“WM Dolls” is also known as “WM Doll.” WMDOLLS is a well-known brand in the sex doll industry, and is considered to be one of the world’s top sex doll brands. It is also one of the most popular brands discussed on the Doll Forum, and has successfully established a global customer base in Europe, America, and Japan.

WM Dolls’ production line is located in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, China. They use the latest TPE eco-friendly materials and advanced unique production techniques to create love dolls that have soft skin, realistic body details, and lifelike appearances. Customers can also customize their own love dolls by choosing different options for wigs, eyes, skin color, and more. Over the years, WM Dolls has accumulated a large variety of body types and head shapes, allowing customers to mix and match different bodies and heads according to their preferences.

Mailovedoll sells 100% authentic WM Dolls products, but since there are too many products under the WM Dolls brand, we may not have all of them on our website. If you see a WM Dolls product that we do not have, you can contact us through online chat or email, and Mailovedoll will help you find the love doll of your dreams.

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Anti-counterfeiting Code

Each WM Dolls product package contains an anti-counterfeiting code. You can scratch off the coating to reveal the code, and enter it into the WMDOLLS anti-counterfeiting system to confirm whether your doll is genuine.

WM Real Oral Sex(ROS)

WM Dolls recently launched its latest mouth design which includes a flexible tongue and chin, soft teeth and tongue frenulum. This latest design closely replicates the mouth structure of a real human. The teeth and tongue will bring you the closest experience to a real blowjob, and the movable chin will make the doll’s facial expression appear much more natural. Currently, it is only available for heads #85, #198, #266, #273, #432, #436, and #452. Hair transplants are not allowed if you choose ROS.

Articulated Fingers

The ball jointed hand skeleton allows the doll’s hands to move like a human’s, without the risk of the finger bones piercing through the doll’s skin. WM Dolls uses a ball-jointed hand skeleton, which includes a soft rebound spring in each knuckle, allowing users to position their fingers in any shape for an enhanced tactile experience. A damping structure is provided inside the joints that connect each finger bone, simulating the actual movement of the finger joints, solving the problem of joint damage and reducing wear.

WM Dolls now offers articulated fingers options for dolls that are over 150cm in height.

Breathing Function

The working principle of the breathing function: an electric airbag is implanted in the chest of the doll to simulate human breathing through electronic equipment. Both the charging port and the switch are installed under the doll’s armpit. When the switch is turned on, you can see the doll’s chest rise and fall, imitating the breathing of a real human.

Note: After installing the breathing function, the heating function, shrug, double joint, and jelly chest cannot be used at the same time. When equipped with breathing function, the weight of the doll increases by about 0.8 kg.

Hyper-realism Body Painting

If you choose the hyper-realism body painting feature for your doll, you will notice skin texture and visible veins, making its appearance closer to that of a real human.

Upgraded Skeleton

The upgraded skeleton is not only strong and durable but also provides a wider range of movement, allowing the doll to pose in more positions.

Moaning & Heating Function

Moaning Function: The sound device of WM Dolls is installed in the doll’s head. The customer manually controls the switch button to enable the moaning function. When the customer touches specific parts of the doll’s body, she will make moaning sounds.

Heating Function: Wrap the whole doll body skeleton with a heating wire, after plugging in, the heating wire starts to work, wait 30-40 minutes until the temperature reaches the skin. Do not heat for more than 1 hour.

Teeth & Tongue Inserts

Purchase Teeth & Tongue Inserts for your beloved doll to give it more facial expressions.


Blowjob Sucke

WM Dolls has launched the Auto Vagina Clamping and Sucking feature, named “Blowjob Sucker”. The charging port is located under the doll’s armpit and it takes 2-3 hours to fully charge. Choosing this feature provides a unique sexual experience. Note that this option is not compatible with the heating function, removable vagina, and lubricant-free option.

Cleaning Kit

WM Dolls’ Smart Cleaning Unit is a brand-new upgraded system allowing you to use with ease! Choose the cleaning method you most prefer: washing, drying, ultrasonic cleaning, ultrasonic vibration, and UV disinfection. The cleaning kit comes with a user manual, please operate according to the user manual.

Breasts Type

WM Dolls currently offers three types of doll breasts: gel-breasts, hollow breasts, and solid breasts. While gel-breasts are softer, they are not recommended for customers who prefer large breasts and should avoid selecting hollow breasts or gel-breasts.
Please note that if the doll is equipped with a heating function, gel-breasts should not be selected as they may explode when heated.

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