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With the exponential increase in sex doll lovers’, the demand for sex dolls has been through the roof. Our society has come a long way in accepting the fact that having a sex doll doesn’t make you a loner or depressed – it’s just a highly-personal choice. Anyone owning a life-sized sex doll is a member of the sex doll community.

Still many people shy from discussing their love partners on the public platform – for fear of being judged or laughed at. Thanks to the sex doll forums and community, one can be educated on any topic associated with sex dolls on a sex doll forum. Here, doll owners share their passion, ask questions pertaining to their romantic partners, and get in contact with other doll owners on such platforms.

This article aims to help our readers know about various credible Sex Doll platforms and what benefits they could get on joining these platforms.

So, stick to reading and find out!

What are Sex Doll Forums

Sex doll forums, as the name indicates, are platforms people everything about sex dolls. The owners share their feelings, emotion, real-life experiences, and how they’ve enjoyed them – knowing that no one will judge or laugh at them.

Needless to say, sex doll forums are the need of doll owners where they can talk about any topic pertaining to sex dolls. These popular forums also have experts and professional vendors as participants to give you authentic advice on matters linked with owning or maintaining a sex doll.

Best Sex Doll Forums

You will find countless sex doll forums on the internet, given the tremendous surge in sex doll owners, with membership ranging from a few dozens to tens of thousands. All you have to do is search and join one or more forums, depending on your preferences, and begin your learning.

To help out our readers, we have compiled a list of the most informative sex doll forums. Let’s peek in.

1. The Doll Forum

The Doll Forum is probably the best platform dedicated to sex doll lovers and admirers. Having over 50,000 members, this forum is the largest known platform of the sex doll community on the internet. Ease of finding the relevant information due to a proper categorization of its features is what makes The Doll Forum the best sex doll forum, which has the most vibrant and dedicated community of sex doll lovers.

You will find romantic stories, intimate and emotional experiences of other members with their sex doll partners, that go a long way in strengthening your relationship with your gorgeous sex doll. Members share pictures of their sex dolls, write blogs on various aspects of owning a sex doll, and give authentic advice on improving your sexual life. This forum also contains links to the best sex doll sellers in Europe, North America, and elsewhere and also publishes an e-magazine every month that includes pictures, and stories of the members.

Furthermore, you can buy various outfits and spare parts for your romantic partner to dress her like a queen.

2. Cover Doll Forum

Just like The Doll Forum, Cover Doll Forum is another dedicated platform to bring sex doll lovers closer. It houses thousands of dedicated members available 24/7 to help new members know everything they need about purchasing and maintaining a life-size sex doll.

It provides an opportunity for the members to share their personal love stories, write in-depth blogs on the sex doll industry, as well as upload photos of their sex dolls. Additionally, it publishes an e-magazine that covers all the stories and news about the sex doll industry and the personal experience of the sex doll owners. Likewise, you will find links to many reliable doll sellers in every part of the world.

No matter what your doubt is, you’ll always get enough information – and motivation – to strengthen a love bond with your romantic partner. Talking with other members and discussing your intimate desires, and listening to their experience of having a sex doll in life make you feel strong and connected.

3. Earth Erotic Doll Forum

Like any other sex doll forum, the Earth Erotic Doll forum allows members to share erotic stories with peers. This forum offers professional help to the members in matters pertaining to sex dolls. Regardless of what query you have, just ask the question and its customer support will contact you within hours.

Members share pictures and videos of their sexual partners and also discuss real-life experiences that help you learn a lot about owning a sex doll. It even gives incentives to people who post blogs and articles on various aspects of owning sex a doll.

4. Our Doll Community

This forum is relatively new and has almost 5000 members. Still, you can find all relevant information pertaining to purchasing and maintain a sex doll. Our Doll Community constantly updates the content and keeps the members aware of all the latest news of the sex doll industry.

You can post intimate and highly personal pictures of your romantic partner on this platform and have informative chat and discussion with experienced members. Also, you can auction your doll here or buy a new one; talk about new ideas, thoughts, or inventions in the industry, contact professionals to repair your doll, swap jokes with the members, and so on.

Simply put, this platform treats you like a family member wherein you can share and discuss anything about life-size sex dolls you want.

5. The UK Love Doll Forum

This forum aims to provide as much relevant information about life-size sex dolls as possible. This forum is intuitive and doesn’t bombard you with irrelevant information. You can search or directly go to the category you want to get information about.

You can discuss any given topic on sex dolls including, but not limited to; tips and advices, dresses and outfits, repair and maintenance, buying and selling, features and what options do you have while purchasing, etc..

