Tired of your sex doll? What can make you restore your interest in it? Read this

If you have bought your sex doll and holding it for quite a while, it may sometime frustrate people. Every interesting thing loses it attraction over time. Human eyes want to see new colors and interesting things overtime and change is the only aspect of our life that persists. If you think your relationship with your doll has gone stale and you no longer find her attractive which is often the case with many people, this article is written particularly for you. Read till the end and find new ways of giving a new and vibrant look to your doll.


Below are the main highlights of the article:

  • Change The Hairstyle of Your Doll
  • Change The Dress of Your Doll
  • Buy another Head for your Doll
  • Change the Make Up of Your Doll
  • Renovate Your Doll with New Eyes
  • Introduce A New Doll Mate
  • Sell Your Old Doll and Order A New One


Change The Hair Style of Your Doll

Sex Dolls are introduced with so many options of customization and one of them is changing the wig of your doll. Changing the wig of your doll can really change the looks of your doll. Most of the love dolls have removable hair wigs that can be replaced with a different wig. Check out the latest trends in fashion industry and hair colors and order a new wig for your doll. Latest trends have a huge impact on our subconscious mind and greatly influence our likes and dislikes. You can order more than one wigs for your doll and change them every week for a different look.

Hair styles have a very huge impact on the overall looks of every single one of us and women’s personality is pretty much shaped by their hairstyle. If that sounds interesting to you, we recommend you to check online and order a lovely hair wig for your doll. It can be a gift for her.


Change the Dress of Your Doll

A sexy and revealing dress has always garnered more attention than a gown that covers the full body. Change the dress of your doll by ordering an even more revealing one and you will notice that your doll does not look the same anymore. It would appear a completely different person with even better looks.

When we see someone for a long time in the same dress over and over again, we do not find that person attractive anymore. Our mind does not absorb the vibes of their clothes anymore and simply consider them dumb or old fashioned. But if you change the dress of someone with a decent revealing one, we find that person quite attractive and lovely.

Same is the case with your doll and the reason you do not find her attractive anymore might be because she looks the same way since you brought her home. That’s why changing her clothes may change her forever.

There are a number of dresses designed for sex dolls and you can check them online. There are all sorts of dresses but the more revealing the dress, the better she is at attracting your attention.


Buy Another Head for Your Doll

Sex Dolls have portable heads that can be changed with a new one. If you think your doll looks at you the same way for quite long and you no longer find her face impressive, head over to the online stores and order a new head for your doll immediately. Yes, that’s possible and you will now have a new faced doll within a very small budget.

Some people also want to buy silicone head for their TPE Dolls because silicone heads are far more detailed and realistic enough to feel better when kissed. This gives you an opportunity to change your doll and give her a new look and start feeling better with your new doll.

Change The Make Up of Your Doll

Makeup is an important factor for women across the globe to look beautiful and attractive. Men also find stylish women with good sense of make up pretty attractive. Now, if you think you have been dealing with sex doll and it looks the same way for quite long or it’s make up is no longer attractive. You can change all that with new makeup routine for your doll. There are hundreds of different sources available online that teach you different ways of makeup.

Find out some of the interesting blogs available online on the subject of Sex Dolls Makeup and watch their tutorials. They teach easy and impressive ways of changing the look and feel of your sex doll. A step by step follow up with these tutorials and proper follow up can change your doll forever. You can find new ways of giving an attractive look to the face of your doll. Don’t miss it!

Renovate You Doll with New Eyes

Beautiful eyes can impress anybody with increased sense of attraction and most men find eyes of women quite attractive. If you think you have been looking at your doll for a while now and you no longer find her eyes attractive. Try changing the eyes of your doll. Yes, there are different kinds of eye colors and lenses available for sex dolls and they are pretty cheaper.

You can order sex doll eyes online and find the best deals with lowest prices. Don’t forget to watch different tutorials on YouTube that recommend different ways of changing the eyeballs or lenses of your doll. These tutorials can give you valuable insights into how the whole process works but it is pretty simple. You don’t have to worry much about it. All you have to do is choose the best eye color that you find attractive and impressive.

Introduce a New Doll Mate  

Having another doll in your bedroom means more options for your adventure and even better options for your sexual intimacy. Now there are two ways that influence your surroundings. You can try one doll at a time, and your old doll another day but this will at least give you a chance to experience something new every single day. You now have more variations in your sex dolls and everything has changed for better. On the other hand, if you like a threesome in your bed, you now have another doll in your bedroom and no one can stop you from doing so.

So, you can now decide the best for yourself but having another doll can really change your attitude. Human eyes are addicted to diversity and you won’t find your old doll monotonous anymore.

Sell Your Old Doll and Order a New One

In case, none of the above given suggestions work for you. Simply get rid of it and order a new one. That’s a good way of rebuilding your interest in sex dolls. But you don’t want to throw away or dump your old sex doll. There are different ways of getting rid of it but why not get some extra bucks with it.

You can post an ad online and you will find different people interested in buying your old sex doll. Yes, that’s true but make sure to sterilize your doll properly.

You can simply reach out to different fashion photographers that are looking for mannequin dolls, artists and common men who want to buy an old sex doll in a cheaper price. In this regard both of you will benefit with this deal.


Human eyes are great admirers of diversity and experiencing new things. It is quite natural if you are tired of seeing the same doll in your bedroom for quite a while. We have seen people getting divorced even with their best life partner and everything gets stale overtime.

Your doll is no surprise. If you have gone through the details of the article, you might now have good ideas to bring your doll back to life with these simple hacks. There are plenty of resources available online that can change the whole scenario for you if you are curious enough to bring a real change in the looks of your doll. These tutorials will guide you step by step and bring value to your life and reduce the struggle for you.

We are trying our best to bring the best content and resources and put them together to help you with your sex doll goals and educate you in the best possible way. If you still need any help, try reaching out to us and our customer service team will help you with your problem in a very personalized way.

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