Are Sex Dolls Safe Safety Tips for Sex Dolls

Gone are the days when talking about a sex doll was looked down upon in society and considered a stigma – let alone bring one to your bedroom. We have come a long way since then and more and more men from all walks of life are openly embracing their love and affection for a Silicone or TPE sex doll.

In the last few years, the sales of lifelike sex dolls have gone through the roof which is an indication of their social acceptance of them. But at the same time, it has engendered a crucial question: Are sex dolls safe Nothing supersedes your safety and health, not even sexual pleasure and gratification. Because of this, it’s vital to answer this question and clear up the doubts of all sex doll lovers once and for all.

Let’s deep dive.

Are Sex Dolls Safe

The answer is YES – IF you use them responsibly and ensure proper cleaning and maintenance. Safety isn’t always top of the mind while using a sex doll but it should be.

There’re a few safety considerations you should keep in mind to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and infections.

  • Material of Sex Doll
  • Quality of Product
  • Safe Use
  1. Material of Doll  

You must be aware of the type of material used in the manufacturing of a sex doll. Since sex dolls come in a wide range of designs, made up from different material, it’s utterly important to make sure the material is hypo-allergic and doesn’t cause any skin irritation or illness nor does it wears away with time and cause physical injury during sexual intercourse.

  1. Quality of Product

Regardless of the type of material of a sex doll, a low-quality product always amplifies the safety concerns. Many people tend to buy a low-quality doll to fit their budgetary limits, but in the long term, it does more harm than good.

  1. Safe Use

Once you have brought your favorite sex doll home, make sure it’s safe to use, with proper maintenance, and care. How you’re going to use a doll is going to ensure whether it will cause any health issues or not.

Safety Tips for Sex Dolls

Below are a few safety tips you should consider to have safe and healthy sex with your cute, little partner as many times as you want.

1. Always Buy TPE or Silicone Material

Experts of the field press on the necessity of choosing the right material to make your sexual life tension-free and full of pleasure. Sex dolls come in a variety of materials ranging from TPE, Silicone, Plastic, and rubber. Research shows that some of the materials and chemicals can have detrimental effects on your health and safety in the long term.  Even though most sex doll manufacturers follow all the necessary guidelines to prioritize the customers’ health, but unfortunately, this industry is still in its nascent stage, and there’s no holistic system to keep a check on the safety measures adopted by a manufacturer.

As a rule of thumb and to avoid going into the details, always buy TPE or Silicone material. Both materials don’t cause any health issues nor skin irritation to the owner. Not a single case of any major skin harm is reported yet with the use of Silicone or TPE sex dolls. What’s more, both these materials are heat resistant that can be used for longer periods without any risk of skin burns. One of the highlighted reasons why TPE and Silicone are the go-to materials for sex doll manufacturing is that they’re hypo-allergic and don’t react with human skin to produce any allergic effect.

Adding on, Silicone and TPE dolls are easier to wash and clean compared to other materials. However, these sex dolls are a bit expensive compared to rubber or plastic dolls – but spending a few hundred dollars extra for your safety is worth spending.

2. Buy a Doll from a Credible Company

It may come as unexpected for many readers but our research shows how hard it’s to vet the safety of sex doll material and quality while buying. The sex doll industry is booming by the day and many scammers have infiltrated the market to rob customers of their money. You may think you’re buying a high-quality TPE or Silicone sex doll at the original price – but what you may get is a counterfeit product. At the end of the day, a low-quality material is bound to engender health issues for the owners.

To avoid getting scammed, start your doll buying hunt from reputable manufacturers and go into the details of the product before making a purchase. Don’t hesitate from asking for additional information from the seller and evaluate if the product is worth buying. Sex doll professionals recommend customers not to buy a doll from e-commerce giants such as Amazon, eBay, and Ali Baba as these platforms are full of unverified vendors.

3. Wash Your Sex Doll Regularly

Like any other product, sex dolls require a lot of care and maintenance from owners. Washing your sex doll is the most critical thing that directly determines whether a sex doll is safe or not. Treat her like your cute, little partner that will get sick and/or make you get infected if not properly washed and cleaned regularly.

Experts insist that you should clean a doll between every sex act. Even though sex dolls don’t pose a risk for urinary tract infections (UTI) but she can still attract nearby bacteria in her love holes (vagina, anus) if left uncleaned after sex for longer times. Pay special attention to washing her orifices as these holes take in your love organ and require extra care. Make sure not a single drop of water is left behind in her orifices after cleaning as damp areas expedite the growth of molds – which is a poison for your sex doll and starts decaying its material right away.

