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  • Categories
  • How to use
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Table of content

I. What is a Sex Doll?

II. History of Sex Doll

III. Materials for making sex dolls

IV. The production process of sex dolls

V. Categories of sex dolls

VI. Price of Sex doll

VII. How to use a sex doll?

VIII. How does it feel to use?

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What is a Sex Doll?

Sex Dolls can be the best masturbator and sex partner. These are available for both men and women. Sex dolls act like a sexual partner and real-life masturbator.

Sex dolls might be comprised of the entire body with face or just with partial parts. Parts of some of the dolls are vibrating and easily removable. Normal sex dolls are different from the Sex Robots which are quite complex in their functions. As purchasing a sex doll could be a huge investment for someone, hence, he/she must know that what is a sex doll and what are its core benefits.

Sex dolls are basically adult sex toys made as per the sex desire of a human being. These dolls have a huge variety ranging from the air-filled toys to clothes filled dolls. But with the rapid advancement of technology and massive demand of these dolls across the globe, TPE and Silicon made dolls are also available in the market which feels like a real-life like the human body.

Both male and female sex dolls are available. But the sale of female masturbators is more and all the dolls are designed with complete body parts which include the face, boobs, hairs, vagina, butts, legs, toes and anal, etc. For the ladies’ pleasure, large penis dolls are manufactured for their immense pleasure. Apart from this, some torso dolls are also offered.

Some of the companies prepare customized dolls. You can just send the photo of your fantasy girl and they will make the one as per photo. Some new features like automatic heating, vibration, and voice make the experience more amazing and joyful. Sex dolls have multiple categories and nowadays available of different ethnic origins. Sex doll is comparable to the real man or woman because the comfort which is provided by these dolls is never less than what real-life men or women are supposed to provide.

You can easily carry these dolls on your business trip or excursion tour alike your wife. But it is amazing to know that these dolls don’t require any passport or visa to transport from one place to another but you need the one for your wife which definitely increases the cost of your trip. Sex dolls are like a true sexual friend who never betrays or gets tired of your energy or love.

Complex and sophisticated engineering is involved in the manufacturing of these love dolls. Their body is not simple nowadays. Scientists and architects are doing their level best to make these dolls as perfect possible so that none of a man or woman could be deprived of to enjoy his/her sexual life. In short sex dolls are the fucking bitches which anyone can fuck as per his/her own desire and these are available in all colors, sizes, shapes and heights for your intense pleasure.

If you are a sexual lover and your dick disturb you enough in pants, don’t lose hope, just buy one love doll. Tens of companies are manufacturing and supplying these dolls across the globe and your love doll will be at your doorstep within a week.


History of Sex Doll

French and Spanish sailors in the sixteenth century introduced the sex dolls due to their months-long traveling on sea routes. Long voyages didn’t allow them to fuck a real woman, so they preferred sewing clothes to turn them into life-size masturbator. It is true that most of the sailors who arrive at a seaport after months of voyages are normally sex-starved. Many of the sailors visit nearby brothels or sex shops to fuck some girls.

As they say that need leads to innovation. So, the idea of carrying a sex doll on a journey originated from this. The sex dolls did perfect Job for the sailors in those times even though most of them were of very primitive nature.

Later in the 17th century, the Dutch started selling these dolls to the Japanese and the term ‘Dutch Wife’ was famous among the Japanese due to this.

Then an Austrian artist, in the early 20th century, made a full-size doll for a German puppet-like her love to get his utmost affection. But the formal manufacturing of love dolls was started during WWII when German soldiers were provided these dolls during wartimes for their sexual needs. Due to this, the commercial start of the love dolls is ascribed to Germany. German people made Barbie dolls, for which the inspiration was taken from the Sex dolls. The industrial revolution has a huge role to play in the manufacturing of sex dolls. Industrialists planned to manufacture dolls which could easily fulfill sexual needs.

With the rapid advancement of technology and innovations due to science and technology in the twentieth century, latex, vinyl, and silicone mix material were used in the production of sex dolls. However, the silicone and TPE material was rated as best because it gives real-life pleasure due to their flexibility.

In the last decade of the twentieth century, multiple industries started manufacturing plastic dolls. Inflatable dolls that look primitive were replaced with the human body like dolls. Now the silicone love dolls which are most common nowadays As the demand for love dolls increased in the U.S in the late twentieth century, and Chinese people also started loving them due to China’s one-child policy, so different countries in Eurasia, and America introduced different laws for sex dolls to make their use standardized and legal. Nowadays, Artificial Intelligence controlled love dolls are available in the market which can simulate and meet your sexual desires in a perfect way.


