Buying a Sex Doll vs. Going to a Sex Doll Brothel

It is not a bad thing to purchase sex toys for self-pleasure. However, some people may not want others to know that they possess a sex toy. Similarly, when you buy the best sex doll, you will not want others to know about it.

But, if you want to have the ultimate self-pleasure, then you can have that with a real sex doll only. Yes, you may not have the identical feeling of fucking a real woman but there are lots of similarities that you will find while you have sex with a sex doll.

Now, here is an interesting thing for you. If you don’t want to buy the sex doll and still have the pleasure from it, then you have the option of going to a sex doll brothel. Yes, there are many sex doll brothels in various parts of the world.

You will just go there and have sex with the doll and pay the money to the owner of the brothel and come back, as simple as that. Now, going to the brothel seems an obvious choice, right? Don’t make up your mind just now because you need to see the scenario holistically.

Everything in this world has a positive aspect and a negative aspect. If you don’t make a comprehensive and holistic judgement, you might end up making the wrong choice. Before you make up your mind about buying a sex doll or going to a sex doll brothel, you should gather knowledge.

That is why, in this article, we will be discussing buying a sex doll vs. going to a sex doll brothel holistically so that you can make the right choice for yourself. So, let’s get started.

What is Sex Doll Brothel?

The first question that should come to your mind is obviously what is sex doll brothel? Now, you know what is a brothel, right? It is a place where you can have sex in exchange for money. Brothels are a notorious place anywhere you go.

If there is a brothel in the locality, many people would avoid going from those areas and those who will visit it are in real need of sex. In these brothels, you will be having sex with real women. However, in a sex doll brothel, you will be having sex with a sex doll or love doll.

This concept of sex doll brothels is very new because you wouldn’t have got such realistic sex dolls 20 years back. Also, these brothels are creating a buzz among the masses because many of them are now going to such brothels to have sex with a sex doll.

Advantages of Going to a Sex Doll Brothel

1. Have Sex Just the Way You Want

When you are looking to have sex with a real person, you would need the consent of that person. If you want to go rough and the person does not permit you, you cannot do things you wish to do. That is why even with prostitutes sometimes, you fail to fulfil your kinks.

However, that will not happen with a sex doll in a sex doll brothel for women or men. You can have sex in whichever way you want and you don’t need anyone’s consent. So, you will be able to fulfil your kinks easily.

2. Plenty of Dolls to Choose From

Now, when you go to a love doll brothel, you will see many types of sex dolls and you can have sex with them. The body type of a sex doll will attract a man to have sex. So, when you are in a love doll brothel and see so many sex dolls, you will get confused as to which doll you should choose to fuck.

3. No Headache of Maintenance

If you own a sex doll, then you will have the extra responsibility of maintenance which can be a headache for some people. You need to clean the doll every time you use. But, when you are in a sex doll brothel, you will not have the headache of cleaning the doll once you are done fucking it.

Drawbacks of Going to a Love Doll Brothel

1. Health Hazards

This is probably one of the most concerning things about going to a sex doll brothel. You don’t know whether the dolls are cleaned properly or not. Also, you have no idea whether the person who used the doll before has used condoms while fucking her and the sex doll you will use will not be able to tell you that as well.

So, you have a huge chance of having STDs or Sexually Transmitted Diseases when you go to a sex doll brothel to have sex with a sex doll. It can be a life-altering health hazard and you should not take lightly. Apart from that, there is a serious health hazard that you should not forget right now.

Coronavirus in Brothel

The coronavirus pandemic has got the entire world on its toes. Everywhere, people are looking to maintain social distancing. As brothels are a place where many people go to have sex, getting affected by a coronavirus in brothel is a very much possibility.

Also, you don’t know whether the person who had sex with the doll before you has coronavirus or not. This is really very concerning and therefore, you should not take it lightly. In this present scenario, avoiding any such place as brothels or even sex doll brothels will be a smart choice.

2. High Cost of Sex Doll Brothels

As you know, sex dolls can be very much expensive if you want to buy a real-life-like sex doll. So, you might think that going to a brothel will actually save your money. But, that is not the case. When you go to a brothel, you can have sex once.

Yes, you can have sex with the most expensive sex doll in a sex doll brothel. So, once you are done, you might feel like doing it again. But, for that, you will have to pay extra charges. Also, you might have to pay for the hours you spend with the doll.

Therefore, the more time you spend, the higher your spendings will be at the brothel. So, if you ever think that going to a sex doll brothel will be less costly, then shun that thought out of your mind because the cost of sex doll brothels at times can be very expensive.

3. A Limited Time for Having Sex

When you go to a sex brothel, you can only have sex with that doll for a limited time. Now, sex dolls are so attractive and the self-pleasure that you will have is so exciting that you would want to do it over and over again. But, in a brothel, that will not be possible and this is a kind of a drawback of going to a sex doll brothel to have sex with a sex doll.

Advantages of Buying a Sex Doll

1. No Time Limitation

If you buy a sex doll from a sex doll store, you don’t have to worry about time limitations. Sex dolls are so attractive that when you are with them, you will have no trace of time. You will be lost in her beauty. Therefore, buying sex dolls will help you to have proper enjoyment with the doll. Also, you can fuck your love doll in whatever way you wish and you would not even need her consent for that.

2. Get an All-Time Sex Companion

At times, you might feel horny in the middle of the night. In such a case, you would desire to have a sex companion who could help you to empty your dick. So, if you buy the sex doll, you can have sex any time you want as you will be having an all-time sex companion. It is far better than going to a hookshop.

3. Affordable Sex Dolls

If you think that sex dolls are very expensive, then you should know that you can also buy affordable sex dolls. By searching online, you can also find various types of sex doll for sell which will be very much cheap for you to buy.

4. No Health Hazard

When you purchase the sex doll, you will be the one using it. So, you will also be taking all the necessary safety measures while using the doll, like wearing condoms, cleaning the doll after using and much more. Thus, there will be no health hazard which you might have faced in a whorehouse.

5. Easy to Clean

There is a misconception among people about the cleaning of the sex dolls. Many people think that sex dolls are hard to clean. However, even if you buy cheap sex dolls, you will not have any hard time in cleaning the doll. Also, cleaning the doll is your responsibility and the doll is someone who is always with you whenever you are horny want to have sex. So, don’t look at the cleaning as a burden on your shoulders.

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The Final Verdict

Finally, initially, you might think that going to a sex doll brothel will be the wise move. However, if you think about it wisely and comprehensively, then you will realize that it will be a bad move whether it is from a monetary perspective or health perspective. Also, when you can buy the best sex doll at an affordable price, then it is better to buy one for you. So, the final verdict will be even if it feels like going to a sex doll brothel is a good choice, still, a more comprehensive and holistic approach will help you to make out that buying the doll is a better move as your health matters more than anything else.

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    I need my sex doll to myself! I get jealous when other people are have sex with them in a brothel. I much prefer having my own!

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