  • Wash Her Love Holes After Every Intimate Session

You don’t have to wash her completely every time you bed her. Just use a water pump to spray water inside her holes (anus, vagina, mouth) and then dry them completely. The whole activity would hardly take a few minutes. Using a sex doll repeatedly without washing can end up getting recurrent yeast infections. Also, her holes can get covered in dust and other particles while they’re stored which can result in physical injury. For this reason, cover her love holes with tissue paper or a piece of cloth to make sure they are well-dried. Aside from washing her genitals regularly, your doll needs a thorough washing and cleaning after every two to three weeks.

  • What to Use for Washing a Doll

Use cleaning items made specifically for washing sex dolls such as mild soap and water. Use a toothbrush to remove any caught debris from her love holes. Using other soaps of shampoos can reduce the lifespan of your sex doll because sex doll material is sensitive to harsh chemicals.

  • Dry Her Properly

Let the doll thoroughly dried before storing her. Use a dry towel and rub her body gently to remove water. A hairdryer goes a long way in drying her hair and the rest of the body but don’t bring it too close to her skin or apply too much heat. The safest way to dry her is air drying. Let her sit near a window for an hour or so until she is completely dried.

Powder up your doll after drying it which is going to rid the sex doll of any unnoticed wetness or absorb the water left behind. Finally, store the doll until the next time.

4. Don’t Apply Strong lotions or Cream

Many sex doll lovers love to dress up their babies in sexy outfits and apply seductive makeup. Use light clothing to dress her up to avoid discoloring the skin. Similarly, lotions and oils are, in most cases, not suitable for the skin of your love partner. The same can be said for perfumes, colognes, and other roll-ons. Your doll isn’t a product on which you should be doing experiments.

You can, however, apply baby oil to her skin to make it glow like a moon. Don’t rub her body too hard as it can lead to deformations. You can seek recommendations from the seller about which oil or lotion you can use after washing her.

5. Store Her in a Cool, Dry Place

Be sure to always store your doll in a cool, dry place. This is because sex doll material, though heat resistant, can deform over time in hot places, making them less attractive or worse, unsafe for sex. Keep your cute partner away from heaters, compressors, or places which receive direct sunlight. Plus, store them in a less humid environment as it can also deform your doll, though slightly.

The perfect and most suitable place to store her is in a closet – in a standing position. The closet should be dried, free of dirt and dust particles. It’s better to dry and disinfect your partner before storing her.

6. Never Share Your Sex Doll  

Just like you’d never agree to share your wife with friends or peers, never share your sex doll with anybody – no matter how close you are. Sex life is a highly private affair and it should stay that way. Many people assume that a sex doll is thoroughly cleaned after each use, two or more partners can share her without any risk of transmitting infections or diseases – but things don’t always play out like you want them to be.

Two things could potentially happen in this scenario:

  1. Your friend might not wash the doll well enough as you do and it can leave you vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases as well as bacteria and viruses. Maybe they don’t know how to wash her properly after sex or else, they just don’t care. In either case, you’re at a loss.
  2. Aside from SDIs, you can experience physical injury if the doll’s material has deformed or wore down near her orifices. You don’t know what weird things your partner was doing with her to satiate their kinkiest desires.

You can introduce your partner to your friends, let them take pictures with her, boast of how lucky you’re to have such a beautiful partner in your life. It’s OK if they touch them or feel her skin – but that’s the red line. You should keep the sex doll only for yourself and she will make sure your nights are filled with moments of love and pleasure.

Our research also shows that the life of a sex doll is reduced significantly if more than one partners use them for sexual gratification.

Final Remarks: Safely is an Absolute Must!

To sum it all, this blog post answered the most critical question pertaining to using sex dolls: Are they safe for humans or not We concluded that Silicone or TPE sex dolls are 100% safe for use – as long as you follow the necessary guidelines and ensure their proper care and maintenance.

While sex dolls bring unimagined bliss and pleasure to you in the bedroom, but it’s vital not to overlook the safety concerns that come with using them. We also walked the readers through some useful tips on how to use sex dolls in the safest way possible.

Aside from ensuring your physical safety, safely using the sex doll also prolong their life and save you from the trouble of replacing their parts, having them repaired, or worse, replaced after every few months.

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