How To Buy Sex Dolls In India (Methods & Steps)

Buying sex dolls in India can be very easy. Many customers hesitate to buy sex dolls due to legal restrictions. However, it is not the case.

1. Let us look at the Indian law in details:

Article 292 (1860) of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) states that the sale, advertisement, distribution, and exhibition of pornographic books, sketches, pictures, or any other “obscene” objects are illegal.

According to Indian law, obscenity is a criminal offense, which can be punished by imprisonment and a fine.

Do sex dolls fall into the definition of “obscenity”?

The explanation is as follows:

Any object must be “lascivious”, “promiscuous”, or “corruption/depravity” before it can be considered obscene.

In 2011, the High Court of Kolkata took a case of whether sex dolls bought in India were charged with “obscenity”. The court rejected the charges of indecency because they were legally unsustainable., Sex toys cannot be labeled as “obscene”, just because they can bring the sexual desire.

All in all, it is legal to buy sex dolls in India.

2. How to buy sex dolls in India?

2.1 In India, buy sex doll from Amazon

Since 2020, Amazon has gradually removed all sex dolls. As a result, many customers do not know where to buy sex dolls. In fact, if you know the searching tricks, you can still buy sex dolls on Amazon.

For example, if you search “sexdollfor men” on Amazon, you will see this product without a price.

Once you click on the product, you can see the product description on the right “Welcome to consult our doll! Looking forward to your contact”.

This is just an example. You can use your imagination to try more keywords. I believe you can also find your favorite doll.

2.2 In India, other online adult sex doll websites

You can google “sex doll for sale” to explore many professional websites that selling sex dolls, and many of them can ship dolls to India. For example, on our website “Mailovedoll”, you will see over 1,000 dolls with different styles. No matter what kind of dolls you like, you will find them here at Mailovedoll. What is more, Mailovedoll’s dolls are much cheaper than many online adult shops.

Of course, you can also compare products from several websites. I am sure it will help you find the right doll for you.

2.3 In India, buy sex doll from social app

If you usually use social app such as FB, Pin, Ins, you will easily find merchants selling sex dolls.

For example, if you search “Mailovedoll” on FB (you can do it on Pin and Ins as well), you will see our homepage which contains sex doll information, posts, pictures, and videos. You can buy your favorite doll by contacting us.

You can also find posts published by many other merchants and buy from them.

No matter where you buy when buying dolls from social app, you must pay attention to verify the merchant. Many of our customers have reported their experiences of being cheated.

Read our ultimate anti-scam guide, which will help you identify the authenticity of sellers.

2.4 In India, buy sex doll from individual agent

Many sex doll manufacturers will find agents from different countries to sell their products.

The agents will get dolls at the factory price, which is much cheaper than the price on Amazon. If you can find the real agents, congratulations and you will have a very low price.

However, such agents are hard to find, and it is very difficult to distinguish the authenticity of agents and the quality of the products.

For example.

Sylvester James is Mailovedoll’s agent in India. Email address: [email protected]. Physical Address: Mumbai, India.

You can send him an email if you are interested in buying sex dolls. We have our own factories and are partners of many well-known doll manufacturers.

Please do not worry about the quality of the dolls. You can buy sex dolls at a very cheap price through our agent.

3. Conclusion

By reading the above paragraphs, I believe you have a general understanding of how to buy sex dolls in India.

No matter which way you go, once you find an authentic seller, you can buy your favorite sex doll.

Well, we recommend that you visit Mailovedoll to order or buy from our agent.

In the end, I wish you can buy your favorite sex doll in India as soon as possible!

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Mailovedoll is a sex doll manufacturer, and also acts as an agent for many brands of sex dolls. Mailovedoll especially likes to share knowledge about sex dolls, and hopes to help many sex doll lovers find their favorite dolls.

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