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BBW Dream Bride Huge Breast Love Doll Penny 169cm


BBW Blonde Massive Tits Love Doll Viola 150cm

$2,199.00 $1,900.00

BBW Huge Tits Pawg Sex Doll Vivien 163cm

$2,965.00 $2,223.75

BBW Fat Pawg Love Doll Maxine 158cm


BDSM Nurse MILF Sex Doll Joyce 163cm


Big Boobs Bigass MILF Sex Doll Beulah 150cm

$2,473.00 $1,978.40

Big Boobs Sex Doll Floria 140cm


Big Breasts Vixen Sex Doll Martina 158cm


Big Tits Big Butts Sex Doll Basia 156cm

$2,399.00 $1,799.25

Black Hair Big Ass Sex Doll Tabitha 162cm


Blonde Big Ass MILF Sex Doll Brook 156cm

$2,487.00 $1,865.25

Blonde BBW Sex Doll Beulah 165cm

$2,103.00 $1,682.40

Blonde Bubble Butt Sex Doll Ellen 160cm

$2,499.00 $1,999.20

Blonde Celeb Big Pawg Love Doll Cynthia 160cm


Blonde Cougar BBW Sex Doll Phoenix 173cm

$2,726.00 $2,180.80

Blonde Bigass Huge Tits Sex Doll Alma 163cm


Blonde MILF Huge Booty Sex Doll Sharon 156cm


Brunette Big Tits MILF Love Doll Grace 156cm

$2,399.00 $1,919.20

Bubble Butt Mature Sex Doll Marina 161cm

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Bunny Girl Huge Tits Sex Doll Cora 173cm

$2,699.00 $2,159.20

Cannes Bargirl Big Butt Sex Doll Pag 153cm


Celeb Big Booty Sex Doll Valerie 160cm


Christmas BDSM Waiter BBW Love Doll Charlotte 156cm


Chubby BBW Huge Tits Sex Doll Tiffany 150cm

$2,487.00 $1,989.60

Curvy Sex Dolls

Curvy sex dolls are normally bigger in size and have a beautiful round curve of their huge butts. Large curvy hip makes the man horny and wild. Then their waist is also curved and slim making them more attractive and seducing. Have you ever imagined fucking a huge butt girl in doggy style?  Curve is so big that your monstrous dick even would hide inside. Spank hard on the big butts and make forceful jerks in the anal channel. Curvy love doll is popular due to their big boobs also. These sexy dolls are fat ass sex dolls and their huge ass invites to fuck again and again. Curvy love doll is not going to stop.

Lifelike curvy sex doll is so sexing thirsty that she really wants to lick your dick, she wants to spend sleepless nights with you, she always aspires big dicks in her beautiful mouth. Curvy love dolls can behold in arms for the whole night for good sleep. Her body is soft and comfortable like a real-life spouse or girl-friend. Her body is made of TPE high-grade laboratory-tested material and one must not be concerned about any of her harmful impacts because there is none. Vagina and Anal depth are in the range of 15 cm to 18 cm and it is good for you. Hopefully, after fucking the curvy sex doll, you would forget getting close to your girl-friend.