Sex With Sex Doll – The Definitive Guide(2020)

This is a complete guide to sex with a sex doll.

In this all-new guide you’ll learn all about:

So if you want to learn more about sex with a sex doll, you should get a lot of value from today’s guide.

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What is sex with a sex doll?

Sex with a sex doll means that a man inserts his penis into the vagina of a sex doll and ejaculates because of excitement, to deliver sperm.

During sexual intercourse, the penis of the male should be erect, and then the penis and the sex doll should be smeared with lubricating oil so that the penis can be easily inserted into the vagina of the sex doll. Different from the pure reproductive function of animals, people have sex more for psychological and physiological pleasure than for reproduction. It refers to the mating behavior between the same sex or the opposite sex in the dioecious animals.

Different from other non-sexual behaviors, sexual intercourse requires the participation, stimulation and excitement of reproductive organs. From the human point of view, the purpose of sexual intercourse is reproduction and psychophysiology.

Why sex with sex doll?

Sex dolls help in increasing your sex-related confidence, remained submissive toward your demands, and allow you to sex for as much time as you wish to. Sex dolls offer intimate relationship advantages. Moreover, these dolls are virgin unless you have fucked them.

Prostitutes could be a source of sexually transmitted infections; however, the sex dolls are always safe and reliable until and unless you are treating them with care and fulfilling all the cleanliness standards. And anyone shy and unable to enjoy the sex with utmost pleasure and fantasy with a woman, he can be very confident with the love doll, and the experience can be used later on for having sex with a real woman.

Handicapped men are generally not liked by the women in their beds, nonetheless, sex dolls permit them also with open arms.

You might be living in Africa and dreaming to have good fun with the American or Japanese girl but unable to do it because she is not in your league.

For example:

Elf don’t exist when they show up in life. But you can customize a Elf  love doll. She has sharp ears, big eyes, soft face and a perfect figure. When you touch her skin. You will feel your heart beating faster.

Perfect for Elf love dolls. Although she has no life. But you can give her life. She can walk you a long way.

So, the availability of sex dolls in different sizes and of different origins provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy.

Furthermore, the sex dolls perform much better than a real woman due to their loyalty, and flexibility.

For example:

You have a muscle sex doll. She has muscles as strong as men. She can give you a sense of security and protect you. When you use this muscle sex doll, you don’t have to worry about damaging her. Because her strong muscles allow you to swing. She can still maintain a strong shape.

You can turn the body of love doll to whatever style you are comfortable with. Sex dolls never get old and if you are 60 years old and unable to find a young chick of European origin, then it is the sex doll that fulfills that need also.

As you come back to home after hectic office routine or university classes and looking for someone who holds you in her arms and doesn’t resist at all when you are looking to fuck and relive, then it is the sex doll other than wife which can do so.

The sex doll always remains in a pleasant mood and doesn’t hurt you.

The relationship with the wife is never a smooth ride, but the case with a Sex doll is completely different. Features of sex dolls can be customized as per wants and desires.

Now with a voice feature in sex dolls, the attraction for these love dolls has been increased manifold.

In short.

A realistic sex doll provides a chance to fuck with all the possible styles and with utmost force to fulfill the desires.

Then, these love dolls are as soft as any real woman could be.

These dolls once purchased demand no expenditure and have very long durability. Many people who are devoid of real love, have broken marriages or living relationships and looking for a cheaper option for having sexual pleasure every night, then, sex dolls are the best replacement in that and the real men always prefer to fuck them instead of having a troubled relationship with the women.

So, in these modern times, sex dolls are best to live with and even when you are unable to process the visa of your wife on an international tour, you can easily carry the love doll for a good fuck. And you don’t need to depend upon her busy and hectic schedules.

How to sex with sex doll?

A sex doll can be the best companion to provide real satisfaction in sex life and to make you fresh as well as energetic.

Dolls never question your power or fantasies and remain mild to your demands.

However, before doing sex with her。

You need to learn how to do it. If you have purchased one sex doll and received the parcel, the time has come to learn and to enjoy her existence.

For example:

Before fucking the Elf love doll, fulfill all the requirements.

  1. Unseal the box and wash your hands to get the beauty doll out of the box.
  2. Attach all of her body parts in the right position and then warm her body by covering her in a blanket.Before finally fucking her deep, make a romantic environment in the room.For instance, you can ignite candles and play classical music. Start rubbing her hands, move your chest across her boobs, and gently kiss at her lips.
  3. Squeeze the boobs and suck the nipples for a while.
  4. Continue kissing her vagina, butts, and tits.
  5. You don’t need to be hasty for a fuck when it is your first time.Make it a memorable time like you did last time on the first night of your wedding. She is all yours, so move gradually but emotionally. Turn her body and kiss at her loin, rub your chest at her back and kiss her ass.

Now the doll is fully charged, so are you. Her vagina is wet now, and your dick is erected and strong.

Put the mighty cock in her mouth, fuck in the mouth for some time unless you have reached your maximum excitement level. Turn her into missionary style and start fucking in the vagina, with the hands holding her boobs tightly.