6. The TDF Doll Album

This forum is dedicated to erotica and sexy photos of life-size sex dolls. Having over 65,000 doll photos, it offers a chance to explore the beauty of sex doll industry. You just have to sign up to be able to post sex dolls’ photos.

Mostly, manufacturers use this forum to market their products associated with life-size sex dolls. You can also ask any question by sending a PM, if you want to keep it private, or else can discuss the query or confusion with the members.

Like any other forum, The TDF Doll Album helps broaden your knowledge about various aspects of owning a sex doll.

How Sex Doll Forums are Helpful for Doll Lovers

These forums offer sex doll lovers a great place to share their emotions, inner feelings, and get the first-hand experience of having a sex doll and how your new love partner can change your life. Some of the foremost advantages of joining a sex forum for sex doll lovers include:

1. Share Your Fantasies

Sex is a natural phenomenon that no one can deny. It is absolutely normal if you have sexual fantasies revolving around your head about life-size sex dolls that you feel awkward sharing on a public platform. Thanks to sex doll forums, you don’t have to feel embarrassed or shy to discuss your sexual preferences. Every member of such platforms is supportive, committed, and mature enough to understand your feelings and give support.

Also, you feel confident and – relieved – knowing that someone is there who understands your feelings and supports you.

2. Garner Emotional Support

We all need emotional support at some time in our lives. No one can understand feeling better than the ones having similar life choices, passion, and habits. That’s why in-community support is a must, no matter where you live. Along the same lines, sex doll forums offer a platform to get in touch with thousands of members having the same sexual propensity as ours. Putting it differently, they know exactly how we feel regarding our sexual lives as they also go through the same phase.

Hearing real-life experiences of members give us much needed emotional support to forge bonds with our romantic partner.

3. Get Answers

Sex doll is a topic that people avoid discussing with even close friends – for quite obvious reasons. That’s why many questions pertaining to the buying process, maintenances, and other issues of owning a sex doll remain unanswered. Thanks to sex doll platforms, you can get every piece of information about your life-size love partner.

Regardless of what type or quality of real-size sex doll you own, you will always get reliable answers to your queries from the experts on such platforms. Not only professional vendors and senior sex doll owners are members of a forum, but many forums also provide dedicated customer service and answers all the questions of the members within a few hours.

With better knowledge of owning a doll, you can enjoy life to the fullest with your love partner.

4. Get All the Latest News About Sex Doll Industry

The best thing about sex doll forums is that they keep you updated on the latest trends and happenings in the industry. Just like having a dog makes you interested in the pet industry, owning a sex doll encourages you to stay informed about all the happenings in the sex doll industry. Fortunately, you can get all the news and updates from the sex doll forums.

Most forums publish monthly magazines containing interviews of sex doll owners, the latest news about sex dolls, and the trends of the industry. So, you always remain abreast of the latest news about the industry.

5. Learn About Manufacturers

Buying a new sex doll is an easy process, no doubt about that, but many people are deceived by fake online companies. Also, people face difficulty in repairing or replacing the broken parts of the sex doll. Sex doll forums prove to help learn about the best sex doll manufacturers and sellers anywhere in the world. Most forums include direct links to contact the manufacturers, and one can also ask for recommendations from the forum’s customer service or experience members.

Being a member of a credible forum having significant members ensure that you will get authentic advice on where to buy sex dolls and how to get them repaired in case they are broken.

6. Brings Sex Doll Community Closer

One of the foremost objectives of the sex doll forum is to bring sex doll lovers and admirers closer. A platform where everyone can share ideas, passion, thoughts, and experiences without any hesitation. By listening to the stories of other people, you realize how much you’ve missed all these years without having one. In a way, these forums glue the sex doll community wherein everyone can learn from the experience of others.

You no longer remain the guy who, in the eyes of many people, fucks silicon or TPE orifices to vent out frustration, rather you become a member of a supportive and caring community. No matter where do you live, what is your profession, or how old are you, the sex doll community always integrates you and makes you one of them – and sex doll forums play a central role in making it a reality.

Final Remarks

Sex dolls offer a great way to explore your inner feelings and passion and satisfy your fantasies. The turn of the century gave a new stimulus to the life-size sex doll industry and the number of people buying them is ever-increasing. No one can hide the burning curiosity circling your head.

That’s why sex doll forums are a necessity where owners could share their intimate feelings and moments without any hesitation. For your convenience, this article has listed some top-ranked sex doll forums having thousands of members including professionals and experts. You can ask any questions pertaining to sex dolls to seek mature advice.

All you need is to take courage and get yourself on an adventure.

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