Materials for making sex dolls

Sex dolls are comfortable to use because the material that is being used for them is soft and when someone touches it, it feels like a real-life human being. The scientific revolution has played a massive role in making the sex dolls comfortable and life partner. Initially clothes were being used for the manufacturing of these dolls but the technology-led different companies to use lynx, rubber and inflatable dolls.

However, the largest change in the material of dolls came with the invention of TPE and Silicone material. So, let me introduce in detail the two main materials of the dolls.


The top-quality silicone material is stretchable and can be extended up to 5.5 times of the original length. The softness range of the silicone varies from 0-100 A which is quite durable and can be used without any harm to the human being. Skin of silicone made dolls is purely natural luster and it feels smooth when you touch it. Face of the dolls is pretty and their cheeks are as soft and stretchable as are of the original girls. Silicone Dolls are generally combined with the OEM and ODM.

Silicone dolls are not cheap and possess a huge tendency of resistance towards stains, water and heat. Such material dolls have huge cavity anal and vaginal channel. Touching and fucking of silicone dolls give you goosebumps and you would feel excited because these dolls are not only soft but their vagina and anal channels are fitted inside with such rubbing material that your dick feel it. Silicone material is available in all the colors which are available in real human beings. The surface of silicone love dolls is smoother than TPE dolls.

Besides this, Silicone love dolls are easier to sterilize and clean as compared to others. Silicone material can easily afford the weight and its shape never gets destroyed. The texture of silicon material is porous, hence, as you touch them, it feels much better than a real woman.

This material is hypoallergenic also which means that this material does not react with the human body and doesn’t have any harmful effect on human skin. Material that is used for such dolls is sturdy, strong and resistant to heat. Hot water can be used to sterilize these dolls. This not only makes their life longer but you can sell it to someone else even if you have fucked it several times.

These dolls provide you more than sex. Dolls have exceptionally high retention time and make sure that the body of the doll is warm before you start fucking here. Furthermore, these dolls are easier to clean also.

Some of the disadvantages of Silicone made dolls include expensiveness, and stickiness. Furthermore, these dolls are relatively less soft than TPE made dolls. As you would spank hard on the butts and booty of these dolls, their body won’t woggle and jiggly wiggly touch would be missing which is quite obvious in TPE made dolls.


Thermoplastic Elastomer is a relatively new material as compared to the Silicone. Both rubber and plastic are intermixed in their formation. TPE material love dolls are also in great demand in the market nowadays and these dolls are inexpensive as compared to the Silicone dolls. There are many advantages of TPE made dolls.

For instance, the body of these dolls is stretchable and once you are done with sucking and licking its different body parts, its shape remains intact. Due to the flexibility and softness of the material, it can be turned into multiple positions. TPE material used for Love dolls is eco-friendly. It does not have any harmful impacts on the human body or the surrounding environment. TPE love dolls material is recyclable.

TPE love doll feels like a real-life woman.

TPE dolls are popular among most of the people due to low prices and greater flexibility in its body. TPE dolls are susceptible to heat when exceeding a certain limit, however, these dolls can contain sufficient heat.

TPE dolls are relatively prone to stains as compared to the Silicone Love Dolls. These dolls might be a little bit adhesive and sticky to touch. You must use the baby powder on her body for greater pleasure and love. Body of TPE dolls is porous and in case you have not cleaned her body well, and some of the liquid is left inside her vaginal or anal cavity, it might lead to serious growth of germs and bacteria. As the sterilization of the TPE material is not recommended, hence, the cleaning of these dolls is not easy.

When you are using these TPE made dolls, always prefer using Water-based lubricants instead of Oil-based lubricants because oil-based lubricants are not easy to wash out. Regardless of the fact that your doll is made of TPE or Silicone material, you need to wash her body after having fun with her. Dolls are hygiene lovers and the presence of some liquid in the vaginal or anal channel could lead to serious harm for you.

It is strongly recommended and advisable that you don’t ever share your doll with any of your friends to fuck because it is not safe. Most of the prostitutes and whores are the so.


The production process of sex dolls

Making of love dolls involve different processes. Basic steps involved in the manufacturing of love dolls include:

At a very early stage, the design of a doll is made that either it would be a torso doll or full body love doll. Designers gather and start working on the possible and required design of the love doll. Most of the work is done on computers. This is the place where the custom orders are entertained.

Once the team is done with the design process, it led to the creation of a reusable mold. When there is a special request for making a specific doll, this is where the mold of a real person of your choice is prepared.

Then comes the third step which is mold casting. Material of manufacturing is poured inside the required mold which includes the skeleton. Let the material cool for a while. At this stage, changing in design is not possible because everything has been fixed.

