2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

2023 Spring Festival Holiday Notice

Thank you for choosing Mailovedoll and wish you a happy new year!

Immediately entering the Chinese New Year holiday in 2023, various sex doll factories will be on holiday one after another in the near future.

During the Spring Festival holiday, customers can place orders normally. After the factory resumes work, we will arrange the factory to produce according to the order of the order.

If you have plans to buy a sex doll, we recommend that you place your order as soon as possible.

If your order takes a long time to produce, we will give you two random doll accessories for free.

Several brands have big deals in January, don’t miss them this month: AXB Doll (Save $450), Momo Doll (Save $300), Zelex Doll (Save $790), Irontech Doll (Save $200), SE Doll (Save $200) $350), Funwest Doll (Save $350), Fanreal Doll (Save $600). For more brand promotions, please click here:

We have sorted out the specific holiday time of 36 factories, please check the table below:

Brand Holiday Time
Six House Doll 1.15-1.29
Climax Doll 1.8-2.5
Dolls Castle 1.14-1.29
Funwest Doll 1.15-1.31
Dom Doll 1.17-1.28
lrontech Doll 1.16-1.29
Momo Doll 1.7-1.31
6YE Doll 1.10-1.29
AXB Doll 1.16-1.28
SE Doll 1.13-2.1
MLW Doll 1.15-2.1
Jiusheng Doll 1.15-2.1
Xise Doll 1.14-1.29
Starpery Doll 1.14-1.28
JY Doll 1.17-1.26
Aotume Doll 1.12-2.5
Fanreal Doll 1.15-1.28
IL Doll 1.18-1.30
Piper Doll 1.14-2.1
lrokebijin Doll 1.14-2.1
Fire Doll 1.10-1.29
WM Doll 1.25-2.7
FU Doll 1.13-1.29
SHE Doll 1.12-1.31
GUAVA Doll 1.16-1.29
Qita Doll 1.16-1.28
Bloe Doll 1.16-1.31
Mozu Doll 1.20-1.29
Zelex Doll 1.16-1.28
Game Lady Doll 1.16-1.28
Bezlya Doll 1.16-1.29
XY Doll Continuously updating
HR Doll 1.10-1.30
EX Doll Continuously updating
Elsa Babe Doll Continuously updating
SM Doll 1.8-2.5

If you have any questions, please contact us via live chat or email (, we will answer any questions for you as soon as possible.

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