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This is a customer who recently bought a sex doll at Mailoveoll. After eight days of email conversations between the customer and the Mailovedoll service team, he finally bought a $2,400 BBW doll as his first sex doll.

Now let’s begin with the email conversations as well as the purchase process in detail.

On October 3, 2020, Mailovedoll received an email from a customer. He said that he had bought a doll before, but the one he received didn’t look like the advertised one. He looked for pictures or videos of the actual product.

We responded to his questions with the actual pictures and videos attached.

He was happy when he received our email response. Perhaps he sent e-mails to many websites but only got few responses.

After the initial email, the customer acknowledged the Mailovedoll team and followed by more questions.

In the second email he wrote:

He would go over the website ( one more time. Besides, he asked some more questions.

Questions below:

Does the doll to be shipped have the same accessories as shown in the picture, such as clothes, wigs, eyes Are those accessories exactly the same as the picture or not

What type of breast is in the picture

Can she shrug

Does the doll come with extra wigs or clothes

Is the default vagina fixed or insertable

How much do you charge for shipping and customs fees

Can I receive a confirmation picture before shipping

This customer seems very cautious and has a lot of questions. I had a headache when I saw so many questions. Most of his questions have answers on our FAQ page, which can be redirected via a link from each product detail page.

Although I felt a headache, I still seriously answered every question.

Here’s my response:

If you don’t customize the doll, you’ll receive the same doll as the one shown in the pictures, excluding the hat and clothes.

The doll has defaulted solid breasts and a fixed vagina, can’t shrug or stand.

You can send me the extra wig and eyes you want to purchase.

We offer international shipping. The price you see on the website is the final price, with no hidden fees. Shipping and import fees are on us.

We will provide pictures/videos before shipping.

Then this customer asked several questions again. He wanted to make the 163 cm doll taller, but he was uncertain about whether the doll’s skin color and expression are still the same. And he also asked how much higher the price of a taller doll would be.

He also asked questions about the doll’s vagina and labia, and the price for another doll.

Here is a mistake made by us: our email signature links to a wrong website This is due to a wrong URL copied to our email signature.

Thank you to the customer for pointing it out.

While we were still working on his last email, another one arrived. The email asked the difference between an EVO skeleton and a gear skeleton (It should be geared joints, we already corrected its name on our website). He also asked can those two skeletons be selected together without conflict.

By receiving so many questions, I felt this customer was very serious.

I answered all of his questions.

Regarding the height of the doll, we can make a higher doll, however, we suggest him to consider the 163 cm doll. Because the doll is in stock and he will receive a 163 cm doll quicker.

The labia color can be customized. The vagina is fixed by default. Additional $300 for an extra head.

We also explained why https://mailovedoll jumps to

An EVO skeleton can make the doll shrug. The gear joints are joints that are made of gears, not articulations.

Because we immediately replied to his emails, the customer thanked us for our quick turnaround. Then he asked if the 170cm doll was the same as the 163cm doll and would it weigh more. He also wanted to know if he could get the same doll with s different labia color because he can’t imagine a different color.

He sent one more email with questions about the skeleton, such as the standing feature and the service life, etc.

The customer might think he already had a lot of questions, in the email he promised that these questions should be the last ones.

This time he mentioned the conflicts between product descriptions and customization options, such as hair implants, and the tongue option.

Below are the answers to his emails, which explain a lot of his questions.

For example, I explained the difference between a 170cm doll and a 163cm doll, such as the weight difference.

Do we offer different labia colors for the same doll (The answer is no. The manufacturer doesn’t make different labia colors for the same doll)

Will the two different types of skeleton effect the doll’s standing feature

What is the service life of a skeleton (4 to 5 years)

The conflicts between product descriptions and customization options. (Some options to be added).

Later we got his email response. He said that he didn’t care about the heavier weight. He was also interested in the refund policy if he was not satisfied with the doll, and a shemale kit.

We responded to his questions in the email as follows:

Whether the doll can be customized in height.

We will provide a picture of the doll before shipping.

Our return and exchange policies can be found at:

The vaginal types.

In his email, he said he was going to order the doll. He selected several extra options including the customized height for payment.

He also pointed out a conflict of the doll customization.

Were extra wigs and eyes available (Apparently, he did ask before.)

Again, we sincerely answered the customer’s questions.

Shipping speed

In general:

We will ship your sex doll to your door within 5 to 12 business days.

It will take 1 to 3 working days at the manufacturer.

Shipping will take 5 to 12 days (depends on your location).

Note: The entire process will take up to 3 weeks (2 weeks of manufacturing and 5 to 12 days of shipping).

The price of wigs and eyes.

How to replace wigs and eyes:

We will modify the doll price to reflect the height difference. (We got an error here and please see the explanation below).

Then the customer sent an email asking if the 170cm doll was $1,700 or $1,900.

We were confused as to why this was happening. Finally, we realized that the error has occurred between the original price and the sale price.

The customer paid $2,400 (the doll and extra options) on our website. When he checked out, there was only a billing address and he could not find a place to enter the shipping address. (We already fixed this issue). He asked to change the shipping address and was very excited to receive the doll.

We changed the shipping address for him and thanked him for his trust and business.

After the long email chain, the order was finally closed. This is the actual email conversations between Mailovedoll’s service team and one of our customers. If you have any questions about the sex doll, please send us an email. Mailovedoll is also very grateful for receiving suggestions.

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