Irontech’s Robot Function !

In 2022, Irontech launched its new surprise, the robot function. The robot function comes with three features: The Electric Hip and Waist, Automatic Body Movement, and Auto Vagina Clamping and Suction. Together, these three features turn your doll into a dynamic, life-like, love companion offering you a new ultimate sexual experience. Let us see what mailovedoll has to say about these new functions !

Electric Hip and Waist:

How it works: The Electric Hip and Waist simulates the twisting of the waist from left and right. It is equipped with automatic mechanical parts on the waist and hips and leverages a tie rod to expand left and right to give the desired twisting effects. After being turned on, the doll’s waist and hips will twist like a real woman’s ! The speed of twisting can be adjusted with a remote control. The buttons labeled A to C represents alternating speeds, from slow to fast. D represents stop. Shake that ass and enjoy ! Experience sex like never before.

Automatic Body Movement:

How it works: The automatic Body Movement simulates the actions of giving a blowjob ! Equipped with automatic mechanical parts installed at the waist, the pulling of these parts left to right create the effect of realistic movements.

Take the initiative with your beloved sex doll ! The automatic Body Movement simulates the movements of a human. Let your love doll move in bed. With 3 different movement speeds, unlock more sex positions and experience the ultimate sex experience.

1. After the robot is powered on, use the remote control to adjust to the desired speed according to individual needs. Then the robot will run on its own.

2. The Automatic Body Movement Function and Electric Hip And Waist Function are controlled by A-Bottom speed, B-Medium speed, C-High speed, and D-Stop. Adjust the speed according to your own usage habits, and the remote control can be used universally.

1. When the Automatic body movement robot sex doll moves with the waist, the hands are pressed on the hip joint to raise the legs to prevent the motor from turning the legs and being unable to lift the legs.

2. The socket plugs of the sex doll should be protected from water. It’s recommended to cover them with a waterproof material when it’s time to clean them.

3. Pay attention to standard use, such as: do not lie down and then let the doll sit on yourself, the doll is too heavy to avoid crushing yourself.

4. After using the robot sex doll, it’s important to return to the D-stop to stop its operation. Also, make sure to remove the power supply to prevent it from getting powered on constantly.

5. Before the robot sex doll starts working, it’s important to stabilize it. So the doll won’t get rolled over due to its too much power.

6. Automatic Body Movement & Electric Hip and Waist Functions: TPE 150cm, 153cm, 154cm, 154cm Plus, 155cm, 157cm, 160cm Minus, and 166cm are not available.

Auto Vagina Clamping and Sucking:

How it works: The inside of the vagina is equipped with a cup device. When the power is turned on, the cup device will perform pinching movements.

The auto Vagina Clamping and Sucking function is by far the most recommended function to experience if you have constraints, and will most certainly add the most authenticity to the overall experience. Imagine how exciting it is to have your dick being clamped and sucked by the doll’s tight vagina ! This feature is recommended to be paired with the heating and moaning functions. Don’t hesitate to experience the feeling of being tightly surrounded !

1. To start and stop the sex doll, long press the switch button.

2. You can also plug in headphones to prevent the sound from being played out.

3. The charging port refers to: if the moaning box is out of power, you can use the mobile phone data cable to charge.

4. Moaning, Clamp & Suck, vibrating, and vagina heating functions are both controlled by a switch button. These functions will be started and turned off at the same time.

5. The Clamp & suck function has three different power levels. When the switch is turned on, the first speed is applied, and the second and third speeds are pressed twice and three times respectively. To return to the first speed, press the button four times in a row.

1. The moaning box should be protected from water, please pay attention when you clean the doll.

2. Be careful not to use the moaning box while charging.

3. When the clamp & suck function is working, do not put hard things in it, such as wooden sticks, iron sticks, etc., to avoid damage.

*Vagina Clamp & Suck Function: Not available for TPE mini sex dolls and silicone sex doll bodies of 148cm, 162cm, 166cm Minus, and 166cm.*

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  1. Clarence says:

    How much weight is added to the doll if any new feature is added?
    How much weight is added to the doll if heating is added?

    1. Mailovedoll says:


      Thank you for your message.

      If you choose the heating function for the doll, the weight of the doll remains essentially unchanged. The heating is achieved through internal copper wires and there is a heating hole on the back of the doll. The factory will provide you with a charger.

  2. Clarence says:

    Correction to email address

    [email protected]

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