What options are worth it? (when buying a sex doll)

With the world around sex dolls evolving at a rapid pace, we are surrounded by umpteen options, for someone fairly new in their passion to have a sex doll might find themselves in a bit of a fix, thinking what options are worth it.

I have been doing a decent amount of research on sex dolls recently and I came across many questions online where people are struggling to get advice on how they should go about their purchase of this sophisticated sex pleasure aid. So here I am sharing my insights for those who are trying to figure out what they should buy:

TPE or Silicone which is better?

When you step out there on the internet or in a store, be sure about what’s the purpose, what is your drive to have a sex doll. Understanding your personal drive will sort out so much and give you that much needed clarity.

To give you an example here, there are two different types of materials that are used in the major manufacturing TPE & Silicone.

What is TPE? It is a physical mixture of polymer (rubber and plastics) or a copolymer made of materials with elastic and thermoplastic properties.

Silicone on the other hand is an artificial polymer material, which is a mixture of silicone polymer, elastomer, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen.

These are technical descriptions of both the materials, however what follows will be helpful in determining the difference.

TPE gives the doll close to skin like texture and is softer in comparison to Silicone. It for sure will make your sexual experiences with the doll more real like in comparison to Silicone but in terms of durability, Silicone is much better.

So here we are, if you are someone who is investing to have the sex doll around you for a longer period then good old Silicone is a better choice. Determine your purpose and then direct your purchase, it will help you conclude what options out there are available for your specific needs.

P.S. just a good to know information, most manufacturers are now using TPE because Silicone is heavier and expensive in comparison.

Listing the pros and cons of both these materials, precisely will help in giving a better insight as to what suits your specific requirement the best.

CharacteristicsTPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer)Silicone Rubber
SkinSofter and realRigid & Sticky
FlexibilityHighMedium High
Temperature resistanceNo more than 104 degrees FHigh temperature resistance
Sensitivity to stainsModerateLow
MaintenanceNeed more effortNeed less effort
Breasts & Hip-swingingHighLow

Click here get more different between TPE sex doll and silicone sex doll.

Stand feet option is must

In addition to the hand craftsmanship and material the skeleton work in dolls determine if the doll can stand on feet. The limbs and joints in high end dolls are quite strong and results in increased life span. These dolls can bend and be used in different positions, unlike the ones with a weak/cheap skeleton.

Based on the skeleton that the doll has, this feature helps you to get the doll involved more in your day-to-day activities. A standing doll can be used for photoshoots and decking them up in expensive apparels and lingerie. Adds up to your experience of having a more real-life partner.

If you do not have that, your doll’s “tibia” will pierce your doll’s feet as soon as you will put her down on the floor. The only reason why should not choose this option is if you are a foot fetishist.

Breast types. Standard? Hollow? Gel?

P.S. from left to right are the standard, hollow, jelly

Standard breasts

Standard breasts are pretty simple to describe, they are solid TPE or Silicone, whichever material your doll is made of.  These breasts will be firm and perky yet still have a decent softness and bounce that you can expect from high-quality TPE and silicone.  You should select this option if you’re not too picky about breast feel and wish to save on upgrading them.

No additional upgrade cost
Perky & firm

Not as soft or bouncy as other options

Hollow breasts

If you’re a man that really likes a pair of light bouncy breasts that are super soft this is the option you.  Hollow breasts are, like the name suggest, hollow.  Instead of being solid TPE or filled with gel, they are filled with air.

Very bouncy
Extremely soft and squishy

Additional cost to upgrade from the standard option
Not as perky as other options

Gel breasts

Gel breasts are the best option when it comes to realistic sex doll breasts.  They are softer than the standard breast option and more firm and perky than the hollow breast option.

Most realistic breast options
Happy medium of soft yet firm and perky

Most expensive breast options

Moveable & built-in vagina

Part of the full-sized dolls mostly, a detachable vagina makes sense when you cannot carry the doll to a place where it can be cleaned. This feature will also come in to be useful when you are keeping it discreet and makes maintenance of your doll easy.

Both types of vagina have their own advantages and disadvantages.

