Mini Sex Doll V.S. Adult Sex Doll, How To Choose?

When considering the mini sex doll vs adult sex doll, it is very hard for many people to make an appropriate choice. Of course, you can choose to buy both if the budget allows, which is not the case for many people. Therefore, I will provide you with the best answer to this question.

What is a mini sex doll?

Dolls with a height between 50 to 120 cm are usually called mini sex dolls. In general, mini love dolls look cute and naive and always give people an impulse to keep them safe. They have chubby faces, big eyes, tender arms and legs, and flat chests. However, some small sex dolls have plump breasts and look very tempting and energetic.

Reasons for choosing a mini sex doll

Affordable price

The price of mini sex dolls is usually between $400 and $900, only a few sex dolls are more than $1000. Dolls in this price range are affordable for many people. The customers will have enough budget to choose their favorite mini love dolls instead of accepting ordinary dolls due to the price issue.


Many people love the cute appearance. Her healing smile, innocent eyes, and little pink mouth make many people want to hold her and kiss her little pink cheek. With the white skin, soft body, and cute clothes, the mini sex doll is just like a perfect artwork.

Lightweight, portable, and easy to store

Another great advantage of the mini love doll is its lightweight. A mini sex doll is usually around 10KG high and 100cm long, which makes it easy to store and carry. You can store it in a small and secluded corner, which will eliminate a lot of unnecessary troubles and embarrassment. If you plan to travel or move, you can transport it in your backpack or luggage. You can easily take it anywhere you like.

Emotional sustenance

Many poor parents in the world have lost their children. They always miss their kids, so they want to customize a doll the same as their child for their emotional sustenance. Although the customized doll cannot talk or grow up, the sweet smile is enough for the parents to reduce their sadness and cheer up for a new life.

First-time buyer

For many beginners, perhaps they are buying a sex doll for their temporary interest, or they do not want to be scammed. Since many stores sell fake sex dolls. Therefore, mini sex dolls are the best choice for beginners. They can make sure whether they are interested in sex dolls with a relatively small budget. They only put a small amount of money at risk. Some beginners may have a misunderstanding about the weight of an adult sex doll. When buying a full-size sex doll, they regret it because of its heavyweight.

What is an adult sex doll?

The height of an adult sex doll is generally between 140 to 180cm and above, which gives people a sense of maturity. There are also some 100cm adult love dolls (for example, BBW sex dolls with amazing curves, huge boob sex dolls, and big hip sex dolls), but the price is similar to other adult sex dolls.

Reasons for choosing an adult sex doll.

Senior sex doll owners or collectors

Many sex doll enthusiasts like to collect all kinds of adult love dolls. For example, a European customer owns more than 100 sex dolls, but he is still not satisfied with his collection and still spends tens of thousands of dollars for sex dolls every year. Some senior owners are tired of the simplicity of mini sex dolls and want to try a perfect full-size sex doll so they can play more complex games. When you are used to playing with a toy, you will not be satisfied and looking for more complicated ones.

Sexual needs

For those who have strong sexual needs, mini sex dolls are not able to satisfy them. In general, mini sex dolls only have two holes. For adult sex dolls, you can have sex in many ways, such as oral or breast sex, which will fully satisfy many players’ fantasies. If the sex doll is properly adjusted, you can play with her in all kinds of strange postures. Moreover, the doll’s perfect figure, exquisite face, and sexy clothes will visually stimulate you.

Perfect figure and appearance

Many people enjoy women with perfect body curves. For example, people like to watch the underwear models of Victoria’s Secret on the catwalk. Men like those models because of their well-proportioned bodies and long limbs. However, it is very hard to find such a girl in the real world. For sex dolls, it becomes very easy. The body, limbs, and makeup of all dolls are well designed. The sex dolls will have better BWH measurements than the models.

Emotional sustenance

Many husbands who have lost their wives may customize sex dolls according to their wives to cherish their memories. The husbands will communicate with sex dolls about all things that happened in their lives, just pretend their wives are still alive and they are discussing something really interesting. For example, there was a Japanese customer who was unable to accompany his wife because of the overseas job all year round. When he retired, his wife passed away. Therefore, he customized a set of dolls to commemorate all the phases of his wife from young to old.

Mini sex doll V.S. adult sex doll, and the ultimate choice.

Through the above demonstrations, I believe you have a general idea of how to choose. Below are Mailovedoll’s ultimate recommendations:

  1. If you have a tight budget, please directly go with the mini sex doll. There might be many adult dolls that are very cheap and exciting, but it may be a scam.
  2. For easy storage and portability, please go with a mini sex doll or sex doll torso.
  3. Emotional sustenance may vary from person to person.
  4. Preference may vary from person to person.
  5. Beginners are recommended to go with mini sex dolls. You can buy one if you like a full-size sex doll.
  6. For the best sexual experience, please consider the adult sex doll first.

In the end, what is your choice? Please leave your comments below. For good comments, Mailovedoll will provide a little surprise by email!

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