How Does It Feel To Have Sex With Sex Doll?

Everyone has different feelings when having sex with a sex doll. You can’t give up buying a doll based on the feelings expressed by a few people. Have your own sex doll, and experience the feelings that the doll brings to you.

Now let me share some feelings.

1. A sex doll is a kind of sex toy, which can’t be compared to a real woman. There will be some odd feelings when having sex with a sex doll, which can be summarized as follows:

Everything about a sex doll is perfect, such as its perfect curvy figure and beautiful face. Everything looks wonderful. But the love doll can’t bring you the complexity of feeling like a real woman.

The sexdoll is cold, and it can’t replicate human temperatures before heating. You can add a heating system or use a heater to warm her up, but it takes time.

When you have sex with a love doll, you may not receive feedback from your sex doll.

When you have sex with a real woman, you can smell her sweat, hear her shortness of breath, and feel skin-to-skin contact, reactions to respond to your movements, communicating her needs.

Unfortunately, a sex doll can’t do this at all. The love doll won’t provide any emotional communication when having sex with people who have a strong sexual desire.

A sex doll doesn’t respond to your movements (such as pushing you or reacting to your climax, though, of course, a moaning system may solve this problem, but only in terms of sound). You must make all the actions.

For example, if you want her arms, legs, and head to move in some directions, you must help her. Even the most flexible sex doll cannot be compared to a real person.

If you want to try doggie style, you need to lift a heavy doll to make sure her legs and arms are in the right position. By the time you complete all the steps, your enthusiasm will decrease.

Occasionally, having sex with a love doll can be boring. Every time, you must add some lubricant so you can continue your movements. When you push into the doll for 5 minutes, you need to add lubricant again to keep her vagina moist, which is worse than having sex with a real woman.

The weight of the doll can be a big problem. The silicone body and alloy skeleton are quite heavy. The weight makes it difficult to move around.

Generally, the weight of a 165cm sex doll is 80-to-100 pounds, and you must move her by yourself. A real woman doesn’t need you to move her, because she can communicate with you in many ways.

Cleaning, maintaining, and storing a sex doll is also not easy. Although there are many tutorials and methods, it is still very difficult for some lazy people.

2. The sex doll is not perfect, but she has many advantages that I like. There may be some advantages beyond your imagination.

Sex is a human instinct, and everyone likes to make love. Many BBWs wants to have sex with a handsome man. They don’t like overweight men. Many people with physical problems also need sexual support. A sex doll is a good choice to help them get through the difficulties.

A sex doll can help people with premature ejaculation increase confidence in the bedroom, without adding any psychological pressure.

You can also take advantage of oral sex if you especially like oral sex. When having oral sex with a real woman, you must stop periodically during oral sex to let your partner breathe. The sex doll can do oral sex endlessly. What’s more, you can have oral sex with a doll at any time, while a real woman may refuse your request.

Anal sex is also something I’d like to talk about.

Many women don’t like anal sex. It is very difficult to find such a woman.

The doll’s three holes will provide you with a great experience. When having anal sex with a doll, you will feel amazing firmness and realism.

During real lovemaking, you may have the same feeling as I have, that having sex with someone is several levels higher than masturbation, which is completely different. And you get the same feeling of masturbation from Onahoru or other simulated vaginal products.

A sex doll can give you a strong feeling (as far as your dick goes). You don’t have to consider your partner’s condition at all; you can just focus on your fun. You don’t have to worry about whether the doll is having fun or not, while you control all the movements and interactions, making you feel more concentrated.

All in all, you can enjoy a sexual experience without worrying about your partner. If you understand, you will certainly see why a doll is superior to a woman.

You can try various love dolls and postures. Sometimes, it feels like you are having sex with a real woman, and you can touch her like a lover. It also feels like you have an obedient girlfriend, which also satisfies many people’s desire for control.

For many safety reasons, having sex with a prostitute is unsafe, even if you wear a condom. Having sex with a doll has no worries because she belongs only to you.

Sex dolls are not perfect, and they still have a long way to go. As time goes by, I believe the sex doll will bring us even more surprises.

If you are interested in sex dolls and want to experience the feeling instead of just imagining it from my description, I recommend you buy one and experience the amazing feeling yourself.

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