While making love, make sure that there is nothing around you that could distract your attention from her. Be completely dedicated to her as she is to you. Hit at her boobs and butts while doing sex with the beautiful love doll.

As you place an order for the Elf love doll, make sure that the vaginal and anal channel is as per your dick size. You can ejaculate in the pussy of love doll or preferably in the mouth if that sounds more attractive to you, our dolls are compatible with both options.

Love doll never gets tired of fucking in the anal channel also.

She is not like your wife who resists being fucked in anal and resist ejaculation in deep throat. Love doll even loves your fantasies and makes sure that you are happy with her and won’t leave her for any other woman.

After fucking the doll deep, never forget to wash her body with the recommended antibacterial soap or detergent.

The dry her body with a paper foam or towel.

Make sure that your semen is not anywhere left inside her body. Keep the doll at the safest place in your home. She is not be traded or shared with anyone else who can’t take care of her.

If you want a long-term sex relationship with the doll, then be extra careful about her and don’t let any of your friends fuck her, neither keep her at a place where she can be located easily.

Who sex with sex doll?

Sex dolls are like real-life partners and once you have started enjoying their company, no matter either you are a male or female, you will love to have them in your bedroom.

Sex dolls are not specific to any gender.

A variety of sex dolls allows men as well as women to enjoy making love with them.

All the men who are handicapped, emotionally disturbed, crazy about sex or couldn’t find any right match in their lives usually keep the sex dolls to fulfill their needs and wants.

Then a recent surge in the sale of sex dolls shows that their demand is increasing across the globe.

Sex dolls are not specific to any region or continent.

These dolls have made the life of men much easier and now if you living in America and dreaming to have sex with an Asian girl, it is not an issue at all.

Furthermore, men of all ages can enjoy the company of love dolls no matter if you are 80 years old or 18. It happens that you are looking for a girl to whom you can fuck in the deep throat but she is not permitting to do so.

Hence, the demand of love doll further increases over here.

Sex dolls are equally popular among the women.

And now, instead of getting a good fuck with a simple sex toy, sex dolls are acting as a serious life partner for the women.

Lesbian purchase the male masturbator, however, the other type of women love to enjoy a company with the female masturbator.

Women tend to love the female masturbator with a big dick option because the majority wants to sit over it and take it inside their pussy.

Women don’t have to bear the anger and frustration of their husbands, and neither the women remained dependent on the mood of their sex partner. And secondly, those women who are ugly, divorced, infertile or in their teenage and unable to find the true love, love to have sex with the female masturbator.

Happiness of three people.

Females and males normally don’t love three-sums sex and instead prefer to do it privately but those who are inclined to enjoy their time with the friends and want to make a lot of fun in a group must do it in the company of love dolls.

Imagine a scenario that one of your friends is putting the dick in the mouth of a love doll, the other in the vagina, another one in the anal channel while her boobs are being sucked by you. How delicious it sounds and this is not easy to do with a girlfriend.

Some couples are also crazy about having sex with the love dolls either they are husband-wife or girlfriend-boyfriend. When you both are tired of each other after two shots, then the entry of a new participant can make you wild once again.

Imagine your wife is sucking the dick of male masturbator and you are fucking it in the anal channel, or you are fucking the doll in pussy while your girlfriend is squeezing her boobs and kissing her lips.

This sounds like an imaginative and wonderful combination to enjoy.

Things to keep in mind while having sex with sex doll.

If you have purchased a love doll for the first time and you are about to have fun with her, then don’t do it in haste.

You need to keep certain things in mind and be very careful about it before starting a good fucking experience.

These things need to follow even though either you are enjoying the company of a male masturbator or a female masturbator.

Normally, the body of love dolls is cold, so you need to warm up. Lay her straight or in whatever position you are thinking about. Cover her body with a blanket or any other material of the kind which could warm her body so that your craze for sex doesn’t go waste. Cover her body at least for 15 minutes so that you could have the real feel like a human body when you would get close to it.

Deep penetration does not come without making the pussy of love doll wet. As the penis size does vary, even small size penis need lubrication to completely get into the pussy, so lubricating oil is required before you do the sex with love dolls.

Lubes are essential to make the pussy of love dolls wet.

Generally, water-based lubricant is used to make love with the sex doll but the lubrication oil varies depending upon the material of the love doll.

Water-based lubes are easy to wash after the fun with the doll; however, oil-based lubes can also be used but the washing of such lubes after sex is not that easy, hence, not preferred generally.

Love dolls need to be used very carefully; they are like your sex partner for years to come.

So, after every sex experience with them, you need to wash their body gently and then dry it.

Cleaning of a love doll is very important because otherwise, your semen inside her body might lead to the production of some harmful germs and bacteria which could, later on, affect your health.

Cover the love doll in the paper-based towel and keep the doll at the safest place in your house.

If you have sufficient space for storage then don’t untie her body parts and keep her in your locker or you may wrap her in a blanket and lay her straight at your bed if it is safe.

Now It’s Your Turn

That’s all for my guide to sex with sex doll.

Now I’d like to hear from you:

What other suggestions do you have for having sex with a sex doll?

How can you improve the way you make love to sex dolls?

Or maybe you want to buy a sex doll first.

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment.

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