The built-in vaginal sex dolls have a non-removable and permanent vagina, which makes them look more like a real woman. Most fans who like the built-in vagina think that the built-in vagina provides a more compact and realistic feeling.

But there are undeniably two advantages to inserting a removable vagina. When you put different vaginal barrels inside the love doll to form a complete vagina, you can enjoy different sizes of sexual pleasure, which is built-in vagina cannot give you. The other is that insertable and removable vagina has great convenience in hygiene and cleaning.

Mouth fixtures in sex dolls

Under this topic, I would also like to shed light on detachable mouth pieces, where in the mouth piece has set of teeth and tongue.

Some dolls have this feature as detachable and some don’t, it completely depends on how you enjoy your blow job, around this choice you can decide how you want the mouth area in your doll to be.

There is a wide range of mouth fixtures available online and offline where in you can choose to customize your doll, however your doll must have detachable fixture option for mouth. This is a must and highly recommended feature if you are a blow job person.

Electronic heating system

The common name is called intelligent heating. The working principle is that the heating wire is wrapped around the skeleton of the doll, and the heating wire is heated by plugging in the 220V power supply to realize the heating of the sex doll.

Common heating wire limits are 36-42 ° C, and each heating takes 30-50 minutes. The thickness of the body gel of the sex doll is different. For example, the chest, buttocks and other areas will be thicker. The heating wire can have a slight effect on heating. Even if the heating is almost done, the body of the sex doll is relatively thin. There will be a little bit of temperature in the place.

Do not expect that sex dolls will reach the temperature of the human body to make this winter will not cold! Heating sex doll is not as good as plush clothing! And the heated version of the doll needs to pay attention to strict waterproof measures. Once it gets wet, it will break down.

Mechanical enhancements

High end sex dolls are now being integrated with mechanical features where in the doll can blink eyes, move jaw, rotate head and in some cases even move, this feature I would say is not perfected yet but could be cutting edge technology of the future.

So, if this is something that you are looking out in your doll you have options available, however personally I feel it adds nothing remarkable to sexual experience.

AI features

High end sex dolls are available with advanced AI features where in manufactures like Real Doll have dolls that can understand your mood patterns and what you like to engage accordingly.

These dolls can also respond to your questions to give you close to real life experience. However, just like mechanical enhancements I don’t think AI feature adds to sexual experience.

This feature I would like to recommend for someone who is looking for companionship and develop relation more on an emotional front.

You must know that this is a cutting-edge technology in a doll and adds to the pricing by a considerable margin.

The moaning system

In continuation to the feature of AI in dolls, if you seek vocals to accelerate your sex drive but don’t have the budget for it, probably this feature available in some dolls might help.

Moaning in dolls is recorded & constant with limited variations may be but might work well if you are seeking specifically for this feature in a sex doll.

moaning sex doll will emit a sound of a woman during intercourse.

Depending on the manufacturer, this function is triggered when a movement or pressure is exerted on the doll. A thrust and sometimes a soft squeeze of the breasts may make the doll react.

Sometimes, to enable the moaning, you just need to press an ON / OFF button that you can find behind the neck of your doll. The speaker is located on the back.

When having sex, a moaning sex doll will give you much more excitement.

Shrugging in sex dolls

Shrugging is a feature that makes your doll appear and feel more real. Each of the joint in the skeleton can be flexed.

Hinged joints can flex in one direction.

Ball joints can usually flex and rotate. However, majority of skeletons do not allow for the shoulders to move upwards and downwards.

Usually, a feature in high end and mid-range dolls to make them more human like.

Genital specification

Currently female sex dolls are more in demand compared to male dolls but this is a feature that both sexes, must be extremely specific about before making their purchase.

Since there is a lot out there and with options you as a buyer can demand then to ensure that you get the most satisfying sexual experience be very specific about the genitals you desire on your doll.

To be precise, for men, check the libya, vaulva, inner vagina texture and for women, you can be demanding around the penis you want on your sex doll.

In the end

With these key pointers, I assure you that you won’t go wrong in your purchase and investment in a sex doll and eventually derive the best sexual experience.

Recommended options: standing feet, hollow breasts, shrug function.

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