TPE and Silicone Sex Dolls: Which One Is Right For You

The popularity of lifelike sex dolls has reached every corner of the world and men from all phases of life are openly embracing their love and need for an attractive doll. If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last 6 months, you would already know that lifelike sex dolls come in a wide variety of different materials but the two most popular sex doll materials are TPE and Silicone. Almost all high-quality, realistic dolls are made up of either of the two materials as both are super-realistic, long-lasting, and give doll owners a humanlike sense of feel and sensation.

If you’re purchasing a sex doll first-time, you would probably be confused about which material better works for TPE or Silicone. The material of the doll plays a great role in helping you decide the doll you want to bring home. This article will outline the pros and cons of each material to help you better understand the difference between both materials and make a final decision.

Let’s find out.

What is TPE Material

TPE, short for Thermoplastic Elastomer, is made by mixing several polymers such as rubber and plastic, having the properties of both thermoplastic (plastic) and elastomeric (rubber). That is, TPE material is both strong like plastic with properties of softness and flexibility like rubber. Consider it as a type of plastic that can be stretched up to 5.5 times its original length and is very soft.

What makes it a preferable choice for sex dolls is its ability to utilize the current injection molding techniques during manufacturing which makes it economical – and super-realistic to touch and feel.

How Does TPE Material Feel

The sensation depends upon the shape and quality of the material but in terms of something we all have experienced touching, consider it close to touching bouncy, rubbery toys often found in shopping malls. If you have ever touched these balls, just imagine how good and hyper-realistic your next sex doll will feel.

Advantages of TPE Material

Below are the most popular advantages of TPE material:

  1. Performance of Material

The most important criterion for choosing a sex doll material is its performance. When it comes to TPE material for a sex doll, it feels almost like real human skin – except for it is stretchable due to the mixing of rubber and plastic polymers. No matter how many times you stretch it, it will return to its natural length quickly and thanks to this flexibility, TPE dolls are long-lasting and don’t get damaged easily. Plus, you can hold your dolls in multiple positions because of increased flexibility.

  1. Softness

The softness of a sex doll material is directly proportional to the erotic sensations and feelings. TPE material is very soft and elastic, providing a lifelike touch. If your close your eyes and rub your fingers on a TPE sex doll, you won’t know if you’re caressing a sex doll or a real woman – and that’s what triggers your sexual energy.

This property becomes more important for your doll’s breasts and ass. Due to flexibility, breasts and buttocks will give you such a soft sensation while you squeeze them.

  1. Price

One of the biggest pros of TPE sex dolls is their lower price compared to Silicone dolls. A high-quality TPE doll is available in the $900-$2500 range even though TPE is more realistic than Silicone. The reason is that TPE materials can be recycled easily which is why you get an excellent quality doll for a more affordable price.

  1. Hypoallergenic

Over the years, TPE has proved to be one of the best hypoallergenic materials, making it a preferable material for lifelike sex dolls. If not contaminated, TPE offers one of the best hypoallergenic properties and doesn’t cause any allergic reactions to human skin. Because of this, sex doll owners can use TPE dolls for longer periods without any safety risk.

In addition, TPE dolls are compatible with both water-based and silicone-based lubricants and make it easier for the owners to

  1. Thermal Resistance

TPE material, like Silicone, is resistant to low-and medium temperature and are more stable at a range of temperatures. But they can melt at high temperatures, exposing you to health risks. Thus, it’s always recommended to store TPE dolls in a cold place – especially if you’re not going to use them for a considerable time.

TPE Disadvantages

Here are the biggest downsides of TPE dolls:

  • TPE dolls are hard to clean. If your doll gets a stain, it’ll need sufficient time to remove it.  Also, the TPE material is very porous and retains humidity, making it even harder to clean and dry all cavities and love holes. If any place remains wet after drying, it can cause the growth of mold over time which has negative consequences for your safety and health. So, always try to do a thorough clean-up and dry her up completely.
  • Its high porosity makes it more sensitive to stains from clothes and other materials it comes in contact with. Sex doll lovers are advised to use a staining cream to remove stains before they could leave permanent marks.
  • TPE material is less resistant to heat so bathing it in hot water or storing it at high temperatures can damage its skin significantly. What’s more, exposing it to direct sunlight for sufficient time can also wear its skin. In general, TPE starts losing its consistency above 40ºC.
  • TPE is a sticky material that can be irritating during sexual intercourse. However, this issue can be fixed using baby powder.

What is Silicone Material

Silicone is a polymer that gives a rubber-like feeling. Depending on how it is formulated, Silicone can be very soft and flexible and can retain its original shape at high pressure.  Plus, it is resistant to high temperatures and used as inert material in medical equipment.

Advantages of Silicone as a Sex Doll Material

  1. Resistant to Heat

A Silicone sex doll has a higher heat-resistant capacity than TPE and can withstand above 40ºC temperature easily. It doesn’t lose consistency in direct sunlight but still, it’s not preferable to expose it to direct sunlight for longer periods.

  1. Highly Realistic

Just like TPE, a Silicone sex doll has the most realistic skin including the vaginal and anal cavities, and can give the same sexual pleasure as a real woman does. Some doll owners conjure that Silicone sex dolls are a bit less lifelike than TPE when it comes to the softness and flexibility of material but they are much more resistant to water, heat, and stains.

  1. Easy to Clean and Maintain

The biggest advantage of a Silicone doll is that it is very easy to clean and maintain. Unlike TPE dolls, it doesn’t require much maintenance since it is resistant to stains. Plus, it is less porous than TPE, making it easier to wash and clean without much effort.

  1. Chemically Inert

Silicone offers even better hypoallergenic properties than Silicone. It doesn’t cause any chemical reaction with human skin even at higher temperatures and is considered one of the safest materials for sex dolls.

Disadvantages of Silicone

  • The most prominent downside of Silicone sex dolls is they are significantly costlier than TPE dolls. The price of a high-end Silicone doll starts from $2500 and goes as high as $10000 or more.
  • Silicone is less flexible and softer than TPE. Her butt and boobs don’t wobble or jiggle as much as a TPE doll when you rock your doll back and forth without causing any wear or tear of the material. For most lovers, it doesn’t make much of a difference but many people have a fetish for jiggling ass and boobs.

TPE or Silicone: Which Doll to Choose

Now that you know the pros and cons of each material, the final choice is yours to make and only yours. Sex is a highly personalized experience and your individual preferences dictate the decision whether to for a Silicone Doll or a TPE.

If you’re still confused about which material to buy, consider the below scenarios:

  1. What’s Your Budget

The biggest obstacle for most sex doll lovers is budgetary constraints since lifelike TPE or Silicone sex dolls are expensive. If you’re low on budget, say $2000 or less, then a TPE sex doll might be the viable option but if you’re willing to spend around $3000 or more, then you can have a high-end Silicone doll in your bedroom.

  1. Do you Love to Have Hot Baths with your Cute Little Partner

TPE cannot withstand high temperatures but Silicone can. So, if you have a fantasy for enjoying hot baths with your doll, then a Silicone doll is a more preferable option.

Regardless of which material you choose, you’ll get a committed, beautiful, and hyper-realistic sex doll in your room that is always ready to fulfill all your sexual needs and fantasies.

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