Introduction to Angelkiss Doll Brand

Mailovedoll has introduced a new doll brand – Angelkiss Doll.

Angelkiss Doll was established in 2022 and is one of the professional silicone sex doll manufacturers, belonging to the same factory as the WMDOLLS brand. Angelkiss Doll has entered dollforum and is a certified manufacturer.

Although a new entrant in the silicone doll market, Angelkiss Doll excels in material composition, lifelike touch, product lifespan, and makeup application. Every aspect is meticulously researched by their expert teams, ensuring customer satisfaction with their silicone dolls.

The Advantages of Angelkiss Doll:

1. Striking Appearance:

Angelkiss Doll’s promotional photos are visually stunning, leaving a lasting impression on customers due to their exceptional aesthetics.


2. Lifelike Details:

The doll details are incredibly lifelike. From the promotional photos, you can see that the doll’s body exhibits highly realistic texture on its skin, and the hands have makeup on the joints. The detailing on the doll’s genital and anal areas is also very authentic. More intricate details can be seen in the photos below.


3. Diverse Styles:

Despite having a smaller product range, Angelkiss Doll offers a wide variety of styles. Whether you desire a sultry American beauty, an elegant Asian doll, a passionate Latina, or a perfect European model, they have it all.


4. Affordable Pricing:

Priced around $2100 for most products, Angelkiss Doll’s offerings are comparatively more affordable than other silicone doll brands, which usually cost around $2500. Combined with exclusive discounts from Mailovedoll, it’s truly an enticing opportunity.

5. High-Quality Products:

As a part of the same factory as the esteemed WMDOLLS brand, Angelkiss Doll’s dolls maintain the same high standards of quality. You can trust their products to be of top-notch quality.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. We look forward to your purchase and are available to answer any questions you may have([email protected]).

Angelkiss Doll:

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