How To Make Sex Doll? (Photo & Video)

The production of sex dolls is roughly divided into 7 steps, below is the basic process of making a sex doll.

1. Secure an alloy skeleton in the mold.  The skeleton will dictate the height and posture of the doll (such as the EVO skeleton). Most manufacturers use alloy skeletons, others use PVC skeletons. Different molds will make the doll look different, with differences such as the size of the breast, the waist thickness, and the hip size.

2. The quality of dolls depends on the mix proportions of TPE, silicone, and other mixing materials. Each manufacturer has its own material mixing proportions. Well-known brand manufacturers have extensive production experience, and their dolls are almost the same as a real person.

3. At a very high temperature, the mixtures become a viscous liquid and are poured into a mold with a skeleton.

4. Cooling is next. The temperature of the liquid in the mold is very high, generally about 300 degrees Celsius. Staff uses a special method to cool it down for 24-to-48 hours until the liquid mixture in the mold becomes solid.

5. Demold and process the model, which involves cutting off excess material with scissors and smoothing the skin of the solid model.

6. At this point, the doll’s body part is almost complete.

7. Install the head onto the body, form and print nails and nipples, and then add hair. A makeup artist will decorate the doll’s face according to the customer’s requirements. Finally, dress up the doll and pack it for shipment. It takes about 80 hours to create a doll from start to finish.

Now you have a basic understanding of the production process of a sex doll. In order to satisfy customers, Mailovedoll is committed to using the best materials, hiring experienced workers, and carefully making every doll. Customer satisfaction is the happiest outcome for Mailovedoll.

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