618.00 $1,079.00

Green Hair Cartoon Manga Sex Doll Zariyah 155cm

$1,700.00 $1,085.00

Japanese Anime Sex Doll Gloria 135cm


Japanese Anime Sex Doll Reimu Hakurei&Marisa Kirisame 145cm


Japanese Sexy Mature Anime Love Doll Boa Hancock 155cm

$1,740.00 $1,099.00

life Size Cute Anime Sex Doll Kikyo 145cm

$1,618.00 $1,079.00

life Size Sexy Hentai Sex Doll Clarissa 155cm

$1,700.00 $1,085.00

Life-size Anime Sex Doll Suzanne&Michele 155cm


Luxury Anime 2B Sex Doll YoRHa No. 2 Type B 155cm

$1,700.00 $1,085.00

Plump Adult Anime Sex Doll Zaria 155cm

$1,700.00 $1,085.00

Real Japanese Anime Sex Doll Nezuko Kamado 145cm

$1,618.00 $1,079.00

Red Cute Anime Sex Doll Alicia 135cm


Silver Hair Small Cartoon Sex Doll Oaklee 145cm

$1,618.00 $1,079.00

Anime Girl Sex Doll Hannah 135cm


Black Anime Sex Doll Victoria 135cm


Chinese Anime Sex Doll Elina 145cm


Chinese Cute Little Girl Sex Doll Jaycee 135cm


Chinese Peking Opera Girl Sex Doll Stella 145cm


Cute Anime Characters Sex Doll Klee 135cm


Cute Flat Chested Little Girl Sex Doll Zoe 135cm


Elf Cute Little Sex Doll Kum 135cm


Famous Anime Character Sex Doll Magical Girl Sakura 135cm


Famous Japanese Anime Character Sex Doll Kanna Kamui 135cm


Japanese Anime Character Sex Doll Tohru155cm& Kanna Kamui 135cm


Pajama Flat Chest Sex Doll Lucy 135cm


Petite Anime Sex Doll Everly 135cm


Petite Cute Anime Sex Doll Marceline 135cm


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1. About Autome
2. The industry’s #1 Makeup Artists for Two-dimension Sex Doll Characters
3. “Mona Lisa Effect.” Unique to the Industry
4. Advanced Internal Skeleton Making Possible Awesome Sex Positions
5. The Most Comprehensive DIY Customization Options
6. Long Lasting Waterproof Makeup – Dolls that Dont Age!
7. The Ideal Two-dimensions Style Body Shape
8. Two Types of Head Screws

About Autome

Autome DOLL, whose Chinese name is 凹凸咪is located in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province. Autome DOLL produces the most authentic two-dimension style dolls within the whole sex doll industry. Autome DOLL 100% maintains the appearance and personality of their associated two-dimension animation characters.

Autome DOLL also boasts the industries best makeup craftsmanship and can create the [Mona Lisa Effect]: [The Mona Lisa Effect] is a highly advanced technique that creates the visual allusion of doll eye contact, regardless of your position to the doll. All makeup applied to sex dolls are durable, long-lasting, and waterproof.

To turn a two-dimensions anime character into a sought after high performing sex doll is no easy feat! It requires exquisite facial construction – reflecting beauty and expression – and body dynamics with mobility. For sexual satisfaction, all sex positions such as the popular W sitting position and the normal leg cross position need to be performed in a natural looking way. Autome DOLL, as the leader within the area, has done just that by creating the doll which performs!

1.The industry’s #1 Makeup Artists for Two-dimension Sex Doll Characters

It is a very difficult challenge to bring two-dimensional characters seen on a flat screen to life. To transform 2D characters into 3D life-like dolls, whilst completely retaining the two-dimensions appearance and painting style, is a subject repeatedly discussed and debated within the industry. Autome Doll has found the solution!

As a great pioneering company within the industry, Autome Doll has developed a technique allowing for the construction of a two-dimensional character into a 3D physical doll, with a precision of 1:1

2.”Mona Lisa Effect.” Unique to the Industry

The phenomenon in which a person in a portrait or photo appears to follow the observer’s movement is called the Mona Lisa effect. Horstmann, a perception psychologist from Germany, advocates such a technique calling it “very real.”

Regardless of whether a viewer views the portrait or photo from a head on position or from an angle the “Mona Lisa Effect” creates the illusion that the portrait is gazing straight back.

In terms of makeup craftsmanship, Autome Doll can recreate this effect and, as such, greatly increases the feelings of intimacy and connection. Put simply, who doesn’t want a cute, sexy girl gazing at them with seductive eyes?

3.Advanced Internal Skeleton Making Possible Awesome Sex Positions

Give it a Try!

Whether you are taking sex pics or in the “middle of action,” posture is an indispensable part of the sexual intercourse. No one like sleeping with a “piece of wood.” One huge selling feature of two-dimensions characters are their ability to make numerous expressions, perform exaggerated movements, and hold exotic positions. The flexibility of these dolls has become their iconic feature!

The yoga-grade skeleton adopted by Autome Doll builds on this feature with added flexibility and exceptional exotic performance. Now your sex doll can perform just like the iconic amines’ you see in cartoons.

4.The Most Comprehensive DIY Customization Options

Specializing solely in two-dimensions style allows Autome Doll to focus on one of its greatest advantages…product variation! Product variation also includes private product customization! All love dolls have hairstyles, eyeball designs, and custom options to choose from. With so many options, it is easy to transform your sex doll character into a “new” sex doll character by just changing hairstyle wigs or costumes. If, however, you don’t find the style that “gets you hot,” no worries! Just provide an original image of the two-dimensional character you want and Autome Doll will make it for you.

5.Long Lasting Waterproof Makeup – Dolls that Dont Age!

As the industry’s top brand for facial makeup, Autome Doll has achieved pioneering results in the field of aesthetics. In order to construct a love doll that “won’t age” – a.k.a faded makeup – Autome Doll’s makeup paints are made durable and last for a very long time. All facial makeup is hand-applied and guaranteed in quality, durability, and waterproofability.

6.The Ideal Two-dimensions Style Body Shape

Perfect Integration of the Two-dimension Form with Real Human Body Proportions

As its main selling product, Autome Doll’s sex doll’s face and body are built according to the well renowned two-dimensions style. The doll’s body shape is also refined to natural, real human like proportions with characteristics of narrow shoulder width, full chest, thin waist, relatively high leg length, etc. “This dolls turn heads and erects penis’ ”

7.Two Types of Head Screws

More Head, More Fun!

Many sex doll lovers enjoy swapping out doll heads to appease their ever-changing sexual fantasies. So, to give you what you want and allow customers the choice from a variety of doll heads without encountering head-body installing difficulties, Autome Doll “goes the extra mile” by providing two different types of head plug connectors.

This is the exception from the rule as most other manufactures do not! The first head connector is the double-headed stud connector, used for a sturdy, stable head installment. The other is a plug connector is used when the customer wishes to swap head frequently.