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Bathroom Shapely Sex Doll Roberta 163cm


Ballerina Shapely Booty Sex Doll Margaret 150cm


BBC Milf Sex Doll Alva 165cm


BBW Fat Pawg Love Doll Maxine 158cm


BDSM Nurse MILF Sex Doll Joyce 163cm


Belle Maid Big Tits Sex Doll Verna 157cm

$1,450.00 $1,350.00

Big Breasts MILF Cougar Sex Doll Fronde 163cm


Big Pawg Cougar Love Doll Gail 156cm


Black Hair Shapely Wench Big Tits Sex Doll Caitlin 163cm


Blonde MILF Huge Booty Sex Doll Sharon 156cm


Blonde Small Breats Sex Doll Cora 163cm


Big boobs big Ass Goth Sex Doll Joelle 163cm


Bulgaria Huge Tits Stepmom Queen Sex Doll Lyuba 163cm


Celeb Small Tits Porn Blonde Sex Doll Riva 155cm


Charming MILF Shapely Sex Doll Louise 159cm

$1,399.00 $1,260.00

Christmas BDSM Waiter BBW Love Doll Charlotte 156cm


Christmas Big Tits Sex Doll Kelly 163cm


Christmas Small Boobs Sex Doll Xylia 150cm


Christmas Waitress Small Boobs Sex Doll Quanna 163cm


Cougar Asian Sex Doll Renee 163cm


Cougar Booty Small Tits Sex Doll Juliet 150cm


Cougar Miner Huge Tits Ebony Sex Doll Salome 163cm

$1,449.00 $1,399.00

Ebony Big Butt Sex Doll Quintina 168cm


Family Cougar MILF Pawg Love Doll Julia 156cm


Fantasy Wife Pussy Big Boobs Sex Doll Karen 163cm

$1,599.00 $1,399.00

Fitness Belle Small Tits Sex Doll Claire 168cm


Attractive Male Sex Doll Waylon 175cm


Fitness Expert Male Sex Doll Charles 162cm


Muscular Male Sex Doll Micah 162cm

$2,059.00 $1,599.00

Strong Male Sex Doll Damian 175cm


Flirty Butt MILF Sex Doll Marjorie 160cm


Gorgeous Whore Big Tits Love Doll Rae 169cm


Hairy Show Shapely Ebony Sex Doll Simona 168cm


Horny Step Mom Huge Boobs Love Doll Cathy 169cm


Kimono Mature MILF Sex Doll Mabel 159cm


MILF Chubby Pawg Sex Doll Una 158cm


Perfect Bitch Big Tits Sex Doll Lillian 159cm


Pole Dancer Ebony Sex Doll Susie 168cm


Real Cute Teen Sex Doll with Small Breast 145CM Nancy


Real Milf Sex Doll with Small Breast 145CM Mei


Real Sex Doll with Small Breast 145CM Linda


Real Teen Sex Doll with Cute Small Breast 145CM Lulu


Real Teen Sex Doll with Small Breast Kiyoko 145CM


Realistic BBW Sex Doll 141CM/55.1 in Alisa


Realistic BBW Sex Doll 141CM/55.1 in Jane


Realistic BBW Sex Doll 141CM/55.1 in Jojo

$1,599.00 $1,415.00

Realistic BBW Sex Doll 141CM/55.1 in Leopard Girl Mia


Realistic BBW Sex Doll 141CM/55.1 in Lora

$1,599.00 $1,415.00

Realistic BBW Sex Doll 141CM/55.1 in Victoria


Realistic Small Breast Sex Doll Sexy Loly 145CM


Realistic Young Sex Doll Tina Small Breast 145CM


Realistic Young Sex Doll with Small Breast Lucy 145CM


Rock Singer Mini breasts Sex Doll Bliss150cm


Sensory Deprivation Big Booty Small breast Love Doll Lindsay 163cm


Serving as Art Small Tits Love Doll Lila 150cm


Sexy Beach Girl Big Tits Sex Doll Dolores 163cm


Sexy Big Tits MILF Sex Doll Doris 163cm


Singer Big Boobs Sex Doll Maggie 158cm


Skinny Cougar Blonde Sex Doll Andrea 165cm


Small Breast Real Sex Doll Aurora 145CM