Making of specific butt or boob requires a unique mold. In case you have demanded a specific girl doll but with one or two things different like if you ask for a certain girl having big boobs. In such a case, the whole mold is started from the start. Otherwise, customization at this stage of making a love doll includes only the change in color, wig size, eyes or the color of pussy. You can ask for a change in penis size or vaginal cavity also.


Categories of sex dolls

Sex dolls have multiple categories based upon the requirements and fantasies of various customers. Categories are divided based on the size, color, origin, material, height, figure, by featured body parts and price. These categories help in finding the love doll quite easily.

Category by Color

The category of sex doll by Color includes dolls of different colors like you can ask for a white color doll, black color doll, fair color or the reddish body. Not only this, but the color of different body parts can also be asked to change. For instance, some men love black pussy while the others want to fuck the whitish or pink one. Similarly, some of the women also love black African lengthy dick while others are interested to take smaller white ones in pussy. So, depending upon the choice of color by the customer, we provide dolls in different colors.

Category by Origin

Category by Origin includes the love dolls of different ethnic origins. Love dolls ranging from European, Japanese, American, Chinese and African to Asian type are available. Many men who are living in South Asia have a craze to fuck a Japanese or American girlfriend but she is out of their league, hence, they prefer fucking a love doll of the US or Japanese origin which definitely helps in fulfilling their lust for the women of those countries. Similar fantasies belong to the men of the origins of different countries. This is where the Sex doll category by origin fulfills the need of various people.

Category by Material

There are mainly two types of materials that are being used for the manufacturing of love dolls, TPE and Silicone. Depending upon the budget and fantasy, you can ask for either TPE made doll or Silicone made doll. Both the materials have their own strengths and weaknesses.

Category by Feature

Sex dolls by feature contains a wide variety of love dolls. For instance, you can ask for Mini and Small dolls, Celebrity sex dolls, Muscular Love Dolls, Teen Love Dolls, Blonde sex dolls, Young Love Dolls, Milf Love Dolls, Anime Sex Dolls, Black Sex Dolls, and the Pinkish Sex Dolls. These unique features of these dolls make it easier to select the one for pleasure.

Category by Height

Sex dolls are manufactured in different heights based upon the demand of different customers. The height of dolls varies from 65cm to 170 cm. Sometimes, small men ask for tall sex dolls and they want to have fun with big pussy dolls. While the other times, taller men ask for mini or teen love dolls.

Category by Figure

Sex Dolls by Figure have multiple categories. One can select one of his/her own choice. Some of the most famous types in this category are: Big Booty Sex Dolls, Small Tits Sex Dolls, BBW Sex Dolls, Big Boobs Sex Dolls, Bug Butts sex dolls, Skinny Sex Dolls, Muscular Tits Sex Dolls. So, if you are dreaming to fuck a girl in her boobs, then you don’t need to think more about the height or color of the doll. Just select the doll from our available categories who have big boobs and simply fuck her there.

In addition to these above categories, one can select the dolls based upon the color of her hair, her eyes or her pussy.  As the sex dolls are more popular among men, so most of the categories are available for them. But there is a variety of dolls for female masturbators also based upon the height, size and length of dick.


Price of Sex doll

Prices of love dolls vary from less than USD100 to USD1500. Cheaper love dolls are inflatable and air-filled and normally made of vinyl. These dolls have little resemblance to real human being and this is why you can purchase these dolls in a mere USD 75. Their parts are roughly made and could be useless after few actions with them. Dolls of middle-market price range from USD100-USD1000 are manufactured of latex, silicone mixture, or polyurethane. These dolls are properly molded and give more sexual pleasure than the air-filled or clothes made dolls.

The most expensive dolls are made of TPE or Silicone. The price range for them starts at USD 1200 and goes up to USD3,000. Such is the shape and body of these dolls that it would be hard to distinguish from the real people.

The metal skeleton inside these dolls allows greater flexibility to turn their body in whatever style you wish to have a longer and deeper fucking experience. The durability of these dolls is far more than all others. The demand for these silicone dolls is increasing with every passing day due to the regulation of these products. However, as China implemented the one-child policy and the number of broken relationships is on the rise, so the demand for love dolls is also increasing. Companies are shipping the dolls across the globe; hence, you don’t need to worry at all about access to them. Just select one of your choices and start fucking it as hard as possible. Vent your frustration on them, and ejaculate on their beautiful faces like you never did before.


How to use a sex doll?

Using a sex doll is an exciting experience. Once you have purchased the love doll of your own choice and made the right investment, then you are very close to having sexual relations with your fantasy girl and this is what makes you wilder. The majority purchase the love for sex but some make the investment for displays, photography, companions, and models, etc.

