Why Would You Be Ripped Off? (When You First Buy Sex Dolls)

Buying the ideal sex doll is never a cakewalk. But, for a first-time buyer, this task becomes that much harder. You don’t really have to do something out of your skin or out of the box to get a good sex doll in your bedroom. You just have to do wise and smart things.

Many who bought sex dolls before would think that this discussion is useless because they know how they can buy a good sex doll. But, hang on! Do you really know how to buy a good sex doll? Do you really think what you have got is the value for your money?

When a man tries to buy a sex doll for the first time online, he sees the doll, orders it, and when it gets delivered, he sees an ugly doll with a face and figure that will turn you off every time you intend to fuck her. This is not how things should work with a sex doll.

Or, you might think that you have a very good discount deal which is making you happy because you have saved a few bucks. But, what you got in return is really horrible. You might not be ready to admit but you have been scammed big time.

If we do not take the step now and inform the new buyers about how they can buy the right sex doll, there will be many more who will get fooled just like you or your friend. Also, if you love using sex dolls, then this article will definitely help you to find the right sex dolls.

So, without further ado, let’s get into this detailed discussion on how you can save yourself from getting ripped off while purchasing a sex doll.

Why Would You Be Deceived? When You First Buy Sex Dolls

You can avoid being scammed or screwed while buying a sex doll. You will know how you can do that. But, before that, you have to understand why you get deceived like that in the very first place. To understand this, first, you have to understand the two golden rules of buying a sex doll.

The Two Golden Rules

Many people who want to buy sex dolls don’t know this rule and hence, they make silly mistakes while purchasing the doll which costs them a lot of money. To save you from making that mistake, here are the two rules that you need to follow.

1. You Need a Good Sex Doll Supplier

The market of sex dolls is expanding ever so rapidly. So, you will have multiple websites that will offer you almost similar dolls. But, in this vast jungle of sex doll suppliers, there are only a few whom you can trust. In the later part of the article, you will find some important tips that will help you to find a good supplier and also, some sex doll suppliers who are quite reliable.

2. Know Your Needs Clearly

When it comes to buying a sex doll, you will always be looking for a hot doll to pound. Now, the frame of the sex doll is made with iron to give it the right stability. So, a sex doll of 172cm might weigh around 90 pounds. Therefore, if you have back problems, you will start regretting buying it when you start unpacking it. So, don’t just go for sexy dolls with large boobs, know your needs and capabilities clearly before buying the doll.

Don’t Ever Trust the Sex Doll Review Websites Blindly

Most of the sex doll buyers get influenced by sex doll reviewers. You will find a number of websites that are reviewing sex dolls over the internet. Actually, what they are doing is earning a good amount of cash for fooling you guys. Their actual motive is something else.

The main intention of these sex doll reviewers is to sell the doll to the buyers like you who will blindly trust them. As a matter of fact, you will see that they have their affiliate links to all those sex dolls. Therefore, if you buy from those links, they will earn money. That is why they will lure you to buy that doll anyhow and by blindly trusting them, you are building their bank balance.

Authentic Information is a Far Cry

Are you looking for authentic information about sex dolls in these websites? Well, to disappoint you, you will never have that from these websites. They are spreading lies about the dolls and trying to get the dolls of their affiliate vendor sold by manipulating the real information. In simple words, they are just spreading lies about the dolls and you should not believe them.

Trustworthy Review Websites are a Rarity

Now, we are not saying that all the sex doll reviewers are spreading malice over the internet. There are some websites you can trust. But, almost a big chunk of the websites is not doing what they should do and that is, give you the authentic information about the dolls. They are not bothered about their readers, they are only thinking about their profits.

Mistakes You Should Avoid While Buying a Sex Doll

Many people bought sex dolls before you and many got ripped off. They definitely made some mistakes. Now, their mistake is your gain because you can learn from those mistakes and get a good sex doll for yourself. So, here are some mistakes you have to stop replicating anyhow.

Buying a Doll Too Heavy for Your Capacity

Yes, the doll looks sexy and you want to buy it. The height of the doll is around 172cm. Do you know what would be its weight? It will be around 90 pounds or 41kg. Do you have any idea how heavy the doll would be when you try to lift it? Remember, it’s a doll, she will not move around on her own. So, know your physical capacity before buying the doll if you don’t want her to be a liability.

Zero Idea about the Type of Vagina

When you are buying a sex doll, you should know exactly what type of vagina you need to buy. That is a huge mistake. First of all, if your sex doll is too heavy, you will struggle to take to her for a shower for cleaning. So, for that case, a removable vagina will be a good choice. But, if the doll is lighter, then you can go for a fixed vagina as that will make the doll look more real. Also, if you have the capacity of carrying the heavy doll, you can go for a fixed vagina then too.

Expecting the Doll to Have the Same Exact Look from the Picture

When you see the doll on the website, you get the feeling like you are looking at a supermodel. You get horny with a mere look at the doll and feel the desire of pounding her in the bed. But, here is a reality check, the doll will not look exactly the same because the pictures are clicked by some of the best photographers and the makeup of the dolls is done by some of the best makeup artists. The doll you buy will have the look of the doll in the picture. But, expecting the same and exact look is a bit too much.