Small Tits Blonde Sex Doll Angela 165cm


Small Tits Ebony Sex Doll Tobey 168cm


Small Tits Sensual MILF Love Doll Elvira 165cm


Step Sister Young Sex Doll Selena 169cm


Street Hiphop Small Tits Sex Doll Elaine 163cm


Sexy Latino Sex Doll Haylee 156cm


Uniform Seduces Pawg Sex Doll Lara 156cm


Wonderful Pawg MILF Love Doll Sabrina 156cm


Anime Big Booty Sex Doll Lillia 158cm


BBW Japanese Secretary Sex Doll Laney 159cm


BDSM Fairy Sex Doll Louise 150cm


Beautiful Asian Sex Doll Amiah 165cm


Beautiful TPE Asian Sex Doll Ember 159cm


Big Boobs Pink Hair Sex Doll Aliza 154cm


Black Small Breasts Sex Doll Sariah 168cm


Busty Chinese Sex Doll Karla 153cm


Chubby Mature Sex Doll Fleur 163cm


Cute Young Sex Doll Maya 159cm


Fair-skinned Short-haired Sex Doll Marina 155cm


Gentle Cute Sex Doll Alena 163cm


High-end Blonde BBW Sex Doll Louisa 156cm


Life-size Black-haired Sex Doll Janiyah 155cm


Lifelike Asian Sex Doll Paola 159cm


Lifelike Big Boobs Sex Doll Milena 154cm


Maid Cosplay Sex Doll Nala 154cm


Mature Chubby Sex Doll Brea 161cm


Mature Milf Sex Doll Rylee 158cm


Milf Small Breasts Sex Doll Meara 165cm


Realistic Big Booty Sex Doll Cora 159cm


Realistic Elf Sex Doll Ashlyn 166cm


Realistic Small Boobs Sex Doll Kairi 155cm


Redhead Transgender Sex Doll Mina 155cm


Sexy MILF Sex Doll Ailani 154cm


Young Fashion Sex Doll Jaylah 153cm


Young Innocent Cute Sex Doll Maleah 145cm


Lifelike vampire sex doll Alaya 168cm


Male sex doll Warrior Charles 162cm



Beauty Inspired Creation

Irontechdoll: A Sex Doll Manufacturer Dedicated in Meeting Customer Satisfaction

About Irontechdoll:
Irontechdoll is one of China’s leading manufacturers specializing in original European and American style sex dolls. Irontechdoll is a young, energetic manufacturer passionate in meeting and satisfying customers most intimate desires!

Irontechdoll showcases 50 original and seductive faces, and offers 22 styles of exotically shaped bodies. One of its more popular dolls comes in a heavy metal style, has a life-like vaginal lining and texture, and is designed with advanced LHP technology (Love Hole Placement)

Customer and Industry Recognition!

It has taken Ironechdoll just 1 year to get invited to the world’s largest sex doll forum “TDF,” and has since enjoyed 4 consecutive years of being registered as a listed TDF-affiliated manufacturer.


(Introduction Video)

Mailovedoll is the official supplier and global distributor of Irontech dolls. We cater to all loves and fantasies! If you do not find a doll which captures your heart, contact our team we will be happy to help. Our dolls are built to meet your sexual needs!

7 Features


Why do Irontech Dolls Give So Much Pleasure?

Based upon our on-site inspection and customer feedback, we have summarized Irontech Doll’s 7 added features, all of which are intended to improve your experience 🙂

Learn More, Buy Now!

Feature #1: Seductive, Shapely and Sexy! Different Designs from All Other Brands.