Almost every sex doll either it is torso or full body have a seductive vagina. The vagina is designed exactly like a real woman and you can opt the one with vagi hairs also. The vaginal channel is designed to hold your dick completely inside. Then oral play option is also available for better simulation before finally coming hard on the anal or pussy channel. The anal channel of sex dolls is perfectly like a real-life female or male & she never denies coming in that hole. 3D design of the anal channel of the female masturbator doesn’t let you distract.

Dolls are sex toys and their design are purely based on the body of men or women. All sexual fantasies can be fulfilled by them. Male and females from different developed and developing countries are buying them.

As you have received your doll, so some of the basic steps that you need to follow include:

Unbox the packing and Start carefully assembling your love doll. All the body parts must be fitted appropriately. Now as you are able to touch and feel the body of your dream girl, so you need to dress up her in best clothes which make her attractive body parts visible. Now the doll is in your bed, and the time has reached for which you have been waiting for long and invested too much. Create a full romantic environment in your room and don’t let anything in your room like a mobile phone or Television etc. to distract your attention from her. Undress her gently and slowly before finally reaching the climax.

Just imagine that it is your first night of the marriage and your bride has been waiting for you. Start kissing her from head to toe. Rub your body on the boobs of a sex doll. Hit the boobs, suck the nipples, and come down to the belly. Kiss the butts and the vagina also if you are that kind of person. Sex in the vaginal channel can be enjoyed in multiple ways. Vagina of some of the dolls is removable while others are not. Make sure before ordering the love doll that its vaginal depth is as per your penis and you would be satisfied in it. Sex doll then allows you the anal channel fucking experience which many of the eastern wives and girls don’t like. Anal is a tight fit and has a full grip on your dick. Position her as you imagined the other day but we would suggest you turn her into doggy style for immense anal sex pleasure.

Oral sex options fantasize most, and many dolls have deep throat option to fuck there. Obviously, many dolls do not have the automatic suction option but still, you can enjoy the simulation part. Try to play gently in the throat. Ejaculate in the deep throat so that you could feel the taste of her mouth also. We recommend you to try every style with your love doll in all the possible sex styles and poses. This gives a different feeling.

For instance, when you are up for oral sex with the doll, you don’t need to think that how would she feel when you are done with her. Her face has only two purposes, one is to look beautiful and the second is to suck your cock. Appropriate positioning of a love doll is mandatory for full pleasure. If you are tired from your office and intend to have fun with her without making any romance and getting her into good style, then it might destroy your lust after some days. So always take your time and come fully prepared to have sex with the love doll.

Lubricant is must be used and it makes you more comfortable with the love doll. The use of water-based lubricant is recommended as it allows the movement of the penis in and out of sex channels easy. Many lubricants provide a heating sensation which adds further pleasure to your sex experience. Depending upon the material of the manufacturing of the doll, the type of lubricant can vary.

After action with her, cleaning is essential and one must ensure that there is no germ or bacteria left inside her channels to grow as these can cause illness and serious harm to your body.


How does it feel to use?

Men are sexual beings by their very nature and after sex feel of having masturbation with the love doll is just amazing. Men have five times more testosterone as compared to women and this is why they want more sex. It finally leads to the habit of masturbation when unable to get the dream girl. Using a sex doll for sexual pleasure gives an immense pleasure.

Now, you are completely relaxed and you didn’t face any resistance from her while fucking. Love doll is such a beautiful chick that she completely surrendered in front of you. Previously you had to face the attitude and rude behavior of your girl-friend or wife but now you should feel completely relaxed.

Sex with a love doll gives satisfaction which you can’t feel with any other kind of masturbation. Sex dolls eliminate your frustration. Then sex with a real-women could be very risky as the beautiful woman might have slept with many guys and can cause the transmission of viral diseases. Even though if you would wear a condom, it won’t guarantee complete protection.

Doctors say that the safest sex to do is masturbation and the best masturbation is with the sex doll. Apart from this, you won’t be afraid of making the doll pregnant. Make the love for the endless period and still, she would be virgin and won’t get pregnant. Sex with the real doll is cheaper also.

Most of the relations nowadays end up with divorce, so men have to pay hefty fees in courts and share from their property which costs them much. But the love doll never demands any such kind of compensation. She is truly yours unless you dispose of her or donate her to someone else. Those men who are unable to get a real woman due to their introvert nature in life can enjoy the deep and wild sex opportunity with the love doll.

We are sure that you would recommend using sex dolls to your friends also once you are addicted to it. It is also true that real sex lovers always prefer fucking a love doll instead of preferring a girl who does not easily show up and wants the sex style of her own choice.

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