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Japanese Small Breast Sex Doll 158cm


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2021 New Japanese Sex Doll Alina 168cm


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European Female Model Sex Doll Shanda 168cm


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Mature European Female Sex Doll 168cm


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Tall Blonde Sex Doll Phillis 170cm


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1.  About XY

2. Wax Head and Body Shaping

3. 4-6 Layers of wax Makeup

4. Ultra-high Polymer TPE material

5. Chinese Standard Steel Frames

6. Light-weight Craftmanship

7. Real-life Finger bones

8. Real Human Hair Transplant

About XY

The official Chinese brand name of XY DOLL is ” XY伴侣.” The manufacturer is located in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. XY伴侣 means XY partner which represents the X and Y in human sex chromosomes.

Although XY DOLL is a young sex doll factory established in November 2018, it was formerly a wax figure manufacturer. Therefore, XY DOLL, with its production capabilities and artistic talent, entered the sex doll industry extremely well positioned.

Within the short period of two some years, XY DOLL has created a reputation for itself in terms of love doll quality and life-like characteristics doll heads and bodies.

1. Wax Head and Body Shaping

XY Doll’s vision is aimed at the high-end market and focuses on “real life looks” for manufacturing inspiration. Generally speaking, sex doll production in terms of attention to detail and authenticity can be divided into two levels of craftsmanship.

The first more common craftmanship involves engraving. The head and body of the doll are made purely from sculpting. Although the beauty and realism of the doll vary according to the strength of the factory, the overall attention to detail is minimal making it impossible to really replicate the details of the real human body.

The second craftmanship technique involves waxwork technology and, as a doll provider to the high-end marketplace, is the technique of choice for XY Dolls. It is similar to a wax figure with every minute detail of the head and body precisely replicated. The skin texture is unbelievably like that of a real person with the only major difference being a doll can’t sweat:) Waxing perfectly restores the real streamlines and proportions of the human body. Therefore, everyday clothing and underwear easily wear on the doll.

2. 4-6 Layers of wax Makeup

Want to Know the 2 Methods Used to Apply Makeup?

Applying makeup is an important detailed process. The art of makeup application can be divided into two camps:

The industry’s more commonly used makeup method is the spray and dry method. This method is sometimes done by hand instead of spray, but by only the VERY FEW. This widely used method, although good, still has its limitations in making a sex doll appear real and alive.

The other makeup method involves adding layers of wax and is the method of choice for XY Dolls. The wax layering technique is highly advanced and usually involves 2-layers. However, XY Dolls bank their reputation on doll sex doll appearance. Instead of adding 2-layers, XY Dolls adds anywhere from 4 to 6 layers of makeup!
This extra coating is unparallel within the industry and unmatched in terms of physical appearance. XY Dolls look alive, feel real, and f&&K wild.

To put it simply, the process of making perfect 6-layer makeup for a doll is the pinnacle of excellence within the sex doll industry. It is the highest-level of craftmanship achievable. Each layer of makeup is like painting a portrait. Through repeated layering, the intricates of the human body gradually reveal themselves.

The result: One hell sexy life-like love doll!

(Left 6 Layers                           right 2 Layers)

3. Ultra-high Polymer TPE material

Massive Upgrades in Odor, Wear and Tear Resilients, and Oils
XY Dolls don’t just strive for perfection in appearance, it guarantees it, and does so by using the highest grades of premium material. All XY Dolls use ultra-high polymer TPE material which is so premium even the white oil used within the material is of near food-grade quality……(TPE is made of near food-grade white oil with a viscosity index of 12 or more. Usually the viscosity of the white oil is 8~10)….XY Dolls are designed to address previous model flaws such as easy to tear, oily and odorful material.

4. Chinese Standard Steel Frames

Just like the ultra-high polymer TPE material that is designed to perfectly carry the appearance of humanity, if you want to support such a high-level “body,” an internal skeleton of the highest standard is needed.

Build to Get Screwed…Hard
All steel used in the product’s skeleton meets high Chinese standards with the thickest areas reaching 1.2-1.5. This allows your sex doll to take on a “heavy pounding!”

Great Performance in the Hot and Cold – A Date for All Seasons
Used normally and appropriately, “fractures” will very rarely occur. Each joint is made of pure spring steel gaskets compared to the weaker black iron or manganese steel commonly used in the market. This greatly enhances the stability of thermal expansion and contraction, meaning the doll can perform in the hot and cold, and effectively solve the issue of abnormal joint noise, unwanted loosening of joint, and unwanted stiffness in joints.

5. Light-weight Craftmanship

A common worry within the sex doll community is the weight of the sex doll. Some customers have written feedback stating, “the weight is much heavier than imagined.” Others question the doll size/weight ratio, concerned that the weight chart provided on websites are misleading. In short, the weight of true life-like sex dolls has caused unwanted surprises and is made worse by the fact the sex doll is, in fact, dead weight. Don’t Despair! XY Doll is fully aware of this issue. For the sake of customers, before leaving the factory all sex doll products undergo an intensive weight reduction process.

6. Real-life Finger bones

Good hands are essential to adding a sense of realism to your sexual experience. Knowing this, XY Doll attaches great importance and craftsmanship in producing human like hands and fingers which have the same mobility as a human hand and can make common human hand gestures. Previous, lesser quality sex dolls without finger bones experience a gradual deforming on the hands and finger over time. XY Dolls hands avoid this problem completely and, in addition, coats the hand bones with velvet thus preventing the hand bones from piercing the outer skin.

7. Real Human Hair Transplant

Sex doll hair is one of the important features in making your sexually experience real. In pursuit of the most authentic doll possible, XY uses ACTUAL human hair. Just by viewing a picture it is impossible to tell the difference between real hair and a wig.

So, in order to distinguish between the two, we set them alight!

When real hair is burnt it will turn to ash after being placed under pressure. Wigs, on the other hand, as it is made from high-temperature silk, will not turn to ash.

[advanced_iframe title=”xy hair” src=”″ width=”620″ height=”351″ id=”advanced_iframe” name=”advanced_iframe” ]