Irontechdoll Has Always Insisted on Original Creation. Each of their dolls are built beautiful, and are developed to give you the best well-rounded experience of emotional satisfaction. Irontech dolls will arouse you, connect with you, and relieve you! Based on their original style design, you will recognize Irontech dolls with just a single glance.

Style: Heavy metal, smoky makeup, shadowing on nose and cheeks, thick black eyebrows. Dark, mysterious , and naughty with great 3D dimensions. If you like the bad girl/boy, then Irontech dolls will meet all your sexually needs

Manufacturing with Ethics! Designed Independently and Free From IP Theft

Irontechdoll’s unique designs are neither imagined out of thin air, nor, in contrast to their competition, are they designed based on illegal face replicas of famous star and online personalities. All of Irontech dolls are designed independently by their experienced full-time design team. Your purchase of a Ironech doll is not only an affirmation of Ironechdoll’s creativity, but also a show of respect for portrait and intellectual property rights. In order to satisfy your sexual appetite, Irontechdoll finds its inspiration by staying up-to-date with online trends, and does so in accordance to the law. Irontechdoll’s design department is comprised of five full-time artistic designers who are dedicated to following latest trends and fetishes on popular bloggers and platforms such as Youtube, TikToc, Instagram, Facebook. Each member of their design team has over 10 years of work experience. Their design team members are body-experts who analyse looks, shapes, textures, features, and outfits in order to maximize your pleasure! They inspire to make you happy 🙂

From conceptual inspiration to product production, are you curious about the process they go through? Irontechdoll has upgraded the design process with the latest technology.Design Process: Design drawings → 360 Degree doll mud plastic → 3D modelling → 3D printing → open moulding→ finished.

As they are dedicated in your continued satisfaction, you can expect even more creative doll designs coming soon! Stay Tuned!

Feature #2: Time Test Classics Loved By Their Veteran Customers

Offering the Most Pleasing Model Series to New Customers

Irontechdoll offers 3 hugely popular model series, The Starter series, The Soft TPE series and the Surreal Silicone series. Veterans and newbies alike have 22 body shapes and 50 different head options choose from. If you have a preferred “drive,” they can satisfy it!

The materials used in all series are non-toxic, non-polluting, durable, and can be used in close contact with human skin without fear of allergic reactions.

Starter Series

The Starter series is an option for more price-conscience customer. Doll size approximate 100-115cm. Sex doll proportions are reduced at scale in order to enhance authenticity. Easy to use and affordable!

For first-time buyers, or customers who are reluctant to operate large, heavy sex dolls, the Starter series is for you and will “rock your socks!” Don’t believe us? Give it a try!

Soft TPE Series

The TPE series offers a life-sized sex doll, approximately 170cm. It is the best-selling model and most loved and used by their fan-base.

Super Real Dolls! With a 1:1 Ratio to the Human Body Anatomy

Doll dimensions are specifically sized to replicate the proportions of the human body. Body muscles and skin are made of soft TPE giving you that premium, real experience you are looking for and fantasying over! Prices range from $900 to $1800.

Whether you’re a beginner or a hardcore sex doll enthusiast, you can find the right sex doll for you in TPE series

Surreal Silicone Series

It Feels Personal 🙂

The ultra-realistic range! Covers all-silicone sex dolls and silicone heads, and built with the TPE doll body. It is the most realistic and premium series, offering the most authentic and original experience. Each doll within this category is made of high-quality medical silicone. The material duplicates the feel of a real person with soft, elastic skin.

These dolls are crafted with the most detail such as hair implants, veins, skin folds, skin pores, etc.

The whole experience is super realistic as they reflect, perfectly, the human body.

If you’re looking for ultra-high authenticity without breaking your budget, we recommend you to choose and experience the surreal silicone range for the most surreal experience!