How to Prevent Being Cheated: Ways to Identify Real Sellers

The majority of the sex doll manufacturers are from China. Now, only very few of them are worthy of having your trust. So, it is important for you to know how the sex doll market works. Without understanding the market, you will struggle to find the right manufacturer and supplier. Thus, here is what you need to know about the market.

How the Sex Doll Market Works

You should know that in a sex doll market, many things happen. You don’t have to understand each and everything because that is not your job. So, instead of beating around the bush, here is the cream of things you need to know.

The Making of the Sex Doll

  1. The company will hire engineers to build plans for sex doll making.
  2. Real models will be hired to have measurements.
  3. After that, the frame of the doll will get ready.
  4. Next, the doll will go through a quality test after the silicone or TPE skin material is applied.
  5. After knowing the mistakes made in making the doll, another quality test will take place.
  6. Once the finesse is achieved, photographers and makeup artists will work together in capturing some of the best shots for the promotion of the doll.
  7. A huge number of these dolls will be sold through the companies in North America and Europe as the manufacturers have a deal with them.

Most of the Dolls are Copies

Many people who are copycats buy these original dolls and they copy the entire doll and create dolls made with low-quality materials. They sell these dolls in popular various websites popular for giving you cheap products. You buy the doll thinking that you have got a great deal. But, the doll will be heavy and the skin will not be as real as you thought. They will copy all the promotional pictures of the real manufacturer to lure you into buying the doll. At times, you might not even receive the doll you bought and that is really very unfortunate.

You Can Also End Up Buying Defect Dolls

When a manufacturer is making the doll, all the time, the quality will not be above par. The problem could be with the head of the doll or the size of the breast or anything else. But, they don’t want to lose their money. So, they start a company to sell these dolls. The price of these dolls will be very low. By looking at the pictures, you might think that you are getting a great deal, but, in reality, you will be having an utter crap in your bedroom.

Best Tips to Find a Reliable and Trustworthy Sex Doll Seller

When it comes to finding a reliable sex doll seller, the one thing that you need to keep in mind is you have to be logical. You cannot allow the emotions to get the better of you. So, here is what you have to do to find a good seller of sex dolls.

Avoid Chasing Cheap Dolls

While buying sex dolls, many of you will look for a cheap doll. And, in your quest of finding the cheapest sex doll, you become a fool in the hands of scammers. You should know that you will get what you pay for. You cannot expect to find quality sex dolls at cheap prices. So, don’t look for the cheapest dolls in the market.

Delivers the Sex Doll Very Fast

If a company is saying that they will take a long time to deliver the doll, it means they are not serious about their business. They are not willing to invest money in the business to stock the dolls. You have to ensure that the seller is delivering the doll quickly. It means the seller has a stock. Also, that seller will send you the doll after proper inspection. So, keep this in mind.

Easy to Get in Touch

Before buying the doll, you should try to contact the seller. If the seller is not replying to your mails or not picking up your calls, it will indicate a red flag. You should avoid buying sex dolls from that seller immediately because customer support will be an important factor for a reliable seller.

Stop Looking for Heavy Discounts

A majority of the sex doll buyers look for big discounts on sex dolls. You will find dolls with large discounts which are lowering the price incredibly. If you have found something like that as well, don’t buy from that site because the chances are that the site can scam you.

Don’t Compare Websites as per Price

When it comes to comparing websites to buy sex dolls, a large number of people turn to price as the primary parameter. It is a very wrong and dangerous approach because, in most cases, the websites that are charging low will not give you quality dolls even if you see marvelous pictures. So, don’t make the price your primary parameter for judging the competency of a website.

Real Seller Recommendation

We have scoured the internet thoroughly to seek some of the most reliable and trustworthy sex doll selling websites. Yes, not all of them were trustworthy but a few of them were very much. Here are some of those websites that we felt reliable to buy sex dolls.

Without any doubt, is one of the most trustworthy websites that we found online. If you look at the design of the website, you will find a professional look. Also, they have a good collection of realistic sex dolls. Apart from that, they have given their contact information clearly. They also deliver the doll quickly which is a very good sign for a sex doll seller.

You will enjoy going to the website of and purchasing their sex dolls. They too deliver the dolls quickly and they also inform their visitor about the usage of the sex dolls with regular blogs and articles. Also, in contact, you will get their address, email ID, and phone number to get in touch with them. So, you will not get scammed for sure if you buy the sex doll from this website.

The site looks similar to You will surely love to come to this site. They also have a very good collection of sex dolls and apparently, from what we saw, we can say that this site is reliable because they are not charging something which is unexpectedly low. So, you can rely on them for quality dolls. Also, some of their dolls have very good reviews from their past buyers.

Another wonderful website to purchase realistic sex dolls has to be Throughout our exploration of the site, we discovered that they are not charging anything excessive. Also, their price is not eye-catching low. As a matter of fact, they are charging what a quality sex doll would cost. Apart from that, you can have a quick delivery from them as well. So, all in all, looks at a site that you can trust for buying sex dolls.

The Bottom Line

Finally, you have to be smart in your decision-making while buying the sex doll from a website. You need to have control over your impulses and look for a site that you can trust. Unless you have that control and take an irrational decision, your money will be wasted. And, sex dolls will cost you a good amount of money, so, be wise about your choice.

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