Feature #3: Real Vaginal Textures. Built in accordance to LHP design (In Line with Human Anatomy.) Creating Intense Pleasure and Comfortable Postures

How Does Irontechdoll Guarantee You the Strongest Pleasure and Greatest Organism!?

Scientifically Designed + Shaped + Sized + Textured:

Guaranteeing You the Best Pleasure Available on the Market Today

Based on customer experience and feedback, Irontechdoll has mastered the most enjoyable vaginal textures and sizes. There are (5) sizes available: B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5 (Important Notice: B5 is the default size. If you prefer a different size, kindly state size in the remarks section on your order) Each doll has a standard channel length of 19cm (Depth of 19cm.)


Irontechdoll Offers the Most Customizable Features:

Irontechdoll currently offers more options for vaginal texture than any other manufacture in the industry



  • Enhanced realism
  • More hardcore positions for naughty boys and girls!

LHP is an acronym for Love Hole Placement. It refers to the correct location of the vagina and anus, and conforms to the human anatomy. It is very natural and comfortable when using a variety of sexual positions such as Doggy Style and Flatiron.

Irontechdoll is one of the very few manufacturers that has the know-how, expertise, and machinery to implement the LHP design. All of Irontechdoll’s sex dolls have human anatomical LHP!

Feature #4: Upgraded Hand Skeleton (They leave out no detail! It is said that the hand can aid in giving you the most pleasing ejaculation experience! )

Everyone Loves a Good Hand!

The traditional hand skeleton is made with five soft, thin wires, and do not contain any joints causing the fingers to easily bend into unnatural shapes. This ruins your experience!

Irontechdoll’s sex dolls all use an upgraded, advanced hand skeleton design consisting of 16 joints! This allows your doll to perform like a real human hand (Maybe even better in some cases 🙂 Your doll can bend fingers, have a grip, turn its wrists #no more bad hand jobs

Easy Assembly: Are you Impatient?

Feature #5: Flexible plug-in neck connector. Just click! No need to rotate like a screw.

Irontechdoll features a plug-in neck connector that secures the head by pressing down rather than rotating like a traditional connection system. Connections are simpler and more flexible.

(If you want to connect Ironechdoll’s head to other branded bodies, it is not recommended that you select a plug-in neck connector. You will not be able to connect! Instead, you can select the default M16 neck connector to be fully compatible with WM, YL, and OR dolls.)


(On the left is the Ironechdoll plug-in neck connector compared to the traditional M16 neck connector on the right)



Feature #6: Realistic body painting (Not only to meet sexual needs, but also to provide a beautifully pleasant companion)

The Importance of Color: Mastering the Color of the Human Body

Irontechdoll vagina, anus, legs, arms, feet, hands, etc. are painted like a real human! Their makeup artists have over 5 years of art and makeup experience. They understand the body structure, color distribution, and HD color restoration


(Real Out of the Box Video)

Feature #7: Irontech Dolls Come in a Complete Set with all the “bells and whistles.” Buy an Irontech doll and you won’t have to worry about stains, cracks, and makeup removers as this is all followed by your purchase.

Less Hassle, More Love-making

Irontechdoll comes in a complete set. All purchases come with TPE glue, TPE decontamination agents, cleaners, and oil removers. No extra time is required in purchasing these items separately.

TPE Doll Stain Remover:

Take the appropriate amount of stain remover and apply it to a stain. Once applied leave to dry (you will see the color turn) Multi-use may be required for larger stains

TPE Glue

Use a cotton swab, take the appropriate amount of glue and apply to any cracking areas. Press and hold for 5 minutes. Make sure the glue is dry before removing pressure.

TPE Doll Cleaner

Apply an appropriate amount of cleaning agent to a cloth or gauze. Wipe the surface of your doll clean. Once clean, you can apply her doll powder.

TPE Doll Makeup Oil Remover
Use makeup cotton or cotton swab, apply the appropriate amount of makeup remover and wipe away your doll’s makeup. After wiping her clean, apply her doll powder.

(How-to Video)

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